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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tom Barret for Governor

I support Tom Barret for Governor because I agree with what he said about Scott Walker and his war on the middle class.  I live in the most affluent neighborhood in Wisconsin; Whitefish Bay.  I have for over 42 years.  I can tell you that there is very little difference in inteligence between the lower class and the upper class.  The only difference that I see between the two of them is that the upper class is better able to extort money from the Middle Class than the lower class.  So what is going to happen?  Scott Walker will likely raise select members of the lower class to the upper class at the expense of the middle class.
It happens time and again. 

Scott Walker cannot create new jobs.  Just look at his television commercials; watch what his eyes are looking at when his is touring factories- he has no insight whatsoever into creating jobs.

As long as I am harping on Scott Walker I would like to mention one pertitent issue that has been bothering me.  On the television I saw a short clip of Scott Walker before he went into politics.  He is youger in the video and is seen being handed something; it looks like drugs to me, but I do not know if it was.  He had a grin on his face like he was getting away with something.

One way the upper class uses the middle class is to ruin their lives by getting them hooked on drugs.  I have to ask myself if Scott Walker has ties to organized crime.  It is a known fact that the mafia controlled the drug trade in this country and that they are Italian.  The Roman Catholic Church is also an Italian based organization but that is beside the point in terms of this article.  Scott Walkers wife is also Italian.  Do not get me wrong there are many great Italians, Marconi might have indeed been a better man than Einstien, but it would take me a month of research to validate that opinion.  What is my point with this paragraph?  It was on the news the other day that there were a tremendous amount of marajuana fields being grown in Wisconsins Northern forests.  Scott Walker was indeed in control of the county parks in Milwaukee; he would know where he could get away with this in other parts of the state because he would have the ability to form the contacts just like he made when he was County Executive.

So Scott has Italian Contacts; what does that mean?  Many of them likely own vacation and rental properties in the North Woods.  So if the pot fields are indeed located in public lands and forests who would indeed be familiar with where those isolated spots were besides people that are familiar with the area- live near it.  People with lots of money.  (I always want to ask the question, "Are the collections in the Catholic Church masses extorted by organized crime?  I remember maybe twenty years ago there were cases of Churches that could not account for all collections to the Vatican.)

Do you want to know the truth about drugs and the middle class?  The satanic class gets your children hooked on them and your childs soul is then stolen.

What is the bottom line?  Those pot fields were located in Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walkers watch.  There is a chain of command in Government when two thugs talk to each other  and it goes something like this, "Don't worry about it we got support from the very top."

The next question I have to ask myself is, "Does or did Scott Walker get money from those affiliated in the drug trade in any way?"

The Department of Justice is starting to crack down in this country.  But here is something they need to know but do not; a Satanic minded person could be just about anyone and they will turn on justice.

Many times I look at Scott Walker and see that his left eye is hazed.  I have said this a long time ago in my blog and I also said that after I published it he would brighten up for commercials.  Is that hazed eye the result of marijuana usage?  Yes that is the exact question that I am asking.

Now how does the Catholic Church play into this?  I mentioned it didn't I?  Scott Walker went to Marquette University but did not graduate because it is stated that he had family problems to attend to?  Did he get his wife knocked up before marriage is the first question I asked myself.  I would really like to know what his excuse is for not graduating.  Did a criminal faction tell him that they were going to streamline him to the top?

There is not one religion on earth that I cannot analyze and pull the strings out of.  The bottom line is that schizophrenics are those whose minds are stolen by the satanic class. And satan is just as Jesus defined him to be in the Bible.

You wouldn't believe Jesus Christ when he spoke of Satan in the Bible unless you were a victim of the Satanic.
You wouldn't believe Priests molested boys until it became widespread news.
You would not believe that schizophrenics are victims of the low class and upper class Satanic unless, and this is very important, unless you were a victim of soul theft by them.  The Satanic race is dependent minded and they have caused more waste and lost lives in our country than any other factor.  But people are people and inpite of what I say about the satanic they are people.  They have a great secret and I do not believe that they have anything to be ashamed about regarding their human condtion.  But when you break the law and plaquerize other peoples minds for money, greed and evil satisfaction we have a problem and a big one.

It is my belief that a society that caters to the rich is doomed to failure because it is not too long before even the rich people can not stand their own human condition, standard of living, environment, in short- the world that they live in.  The Republicans always want you to think that business runs our country it doesn't- the minds of the middle class do.  They want you to believe in tax cuts.  Do you know what all of this pontificating masks?  It masks the true identity of the Satanic in our society; they are dependent minded, they steal the souls of people and label them schizophrenic.  Just about every word a Republican ever says is an insult to humanity.  Do not believe that this country was always this way.  The founding fathers believed all men to be created equal- the satanic do not.  So what went wrong in this country and the history of the world?  I come to ask myself the same question again and again did the influx of Italian immigrants subvert our democracy and freedom.

I have an essay in the works that compares and blames the biblical archetype of Lilith for all the worlds problems.  I also have an essay in the works that exposes the Satanic in the Quaran.  I have to ask myself is Satan in the Quaran not the one "Who won't get out of the way or is he the ones who beleive that someone else is in his way in life."  To be honest when I was very young I used to believe that some older people would not "get out of the way."  I got over this though and developed my own skills in life.  I see a lot of young people today that believe that someone else is "In the way"  Do you know what makes more people like this than anything, drugs and video games.  Drugs are the crutch of the Satanic minded.  They see someone accomplish something great and they say to themselves I could never do that and they then take drugs to ease their mental and emotional pain.  I believe that you can be great in life, all of you.  And I also believe that the key to becoming great is to stop thinking that someone is, "In your way."  In my case I actually seen active denial systems, they are nonlethal weapons, and do you know who uses them?  Those who think that someone is in the way.  Maybe the key to you becoming great is indeed to not try to prevent me from becoming great.  I can honestly say that I do not believe that I am preventing anyone from developing their own ambitions.  This is the difference between myself and the Satanic.  As you read through religion and the Bible always keep these concepts alive in your mind and the religous books will indeed start to make a lot more sense.  There are so many corralaries to the mind of the Satanic in the Bible that I suprised that the United States Government has not banned it yet!!!  It is not athiest that want to remove the phrase God and Country it is the Satanic who disguise themselves as athiest who want to.

Back to Marquette Univeristy.  I first learned how the Satanic learned when I was in the first grade.  The Satanic need a scapegoat in order to learn.

I am starting to ask myself questions about Jesus Christ.  When he said, "If you love me tend my flock."  What did he really mean?  Who considers themselves to have a flock of people?  Do the Satanic indeed consider the schizophrenic to be part of their flock?  Or was this Jesus Christ's way of giving the Satanic a wry insult.  The Satanic are indeed dependent minded.  It is a wry insult to the Satanic to compare the schizophrenic and the Satanic then to say the Satanic are the flock of the Schizophrenic.  That is the point that Jesus the Jew was trying to make.  I have a lot in common with the ancient Hebrews and I have to ask myself this, did the Pharases who were Jews want to stone the whore because they knew that she was the feared Lilith monster of a woman?  I just thought of a wry joke on me.  What a way to get at someone like Jesus Christ other than to get a Lilith type monster to love him!!!!  This is why the Bible says Jesus had to exercise demons.  The Jews got that Lilith monster they wanted to stone sweet to Jesus Christ like a cat sweet to warm milk at that was the end of him. What did he say, "Father why have you foresaken me!"  and "He breathed his last breath."
They fixed him good didn't they.  FYI the archetypal woman of Lilith was known to be a horrible person, so steal babies souls while they were in the womb.  A lot of this was covered in a book that I wrote that everyone who came to the review, all two, said no one would want to read.

The Lilith Woman that the ancient Hebrews feared is as much a reality as the satanic and she is as much of a reality as the Catholic Priests who molested boys.

The question I keep asking myself that gives me relief from the voices is, "How much did you get for ~six million Jews Lillith."  Try asking that one aloud if you have the affliction and see how quiet it gets.
That's it.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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