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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Russians had a proud history and culture 05 16 2012

Russians had a proud history and culture 05 16 2012

Russians had a proud history and culture.  When they converted to democracy we promised to help them but did not.

So here would be my advice to Russia today.

1.       Avoid shelf stable foods and instead create the logistics so that farmers can sell their fresh fruits and vegetables at local markets.  Also put a limit on the amount of sugar you can add to your foods and pay a greater attention to food factory sanitary measures.

2.       Democracy does not function without rights and fairness so you need to make some sort of constitution with regard to these.  If I were you I would look at that of the United States and try and outdo us.

3.       If you go on a full all out manufacturing scale the pollution will create unhealthy workers and stall your economy.  So always seek to have zero emission factories.  There is no shortcut to economic prosperity in the manufacturing sector and any limited liability rights that are granted to businesses will indeed cost the populous more in terms of future costs and expenses that there is no way of avoiding.  So it is best to set up clean manufacturing facilities right away.

4.       Solar panels could be used to grant electricity to every home in your country.  The United States economy is run by the upper class satanic and they live off of the interest on utility bonds; therefore the United States has subversively eschewed clean and renewable energy.  You could be the world leader in this field.  It sounds like communism but it is not many of the utilities in the United States were indeed started by the Government to benefit the people of the country and it was the best thing that ever happened.   No-one knew however that they would be the source of maintaining the feeble minded of the upper class.

5.       When you manufacture goods in your economy strive for the highest standards of durability, quality and energy efficiency.  An expensive item a consumer buys should last as long as the shelf in his home that he puts it on.  Pandering to the American Standards of business will only create a wasteland environment and a liability greater than you could ever imagine.

6.       With regard to religion you must recognize that there are those in a community or population that indeed have a mind that is exactly like Satan’s in the Bible.  The best way to integrate these people into a civilization is to treat them as if they are special needs people; because they are.  Such people have destroyed the United States when they bite and claw their way to the top and then assume that they can actually make good decisions for themselves- this is what the veil of limited liability of corporate America has promoted; and it has only led to a lesser standard for everyone here.  With regard to political leaders in the United States none of them have learned or live off of their own thinking- they live off the thinking of a stolen soul.  In order to create an economy of fairness all political leaders who have proven themselves via empirical evidence to be ineffective should only be allowed to do manual labor.  You will find out that the true thinkers and leaders of your society are the ones who were victimized for their souls and labeled schizophrenics.  Seek to make them healthy people and let them make the decisions for the rest of you.  You doubt their capability? The Satanic only victimize good people for their souls because they would not want their children to be like anything else.  What the schizophrenic does not know about themselves is that often the negative thoughts they have are a result of demonic possession by the satanic race.  Why do they do this?  To prevent the good from using their own minds to think good thoughts with and also because when they hear the schizophrenic thinking it is the worst condemnation they have of themselves as human beings.  They cannot feel like they are something when they know well indeed they have stolen someone else’s life energy.

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