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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I have typed on Zimmerman so far

This is four seperate articles on Zimmerman that I withheld from publishing

The Zimmerman Case
They are getting the people in Florida so riled up that when it comes time to vote in the 2012 election they can institute marshal law and limit voter access again.
The Death Penalty and Zimmerman 03 25 2012

  Zimmerman Continued
Once we start to decide who should live and who should die in our world only the most idolized survive.  Those who are viewed as the most ideal by our culture.
So who is that in the end?  No One!
I believe Zimmerman has the psychological construct whereby he believes that he can put himself forward as a most idolized person by murdering a black person.  Zimmerman himself is of Hispanic physical nationality while his name is German.
Jeb Busch is also a German name and he is Governor of Florida.  Do we see who Zimmerman was trying to appeal to and why?  He was trying to be something that he wasn’t and never could be.
It is very interesting that Jeb Busch has the opportunity to come forward and act like a hero to the population of Florida by asserting his influence.  If he does he gains favor for his future political aspirations.  If he does not it means that…while he started to speak out against Zimmerman but then did not take it further… so if he does not take it the further step he is one who wants to seem supportive of the murdered black boy while he actually isn’t.  It should be either black or white he is with or against Zimmerman.  But he seems against him and yet has not asserted his influence through articulating his position further.  A Governor wields a lot of power in a State.
Or is Jeb Busch waiting for the situation to decay into civil unrest whereby many more exactly like Zimmerman can wield street judicial power just like Zimmerman took it on himself to do
The Zimmerman case reveals a very interesting point with regard to the death penalty and it is this, every uniformed officer of the law can inflict the death penalty under the right circumstances in the field of duty.

Many would argue that a Jury or judge could better decide whether a man should be put to death or not and that is a valid argument.  But my point is very simple we have the death penalty already and law enforcement could not properly function without it; in the most simple means of explanation an officer could not protect his own life and serve the public in the position of law enforcement if he could not shoot someone dead in the line of duty.

So what then happens when a person has been found guilty of committing a crime beyond any doubts that he is not guilty; a judge or jury can inflict the death penalty.  Enough said, but there is one little item of consideration that has been overlooked and that is; what if the person was demonically possessed to commit the crimes that he did?  And I do know for a fact that United States Citizens are targeted for demonic possession.  The demonic possessors are indeed human beings not spirits from some other world.  And indeed we would have absolutely no incidence of Schizophrenia whatsoever if it were not for demonic possession.

 Zimmerman that is a German Hispanic 03 27 2011

Zimmerman that is a German Hispanic.  That is a bad combination- German temper combined with siesta mentality.

Zimmerman brought that on himself.  The police told him in no uncertain words not to follow that man.  We call that looking for trouble.  He had no right to accost that black man.  If you were that black man and were stopped by such a person on the street how would you respond?  Would you let them grab you by the arm and take you to their Dahmner Palace?  I am with the black kid on this one.

I have seen these new vigilantly types and they are always looking for trouble.

So the black kid defended himself?   Anyone who looked like Zimmerman would likely provoke another human being into fear!  Zimmerman is the man who looks like the criminal mug shot not the dead black boy.

That black boy had speed and athleticism and that is all he needed to defend himself.

If you are in a neighborhood watch group and you go after someone against the wishes of the law you can expect to be putting yourself in a deadly situation.  Did Zimmerman know that he might have to kill that black kid in a confrontation?  Did Zimmerman want to kill the black kid?  Do attitudes like this help communities?

I really think that our society has eroded so far that the police can’t regulate crime.  I think this has been caused by a wicked Judea/Roman culture.

And pot does indeed ruin more black people’s lives than anything else does.  And where does it indeed come from?  That Hispanic nation of Mexico right?  Where Zimmerman has to have some roots?

If Zimmerman goes free he should try and use his intellect to change his neighborhood first.  Whatever happened to the 4H?

It is very interesting how the facts as have been presented on the news media have been changing?  What kind of propaganda is this?  The bottom line is that we will really never know the facts.  It is like ex post facto the best defenses are being thought up for each side. 

Very interesting that we get to see Jeb Bush render a liberal opinion in the middle of this.

We have the right to walk our streets and not be accosted by the likes of people who make our hair stand on end!  We have the right to live our lives in freedom.  We do not have the right to follow people and confront or accost them into a deadly situation. 

I see that black kid and I say that is me.  I see Zimmerman and I think I am glad that I am not him.

We need to give black people some role model of success in life other than professional sports.  We need clean manufacturing jobs and free renewable electricity.  We need to provide group activities where young men can learn a sense of achievement.

PS.  What the heck is the Castle Law?  Isn’t it funny that we learn of it so soon after it was secretly enacted after a young black man was shot on a porch?  For those of you who don’t know, many porches have the doorbell inside the porch!  So somebody is knocking on my door and I shoot them?  It’s kind of like, “I am so glad we have that new law today that say’s I can shoot a black kid and drag him in my house, I have been waiting for the longest time to be able to do this!  And I will be able to do it right away before everyone else gets the jump on the law.”  I have to ask what happened to the laws that were broken that we now have these new laws to address resultant problems of not being able to enforce the first laws.
It seems like we have a whole set of wrong solutions that address problems where the clear causes are obfuscated.

Also the President of the United States needs to make the context of his remarks with Russia clear and transparent with the People of the United States of America.  It is our right and Obama’s responsibility.  What is Obama going to do?  Let Russian agents kill Americans?  What was Russia’s concern that Obama was addressing.  Barrack you tell us or face an inquiry.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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