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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pagan Beliefs 05 20 2012

Pagan Beliefs

A Pagan would rather kill someone than be forced to find a reason to believe in himself.  Why? A Pagan believes in the concept of the Alpha male.  Pagans believe that God gives them everything and therefore is also responsible for all of their problems.  As such a Pagan never develops its own soul, instead it ends up being the product of a witch woman- in effect a witches son.  As such a Pagan lives off the disseminated soul of someone else.

What happens when an actual Alpha male disseminates in his sleep?  The Pagan mind is happy again.  What happens when Alpha male disseminates in the night during his sleep and the next day there is a storm.  The Pagan blames the Alpha male for it, when in reality it was really the barometric pressure that caused the dissemination and also was an indication of the storm.  But the Pagan is locked to the mind of the Alpha male and would rather blame the Alpha male.  Why?  It makes life easy for the Pagan.  The motto of this country is, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.”  The Pagan does not believe this, the Pagan has a chip on his shoulder and lives with that chip all his life.  Perhaps the Pagan was conceived by parents whose metabolisms were oxygen deprived from Alcohol, we will never know and we will never put forth the science to try and figure it out because the Pagan will never admit what it is.  Because the Pagan will not admit what it is we cannot help the Pagan and the Pagan will indeed drive the world into a state of destruction.

Because the Pagan does not have its own mind or soul it is very superstitious; that is another way of calling them non-analytical, irresponsible or stupid.

If you do not believe in God it is highly likely that you also do not believe in your father.  And it is likely that you do not believe in your father because he is the exact same as you; a Pagan who never became a man.  Up until the 40’s the term girl used to mean both boys and girls.  Is it fair for us to say that a Pagan who never became a man with his own soul is still a girl?

If you do not believe that all men are created equal you do not believe in the United States of America and all that it means; you should leave this country.

Many cultures had a test of Manhood.  Something a brave had to do so they stopped calling him a girl.  The United States needs an independent mind test of manhood.  War is often that for many men and when the majority of men fail the test in a country it often finds itself in war.

So we can’t send you to war when there is no legitimate conflict.  And it is not right to cause a conflict to support a nation of Pagans who do not represent what the country was founded to be.  So how about this; a draft for the overweight.  That is right every fat gas motorcycle rider goes to an exercise camp in order to lose weight and feel good about themselves again.  And yes there will be a drill sergeant and he might just drive your obese body so far that you drop dead.  The rule would be that you can quit at any time but if you quit you have to leave the country- we don’t want any born quitters who could not test the responsibility test of manhood in this country.  By the way I believe a local manufacturer needs to design and electric motorcycle right away.  Gas motorcycles are highly polluting, as are diesel cars and trucks and should be banned.  Let me put it this way, what if you breathed in exhaust fumes and instead of being to the point where you turned blue in the face your son was conceived the oxygen deprived traits of a mongoloid?  You get the idea of why it is wrong.  But for you to abandon your Gas cycles you would have to admit it is true and pagan will not do that because nothing is there fault in this world.  Electric motors are said to produce ozone.  Someday, if we get back to being as mature as we once were and should be we will have all electric cars, motorcycles and trucks.  And we will make the world a better place for the future.  Indeed many of the problems you blame others for will start to disappear and the ozone layer will be restored.  A thinned atmosphere that does not provide a halo to diffuse the power of light from the sun does also cause genetic damage to genes.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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