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Thursday, May 31, 2012

War Mongering 05 31 2012

War Mongering 05 31 2012
What is War Mongering?  It is really the action of the weak minded trying to assert that they are strong.
Mitt Romney is a War Monger.  Have you noticed that Mitt really does not have any national policies but when it comes to foreign policy he is a War Monger?  Santorum was also a candidate that did not have much in the way of policy except war mongering.
What has all this war mongering done?  It is now creating a focus on Syria instead of the domestic policies in the United States.
There will be a day when we truly have to confront the issues that face this country in this country.  War mongering is a distraction from those issues by those who are not capable of addressing them.
We should have set and maintained the standard that we will not trade with countries that do not meet our standards.  All nations are not the same as Republicans would like you to believe.  Most people are the same but countries and how they are governed are not the same; and there is a great difference.
How can we expect not to get into wars when the countries that we become friends with do not have our Constitution?  Do you see the conflict?  We have to lower our standard because we are dealing with them and this in turn leads to conflict because we are no longer being true to ourselves as a country.
The concern should be in our own homes and not those in other countries.  We used to do a great job at setting an example to follow but we are no longer the example to follow.  So what would cause us to want to focus on the plights of foreign countries rather than our own?  Does it come from those who have never been able to mind their own business in their lives?
Is war mongering really the upper class’s way of maintaining wealth and sending those sons that they do not like overseas to be shell shocked in war?  Mitt Romney can war monger all he wants and it would be a different story if he actually had to go over on the front lines of Afghanistan or Syria.
War Mongers want you to believe that everything is okay in our homeland and that we indeed should be the ones telling other countries what to do.  Why do they do this?  Because they cannot manage our country!  Let’s be clear they could not manage our country if they wanted to- those are skills that they do not have.  I believe that Mitt does not have the basic financial skills to make the kind of money that he does.  Someone should ask him exactly how he is going to apply the financial skills he learned to make this country a better place.  Is he going to teach the average American how to make $3 million a year?  We all know that is a joke that he cannot do that because he did not earn that money.  If he earned that money he could teach us all how to earn it.  He is a joke.  I know where he got the money from but he will never tell you the truth concerning this.  Mitt is the worst President our country could ever have.  Could he prevent a financial crisis?  No he is the type who would seek to profit from one!!!!!  What would he say to us?  “If you want to earn $3 million a year all you have to do is loan money that the government loans to you (at less than 1%?) to the American Consumer at 25% interest?”  He is an absolute atrocity!!!
Believe it or not there are a lot of people who live in this country who go about their daily lives thinking, “I wonder if anyone can tell that I don’t have my own mind.”  (It is called the Parable of the Talents and the Bible backs me up on this one and so would Jesus Christ if he were alive today.  The Parable of the Talents is really the modern archetype of Lilith marrying and alcohol oxygen deprived conception of a male and cheating the rest of us so she can have a higher economic and social status in life.)  (We can only hope that the last will be first and the first will be last as the Bible promised.)
A depression is really a form of genocide by the Satanic but I won’t get into that because I am trying to keep this article in terms that do not require me to mention it in order for you to get the picture.  Keeping taxes low for the rich is also a form of placating to the “takers.”  The old standby in logic that I always resort to is that if you had the skills to do it once you should be confident that you have the skills to do it twice.  Those who hoard money do not have the skills to do it twice because they did not have the skills to make it once.  That is why taxes are kept low for the rich.  They pity one another because they are all the same; they did not earn it.  To give you an analogy it would be liking dropping you off on a foreign planet and you find that there are a few who are the exact same as you; they do not have the mind to live on that planet.  So what do they do?  They steal the mind of a native who has the skills to live on that planet.  What happens next; everything goes to waste because they are imposters.  What do I mean?  I mean they did not develop those skills so they do not have the knowledge to address any new problems that arise.  They can talk the talk but they cannot think the new thought.  Okay so I ended up digressing more than I should in this paragraph.
Wouldn’t it be great if we had a President who actually knew how to make peace is warring countries?  It sounds like a flight of fantasy in today’s world doesn’t it.  But there used to be men in this country who believed it could be done and sought to do it.
War mongering is the weakest form of leadership and the most destructive force that there is to freedom and democracy.
Do you know what it reminds me of?  It is like we have a list of 20 problems in America we need to address and then we have a Republican President or Presidential candidate who will immediately point his finger overseas and say that is our problem.  What happens next is we get to watch a sand war on television.  What Americans can stand hearing any more news about a sand war!  And that is the point exactly no-one cares to watch the news about a sand war so they end up watching heavily advertised commercial programming instead.  That should not be the choice for the American.  The choice for the American should be do I want to watch a television program or actually use my mind in some other way; not do I want to watch a sand war or watch commercial television.  You have to admit anything is better than watching the news about a sand war.
So how did we end up with so many foreign conflicts in the first place?  We got war mongered into them.
War mongering is the worst way to abuse a leadership position.  And some of you know where it originates from better than others.
I know what you are thinking, that we got attacked in 911.  But here is something else you did not realize.  Many foreign people were college educated in the United States.  What happened when they received that education?  They ended up back in their home lands plotting and thinking of ways to drain the United States of its economy.  We taught them economics and now we have an oil war.  We taught them science and now they are making nuclear weapons.  We taught them business and now they manufacture everything and we don’t.  What else did we teach them?  I won’t ask that question because you don’t want to know the answer.  But I will ask this question; “What should we have taught them?”
1.       To respect the rights of others.
2.       That corporation's should be responsible for their actions.
3.       That crime doesn’t pay.
4.       That religion should not be for profit.
5.       That a country should facilitate the health of its people and not capitalize them.
6.       That all men are created equal.
7.       How to solve problems.
8.       How to think proactively.
9.       How not to create waste.
10.   How not to create future liabilities that pose tremendous risk to a nation and world.
11.   How to take pride in a job well done.
12.   How to work and be proud of your accomplishments.
13.   How to be part of a team rather than a prima Dona.
14.   That personally insulting others is not the way to get ahead in the world.
15.   How to live with integrity.
16.   What it means to do a job correctly.
17.   What it means to get an education of your own.
18.   What it means to have a family.
19.   How to live and raise their own children properly.
20.   How if you do a hard day’s work you should be able to support a wife and children.
21.   How our environment is not a table cloth that can be changed when it is ruined.
22.   How our people should be our greatest asset and not something that should be expensed.
23.   How not to erase a man’s pension with the stroke of a pen in order to use the money to address others costs you incurred.
24.   The difference between earning and taking from others.

We taught them the exact opposite of what we should have and it will come back to us in triplicate.

©Thomas Paul Murphy
Wait and see who will utilize my words as their own and you will get a more clear understanding of the true nature of the problem.
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