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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walkers Agenda makes the North the new Confederate South

Walkers Agenda makes the North the new Confederate South

The Satanic race could not compete with the good people of this country after Abraham Lincoln abolished Slavery.  That is why we had the greatly increased incidence of Schizophrenia in this country.  The only way the Satanic could compete with those who are good people was to put them on Zombifying medicine.

What do you think happened in the South when they learned of the Nature of Vondoon?  They embraced it whole heartedly, whites did after slavery.  It is called modern psychiatry.

A Republican can get up there and point his finger all he wants but his agenda and mindset have eroded the tax basis of this country more than any other factor.  Just one Satanic kid in the classroom limits the education and standards of others in the classroom to the point where we are what can only be considered last on the list of level of education when we are compared to other countries.

There is no demonic shortcut in our education system.

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