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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

John Travolta Accused 05 08 2012

John Travolta Accused 05 08 2012
John Travolta is innocent of all charges until proven guilty.  But for the sake of this article I will use the name John to represent someone who is guilty of actions like he was accused of.

How many young men and women in this country with acting or singing talent did not venture West to California to seek fame and fortune because they knew of the existence of this archetype of John?  My generation all watched those Dragnet television shows and we knew all about these sicko types and who of us has not seen one of those High School parties where they are all sitting around in a circle smoking pot and each getting the same type of venereal disease?

But let’s say that your son or daughter was a good person- a good apple pie American.  He or she goes out to California and for whatever reason can no longer pay his/her rent ends up on the street starving and hungry.  Here comes an archetypal John in a Luxury car, he has a warm smiling face.  You get the idea- I just wrote that last sentence a second ago and I want to puke.

Now ask yourself this.  You’ll likely see an archetypal movie star John that has been found guilty of such a crime being interviewed on a Regis type television show.  The two will show camaraderie to one another and act like they are old time buddies.  The one doing the television interview will say something like this, “How could you go through what you were caught doing?”

We should never see his face in the public eye again- if found true of course.

And, it makes one wonder, if a man like this had a son that died and that son had not died what would that father be doing to him today?  I’ll give you a clue, he would not be risking being caught by finding someone in public, he would be keeping “it” in the family.  And then one has to ask himself the question-  if a man seeks to pay to have sex with young men is it possible that he might have done something to make a hypothetical retarded son retarded in the first place.  In police work we call that consistency of character.

Now I would like to speak about John Travolta.  He was the star on the ‘Welcome Back Cotter’ show.  My dad a public school teacher never liked him and neither did I.  Sometimes when television panders a least common denominator it becomes standard.  Did Cotter ever look at him and say with a stern face, “Your 5od Damned filth?”  If he had the world would be a much better place today, but that is not what television sold us on with this series.  It sold us on something that ended up giving us a lower standard.  He was a forced acceptance of the retrograde moron by the American School system.

No honest teacher should ever have to put up with a “child” like that.  Their parents had a responsibility to straighten them out a long time ago.

There is not one program on television or one paid television employee who would ever say a bad opinion about a movie star.  (This brings up a transgression:  Doesn’t it bother some people how we are presented with pre-election statistics?  If you look at statics they have been used to out prove prima fascia or empirical evidence at every point in my lifetime and it has not been for the benefit of the American people in any way!)

But why won’t they admonish a movie star?  (“They” and any time you use the word THEY look out because you will be asked to explain what the person asking you to explain already knows is true but does not want you to be able to prove to the point of disclaiming anything that has ever been proven true in this world.  It is like if you had three sound and common premises that lead to your conclusion you would have to spend a year teaching that person everything about them before they shake their numb head and deny what you say.)  “They” are part of the same satanic filth.  That filthy modus operand is best described by the phrase, “If he can do it so can I.”   “They” look out for each other like a bad street gang.

People raised like these idiots have no concept of right and wrong.  You see them in public and they stare pale and vacantly at everyone until the find a person to verbally insult and harass.

What is my point?  There is no-one to tell them “they” did something wrong!  All they have to do is spend their money and it tells them again that they were right in what they did and they can do it again and be the bad role model of doing it again.  Instead in our society the way sick criminals are treated is like, “You poor dear, that must have been awful facing such scrutiny.”  Sounds like the arrogance of self proclaimed royalty doesn’t it? Castle royalty had a long documented history of keeping people in dungeons, they were called Keeps.  What did they do to people in such keeps?  Probably a lot like what an archetypal John wanted to pay an American son to do to him out in California?

Oh and maybe there is a country where what they do is legal or defacto legal?  If I were President of this country and they all sought and obtained safe haven there- that last nuclear missile we have- the one with the shaky launch pad controller button?  The last one whose radioactive payload had not been connected to the national electric grid and drained of energy capacity until it was no longer radioactive- that country is where it would be headed!!!   Would I be guilty of Genocide?  Okay I won’t do it, because you would say it sounds like that.

Here is how the mind of this evil archetype of filth works, it sees a bright eyed young man and wants to steal that face.  That bright eyed son then walks around pale while our false idols are reinvigorated by their stolen life’s energy and also reinvigorated by the soul they stole!!!  (Kids learn how to get such rewards via video games today.)

Sure the archetypal John paid with money for what harm he did?  That is consideration enough right?  Money is consideration enough for all our actions today no matter what they are right?  The archetypal John should have never been given the money in the first place.  Giving filth a second chance does not mean we put them on a pedestal for idol worship again.

I would not trust Clay Aikmen to watch over any sons I might have either, the Little Rascals day care incident in Milwaukee comes to mind.  And I wonder if it was used as a Satanic template for Michael Lock??

Lampinelli-  “I know how to use my emotions!”  When I heard her say that with such proud confidence I wanted to puke.  What an absolute monster! 

This next idea would straighten the country out- A wealth tax for soul crimes!  Archetypal Johnny and his ilk can no longer pay young out of work and hungry son’s to have sex with him!  Why not?  Because of what he did he has lost all wealth and is prohibited from ever appearing on video again!

Your son went out to California, He believed in the American dream! 

Get this filth out of here I say.

I remember watching the View once a long time ago.  I will never forget hearing that black lawyer gal say in an oddly manner something like this, ‘It is considered okay for straight men to have sex with other men…it is called the down low.  And they are not considered gay for it.’  Wake up America!  Yes you are gay!  And if you do not believe that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah you have no idea of the true power of God!!!!

The archetypal John will be told by what can be called shims whose function is to ease the American public that, “It is normal behavior in Hollywood.”  I can hear that black gal lawyer saying it already.


Shouldn’t the good make the most money and not the evil who would rape our sons?

They all have one dirty little secret in common.  They all know that Schizophrenics are the ones whose souls are split and used to replenish them of their energy.  Schizophrenics are not the sick ones in our world.  There is a reason the Hebrew religion was never to verbally mention the name of a God.  The ancient Hebrew paradigm of abuse of the exiled priest by the Evil master and his mentored evil children is the hidden template of every modern religion.

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