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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All Bath Tubs should be 7 feet long it should be the new plumbing code

All Bath Tubs should be 7 feet long it should be the new plumbing code.

This is definitely an evil woman plot and why they do indeed live longer than men, because they can stretch out in the bath tub farther.  A man works a hard day and needs to be able to stretch out and a hot tub that properly fits him is what he needs.  It is not good on a mans back to sit in that tub, the angle is just not right for the back. 

Once there is a new plumbing code it means that all new construction and replacement construction has to indeed follow that code.  The new plumbing code in the United States of America regarding bath tubs should be that all bath tubs have to be 7 feet long!!!!

It might also be a short mans plot so that they live longer than tall men too.

Now plumbers and carpenters don't crow about this one because it is a business opportunity.

I know what you are going to say at the hardware store that we should just put in a hot tub.  A man does not need to waste all that water to fill up a hot tub and nor does he want to.

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  1. I was reading the Dead Sea Scrolls again last nigh 05 26 2012 and this is the exact same that God said in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Statutes section concerning bathing.