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Monday, May 7, 2012

The God Ala was a Thinking God 05 07 2012

The God Ala was a Thinking God 05 07 2012

How do we know that the God Ala was a thinking God?  Because he was right about alcohol!  But he vacillated on his opinion of alcohol before he came to his final opinion that it was bad. To change one’s mind means that one thinks.  Thinking is indeed a process of learning and understanding.  And to change one’s mind is evidence of one’s ability to learn and grow through thinking.  Reflecting on outcomes, as Ala did, is also a part of thinking. We do not stay the straight course headlong into an iceberg, nuclear Armageddon or environment based extinction.  Have you ever met a person that has the same spoiled belief system since the day they were born? Why did Ala likely decide that alcohol was bad?  He likely saw the offspring of heavy drinkers and how they looked like they were drunk themselves.  Maybe they had beady eyes that looked like they were on a hell bent drinking binge or maybe they looked as if the cheeks under their eyes were puffy from drinking too much.  He also likely saw what they became as they grew up- dependent minded to someone who can think.  Therefore he rightfully decided that alcohol was bad.  The Irish had a name for those of that nature, it goes like this, “Often thought to be overheard by whee little fairies.”  The Irish also referred to a race of women.  What is the only thing that a man without his own soul can be thought of?  The name man denotes responsibility.  So a male without its own soul can be thought to be all the evil that we think of when we think of evil women- but only stronger because he is a male.  I believe that the influence of alcohol on conception and development creates human beings that are dependent minded; in literary terms the spirit of the alcohol has displaced the spirit of their human soul.  When I ask myself why so many are antiabortion I have to believe that they think of themselves as animals whose spirit got a chance to become human- and it is the greatest thing in the world to experience.  There is indeed a strong basis for a hidden undercurrent of such paganism in religion and in reality the concept of spirits getting a chance to become human might have a basis in reality.  Jesus Christ was indeed crucified during an eclipse.  Who would kill someone during an eclipse?  Someone who did not believe in astronomy but instead believed that God had cursed the world with darkness and needed a quick sacrifice to bring the light back?  It could also be someone who had a very strong study of astronomy and used it as both a motive and alibi to murder someone they did not like; someone they were dependent minded too?  Dumbing down the minds of those who others are dependent minded to is an evil of human nature that has yet to be widely recognized in our modern world as a crime against humanity; but it will have to be if the human race is to survive.  And as a religious figure if you believe that you should molest a child does it not imply that you indeed have the soul of an animal instead of a human being?  And what man would do this to a child other than one who entails all the evil of the most evil women’s nature in the body of a man?  I try and understand what seems incomprehensible to me; why is it that no one else seems to?
Whose church is it today?  Is it the true belief or church of Jesus Christ or is it the pagan church of those pagans who incited his crucifixion.

Alcohol is indeed a known to be a poison causing liver and pancreas failure as well as a whole array of negative health effects and yet it has never been recognized to cause a low grade mental disorder we could term dependent mindedness.  I am with the God Ala on this one.  Please do not drink alcohol if you are going to have sex soon or if you are planning on having a baby.  Your child will have a much better life and future if you do not and espouse that no one else does either.  The same is more true of smoke and smoking.

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