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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clergy Sex Abuse

I highly doubt that the victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church will get one Dollar.  Marquette is a the Catholic Law School in Milwaukee that educates people to be lawyers.  Many lawyers are indeed Satanic minded and do indeed live off the lives and souls of victims of Clergy Sex abuse.

So here is what is likely to happen.  The Church puts that money aside in a seperately managed account.  Whether the number is $35 million or whatever the number is.  Here is what happens next.  Shell financial type companies are created that any financial analyst can already tell are not worth one dime.  The money in that fund ~$35 million is then churned and shorted to zero.  The profits- nearly all of it which will be termed "Trading Profits" will then be funneled back to the church through other sham type financial agreements so that it doesn't look fishy.

There is a definite way to codify and determine how much a company should be valued at when they initially are loaned money in a public offering.  What is my point?  Many companies should have never gone public.  What happens when they fail?  All that money from the public offering is often booked as a trading profit on the books of the investment firm.

When I was a Assistant Financial Analyst at Kemper Securities I was in a closed room board meeting with regard to an Initial Public Offering of Common Stock securities for a company.  One of the big wigs, an arrogant and rude brat type said, "Should we flip it." 

SHOULD WE FLIP IT!  Do you understand what that means?  It means that you know the company is worthless and bring it public anyway.  Why would you do so?  Only if you could short it to Zero and profit when it goes down.  The current financial industry does not serve the good of the American public or democracy in any way!!!!  It only serves to sustain the horror of, I am quoting the Bible, "The miserable ones who are still with us!"  Who are the miserable ones who are left behind?  They are those with dependent minds to one that can only be termed a blessed one.  The word Jewish indeed means the Blessed One, but I am quoting the Bible again in the book of Revelation as I remember it, "Beware of Jews who are not Jews."

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