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Monday, May 21, 2012

Inventions Needed Exterior counter rifled gun barrels 05 21 2012

Inventions Needed: Exterior counter rifled gun barrels.
Background:  The trend in firearms today both military issue and hunting is to have barrels that are thin walled at the end.  The other extreme to this is the bull barrel that does not taper to the end of it and remains thick walled.  Solders and hunters need light barrels when they are in the field because it increases endurance and therefore the distance one can travel.  Why?  You are carrying less weight.

What is the problem with light barrels?  They are not as accurate because that tapered end is not as stable and tends to “Wobble” as the bullet leaves the muzzle.

One simple solution that should be standard issue for all AR-15 and M-16 rifles would be a barrel that has a rifling ridge pattern on its exterior that is the opposite direction to the internal rifling that spins the bullet.  The exterior rifling would indeed provide a balancing force to the bullet as force is created when it is pushed through the internal rifling and forced to spin.   Internal rifling increases accuracy but is also creates a back-force inside the barrel.  This back-force or pressure is what creates wobble on the thin barrel end and is therefore more stable.
A exterior counter rifled gun barrel would increase accuracy without adding the weight of the bull barrel.  Why because the back pressure created by what can be termed partial obstruction of the internal rifling is counterbalanced by the exterior ridged rifling pattern.  What we might indeed find out is that a barrel such as this would be more accurate than a heavier bull barrel with a uniform cylinder.
They might indeed become the new standard and should be.
You wont want a foreign country to get these first.

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