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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

International database of just the victims faces of child pornography 05 08 2012

International database of just the victims faces of child pornography 05 08 2012

Hiding the identity is not protecting these children in our society.  The evil of this world already sees their faces and somehow will know how to find them all their lives to victimize them or bring them into a controlling function with regard to corrupting others like they were victimized.  Once again the good of this world would empathize with them; the evil will always know where to find them.

This why we need a faces of child pornography victims database.  And in general I am not talking about young men and women who are of approximate adult height and weight 17.364 year olds who have sex with their boyfriends.  I am talking about children.  Children who should not be coerced by adults whether it be their parents, grandparents or trusted friends parents, or police officer as is the current case in Milwaukee, into what amounts to being sexually abused.  (PS.  I went out on limb a while back when I wrote about how the Milwaukee Police Department was Satanic- I don’t look so dumb now do I?)

But then the question arises, you see just the face of a victimized child on the website and ask yourself, “Who can I report this to?”  We have prima fascia evidence that the Police cannot be trusted.  The reason that the police can-not be trusted will be given in defense that, they are only human when they do these things.

I look at those in power in this country and that is what I ask myself, “What human being can you trust today?”

Can a young child trust the Police?  No.  One was just accused of getting children in a porno-room and filming them.

Can you trust your neighbors?  No.  How can you trust someone who raises their children to be satanic filth?

Can you trust Senators?  No.  Why not?  Because they could have stood up and proclaimed stern measures to prevent this.  Where were they?  Why have they not acted?  The next term you are looking to think about is called guilt by association.

Can you trust Governors?  No.  Why not?  We already have prima fascia evidence that Scott Walker is not an honest person.

What we need is called a good person tester.  Some electronic scan or something that is never wrong about a person being good and able to be trusted.  (PS The Satanic already know who can be trusted in this world and that is why they victimize them for their souls.  Stealing the good soul does not make them better people it just makes them better at stealing good souls.)

What the good world’s population would never believe is that there is a whole heterogeneous race of people who have learned how to demonically possess someone after they ejaculate and steal their souls in this manner.  How do they do it?  That semen contains the soul of the man that spent it.  They use all manner of witchcraft and modern horrific electro witchcraft technology to separate the man from his soul and drain the man of his soul.  If you ever read the mocking voice in the Bible that tells of how it will give talents to those it chooses you have just found the Biblical proof in what I speak of.  The Bible is a fairly rock solid book in terms of information.

Everyone in this country who has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia is a different type of victim of this same satanic filth.  And it has the full participation and support of organized confessional religion.  The Catholic Church cannot be said to be the Church of Jesus Christ!  And one cannot put a sign on the front of an empty house with pews in it and call it the Church of Jesus Christ.  It means a lot more than that.  And there is a passage in the Book of Jericho that say’s those not of the Church of Jesus Christ will be slaughtered.  Fair warning right?

So we figure out who did this to these children and we see just their faces and then there should be no place in this world for them to hide!!!  There will be countries that will good ridden’s kill them upon arrival.  For some reason our government does not have any arms or hands to address these criminals.

A hard working middle class American couldn’t conceive of the horror of these people.

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