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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Green Bay Packers 34 Minnesota Vikings 37 12 30 2012

Green Bay Packers 34 Minnesota Vikings 37          12 30 2012

Professional Sports.....

They are professionals and yet they do not act like adults on the football field.

Some of the referee's are indeed lawyers and do not seem to have the legal capacity to make simple calls. It does not represent our judicial system well.

The players do not even play like good children play sports; with sportsmanship and respect for other players.

Do you want to know what contributes to our violence problem in the United States? A player making a bad play and another player right there in his face like it is time to start a fight.

Guns, guns, guns? They are not our problem it is adults with the minds of children that are our problem. They don't belong there and never did. This is the role model for young black and white adults to look up to? It is not working and has lead us to trouble.

A black child goes to school and thinks of getting ahead what does he do? He looks at professional football players and see's how they like to act like they want to fight, to taunt and provoke trouble! And that is what both the black child and the white child become at a young age today.

We would be better off to just give these people the money and put them under house arrest than to have them negatively influence our children and society.

The world is not about playing fair, you don't have to play fair, and if you play fair you will not win in life is what they are taught.

Salaries on professional athletes should be capped nationwide to that of what a fireman makes. We need to validate the education system.

So if they do not make it in professional sports what do they come with all the unabated aggression that they have learned? Drug dealers. And of course their mothers are happy they have so much money.

To send them to college first is a complete joke that has degraded the meaning of a college graduate to that of the dumb high school jock.

So we don't pay you enough money in this country and you move to another country to play professional sports? Good riddens! We will be much better off without you despite what your media empire wants you to believe. The media empire has been wrong about everything in professional sports. They pander to the woman fan with the mind of a woman commentator in a man; a man who feels sorry for other professional athletes because he knows their limitation. When Brett Favre was having his losing streak I said we get rid of him. I actually believed he was done after Warren Sapp Sacked him and drove his head into the ground. When we traded Desmond Howard every single person that I talked to said that he did not really help the Packers win. They were wrong about that too. Eventually we brought him back. Not only does the media empire not know how to talk about professional sports; they don't know how they should be played either- professionally.

Poor sportsmanship in every meaning of the phrase should not be tolerated in professional sports. That is how professional sports should be defined- it does not tolerate poor sportsmanship. Those of us who learned good sportsmanship in life would never make it in Professional Sports. And to be honest some who do not have good sportsmanship are weeded out as they should be; but far too many fall through the cracks.

You would think that the players in Milwaukee Baseball would support the team but that is not the case every taxpayer still supports the business of Baseball in Milwaukee. I just looked at my bill from the hardware store and the Milwaukee County Tax went up to 6.1%. You know how it should be? County stadium should contribute tax revenue to the city of Milwaukee instead of Milwaukee County residents supporting baseball. To be honest what good parent wants to go to a baseball game today and take their young children with them when there are beer drinking mongrels set loose on the place. And guess who pays for that beer? The Milwaukee County taxpayer that still pays for that Stadium does. ( I may be wrong that the tax is still going to pay for the stadium but the point is the same.)

If you are a professional sports fan wouldn't you like to see good honest people with real life stories playing? Every time there is a Milwaukee Brewer game or a Green Bay Packer football game I have some Bimbo screeching voices in my head. What does that tell us? Those professional sports players do not even earn the money that is paid to them. They do not have the education or achieved talent to play even the simplest of games. The WHORE of the Parable of the Talents from the Bible helps them out. Without that whore they would not have the athleticism and winning streaks that they do.  Without professional sports they would be where they belong, working in factories and on farms because they do not have the intelligence for white collar jobs?  No they would have to honestly achieve like the rest of us strive to. Without professional sports those mongoloid bully children would have no hope in life and become depressed and held back a few grades because they could neither behave nor get good grades. They don’t belong here and should not be a part of our Democracy. We should not have to leave the United States of America to find a country like what the United States of America is supposed to be.  How many mongoloids are born in Milwaukee because a man and a woman drank beer at a brewer game paid for by the taxpayer and it had a barely perceptible negative influence on brain metabolism?  Not only is that Taxation without representation it is something that incites Revolution.  Sure we need to have sports in our society.  But maybe at some point in time somebody will realize the negative impact it has had and bring the salaries down; the word that I am looking for is Commissioner. It doesn’t really mean what it should does it?  I could say that it should be a Government function but so many would cry foul- because that would be cheating!!!!!!!


There was one good point the Bimbo distracted me from typing.  Let’s see if you can figure out what it was.


Those weekend games are more important than all the world’s problems combined in the skull of a beer drinking primate.  Why?  Because it takes them back to the age when they were king of the playground!  Sure they got ahead in the business world and our culture but they did not belong there either; they even admit that as much with their smaller Government initiative.  It is an escape from the inability to think accurately about and conceptualize solutions to our modern problems.  The WHORE from the Parable of the talents thinks she can solve everything with her pig mouthed brain.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When I look at Professional athletes they do not garner respect from me, I see them as useless filth.  Build a statue of Sandusky and put it in your television news lobby because that is what you believe in.  Do you think that Sandusky and Paterno did not play part of the evil womans will in the Parable of the Talents in professional sports.  It is Sunday and you hate the Bible already because you are not one of us, who knew.

All you have to do to become Mayor of Milwaukee is to mention Beer and brats with overwhelming enthusiasm, that and a fishing show host, etc, etc, etc.


Bah Hum Bug and Happy New Year


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How to End the Worlds Crime Problem 12 30 2012

How to End the Worlds Crime Problem 12 30 2012

We send three Warships of the coastline in relation to Vatican City and we broadcast this single, "Admit that you promote false religious beliefs and leave or we level it!"

You have to do what it takers and that will do it.

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How to Solve the Nations Fiscal Budget Crisis's 12 30 2012

How to Solve the Nations Fiscal Budget Crisis's 12 30 2012

Every fourth of July to let Great Britain know how much we appreciate our Independence from them we send a fleet of warships to encircle Great Britain for the day.

This would indeed solve our Fiscal Budget crisis as many of our Central Bankers and Financial Industry participants are from England. 

It puts the priorities of the United States back to what they should be.

And that would be all it would take to keep our financial industry from degrading and collapsing.

It would also let the Citizens of Great Britain know that we care about them too and send a message to recent post college immigrants to the United States that corruption will not be tolerated in our Country.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why No Grape Pies 12 29 2012

Why No Grape Pies 12 29 2012

I often ask myself how come there are no grape pies?  With all the grapes that are produced and used in wine, how come there are no grape pies?

The second thing regarding grapes that I thought of is; Grape Seed extract is one of the most potent antioxidants there is.  It has numerous health benefits.  Grape Seed Extract is just what it says it is, extract from a grape seed. Grapes with seeds in them have grape seed extract in them in some form.  You wouldn’t want to chew on them because they might give you diverticulitis.

The amount of grape seeds that are taken out of the wine before it is made must be substantial.  That might have led to create a market for the products from the seeds themselves.  But it is like one of those God gave us everything that we have on earth issues.

As a boy I always wondered why they didn’t make grape juice instead of wine.  The answer was that the grape juice forms wine over time as it is stored.  From a child’s point of view one would have to ask who would serve someone rotten grape juice in a bottle?  It makes absolutely no sense.  It is like a joke- here drink this!!

But would happen if the grape seeds for the juice were ground into a fine powder and added to the juice in a bottle?  If the process were kept sanitary would it ferment?  Or might there be a simple way to make grape juice last longer and be more healthy for people.  If my grapes vines did not dry out and die for lack of distraction free time to tend to them I would have tried that scientific experiment.
Somebody should try it and see what happens.  Might just change the world!!!

I have never made a grape pie but I know it can be done.  You would think that grape (wine) growing regions would have grape pie contests!!!!

The product that is usually used to make wine shelf stable is called sulphites.  When I used to drink I got an allergic reaction from them, I wonder what the verdict is one grape seed extract as a wine stabilizer?
Wouldn't it be smarter to give a child a piece of grape pie before a sip of wine?  Bad priorities.

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Submarine Sandwich Recipe Makes Two 12 29 2012

Submarine Sandwich Recipe Makes Two 12 29 2012

Put two sliced Bolillo Rolls (~$0.39 apiece) in your toaster oven until brown on the open side.  About  6 minutes

Slice half a tomato into thin slices.

Tear off and wash two Romain lettuce leaves.  Break into small pieces using clean fingers.

Buy one quarter pound of Boars Head Rosemary Ham thin sliced ~$2.62

Slice one half of a red onion into thin slices.  Rinse onion slices under faucet water and before putting them on sandwich swab out the rest of the sauce from the coffee cup with them.

Sub Sauce from scratch:

Mix the following five ingredients with a spoon in a coffee cup and spread on toasted buns.

Two heaping tablespoons of Olive Oil Mayonaise.

Three pressed cloves of Garlic.  If you don't have a Garlic press get one. 

>>>Garlic Press link Rosle Garlic Press (Google Affiliate Ad)<<<

One pinch of Mustard POWDER

One tiny pinch of Kosher Salt

About one t-spoon of Apple cider vinegar.

Put ingredients on Toasted buns and enjoy.

If it is cold and flu season at your house also add a pinch of Wasabi powder in your sub sauce if you can find it in your cubbard. 

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Ingredients purchased at Sendiks. ~Mustard Powder purchased from Penzey’s

Quote of the Day 12 29 2012

"Evils flawed thinking:  If you can get somone to believe it about themselves it means it's not true of yourself."

It's always true about you or it never was, or something else was true about you.

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If you look at the pictures of missing children the first thing you notice is 12 29 2012

If you look at the pictures of missing children the first thing you notice is 12 29 2012

More than 99% of them look like the exact opposite of what most people would consider to be a little 5417.

These are not bullies that are abducted.  These children have the most innocent and good natured faces that you will ever see.  These are not the type of children that are born in crime families.  Have you ever heard of a crime family member being abducted?  You won't because evil knows who evil is like a primate that learns how to talk without learning how to think.  A crime family could make a few calls to the devil minded network and they would get that child back right away.  You won't hear a witches chin late night comedian speak to the reality of that and not make a joke of the plight of the innocent at the same time.  Ask yourself with the broadest interpretation, how is he compensated?

Now that I say it a crime family will try and prove me wrong.

It reminds me of the story I read yesterday that made a great mention of a human rights abuse in China when the abuse was really not something significant at all.  They are using propaganda to minimize the horrors they are hiding from us and their history. 

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Mention What the Fine is and David Gregory should be prosecuted 12 29 2012

Mention What the Fine is and David Gregory should be prosecuted 12 29 2012
Did David Gregory feel that the ban on high capacity magazines that he was promoting did not apply to himself?  Did he flaunt the law as himself being higher than the law and everyone else being strictly subject to it?
This is one of those rare opportunities where David Gregory can further his cause by pleading guilty and accepting the full sentence.  He is in a pickle, he either goes to jail and suffers from shock and trauma and comes out of it in favor of high capacity magazines or he retracts his commentary and driving intent by trying to defeat the ban on high capacity magazines as his defense.  In reality can we not throw the whole of the NBC Corporation into prison or under house arrest for this action?????  If we fined every member who worked for the entire company could that money not be used to buy someone on foods stamps a meal more nutritious than a twenty five cent packet of dried noodles?  We should never have to pay for television.  Because we pay what we do it legitimizes people who should not be legitimized; and that is one of the worst problems the United States of America has ever faced!!!!!
"If King Arthur wants to hold court in the United States of America then he will be the first subject to be found guilty by his own laws!"  We can remove quite a bit of corruption from professing to the public with the policy of that statement, very quickly, in this country.  If King Arthur says such and such is a crime with punishment of off with the head and King Arthur then commits the crime then off with his head first.  That gives one legitimate reason to revisit the law he made or not?  Democracy should decide and we did a long time ago, when we sent the Red Coats back to panty waist suckle on the Queen.

""""While interviewing the NRA's Wayne LaPierre, host David Gregory held up a high-capacity ammunition magazine — which is banned in Washington, where 'Meet the Press' is taped."""""

I am not in favor of the ban on high capacity magazines.  George Washington the first President of the United States said it best.

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”   George Washington
Those are words to believe in with every drop of blood you have.  To be consistent with George Washington you should be allowed to have whatever you want.  Your internal combustion engine of your automobile is basically a bomb.  I wonder how much more fuel efficient our cars would be today if people were allowed to research the internal combustion engine which is essentially a bomb.  Who has a vested interest in their not being progress on the internal combustion engine?  Once again it is Great Britain who recently acquired incarnation of Standard Oil from the United States.  Not only that they kept troops in Iraq and Afghanistan longer than they should have be cleaving the head of an undersea oil well in the gulf of Mexico.  Didn't the Big Three go bankrupt in the process???
It is very interesting in that when Great Britain occupied India Muslims were excluded from being on governmental panels!  Muslims do not believe in alcohol they also kill child molesters in Iran.  It makes you wonder if Great Britain was racist against those who are Muslim and have Muslim beliefs.  Those are very strong beliefs aren't they!  When you take away those beliefs from a society the evil minded have an easier rule of it.
The Holy Roman Emperors believed themselves to be Gods in Government.  How does one get people to believe that?  They dumbed them down with horror and bloodshed and wine.  The Bible tells not to worship false idols.  Do you know what else Great Britain did to maintain control over India,  they encouraged competing religious beliefs with regard to who they wanted to convince and manipulate.  It sounds a lot like Catholic Priests molesting boys in the United States.  That is not a divinely inspired action it is the work of the devil in our society.  Everything that they did in India to gain control of it they are doing in the United States today.
If you visit the Wikipedia link below give them a few bucks like you tip the waiter at a restaurant! 
Contrast George Washington to Adolph Hitler
“This year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”  --Adolph Hitler, 1935
His statement foreshadowed the true intent of Nazi Germany.  To seize guns of those they were about to evict and genocide!  Without the guns they could not defend themselves.  I always wondered why the Jews didn't come out shooting!!!!
Sometimes you really don't want what you think you believe in.

Will David Gregory turn out to be a turncoat?

When Germany could not get the Jews to drink their beer did they find out a way to legitimize psychiatric medicine?  And indeed when their are good son's in the world who know that pot is wrong and harmful to their lives what do we see our first black President do?  He turns his head to it.  Does Barrack want to see white American son's have drugs pushed to them?  When their is a distraction it is when Satan creates an opportunity.  Whatever you see on the media news empire is indeed a distraction.  Do not be afraid to assume that what we are told to believe is a coincidence isn't really something an insecure evil little man with womans temperment thought of and implemented.  That pot isn't going to do anything good for your black kids.
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Friday, December 28, 2012

How did the English Occupation treat the India Indians? 12 28 2012

I would be curious to know what the English did to the India Indians when the occupied India.  Specifically if there was great abuse of the native Indian population.  I know from what my father told me about how they treated the Irish that they English were not good people.  I just wonder what things were like in India.

And specifically if the India Indians had Satanic claims about the English that they could not readily prove?

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Commentary with regard to MSN story below.


Maybe developers should not be able to build homes until they are paid for?


1.  This girl was found dead in one.

2. What goes on in those properties in unnacountable for.  They could be making illegal porn, growing drugs, housing illegal immagrants, etc.

3. There are housing developments that have never sold and end up being ghost towns and criminal hideouts. Think of how easy Al Capone would have it in this day and age with all the housing developements that go up and are not sold for awhile.  He would never be cought today.

4. Housing developments that are built without being sold first should be bulldozed.  The land should have never been cut of trees and roads put in.

5.  That is a favorite thing your television personalities like to brag about.  How many people are dead and burried in the dessert.  How many honest Americans that stood up for their rights against criminal filth are burried in the dessert; that is not funny!  But you will still hear it on late night commedy shows by witch chinned men.

MSNBC will not let me post commentary on their articles on their website so this is how I post.  The  FTC should use its antimonopoly powers and break up GE and NBC.  There should no longer be pay for television.  That is what everyone on television likes to say they like to complain about those who do not pay income taxes when indeed they took what was a free service available to the public and found a way to charge money for it to the tune of $200 a year.  Media empire you owe the American Citizen a great deal of money, those on food stamps should be eating steak once a week and have you pay for it and you know it!

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Taxing the Bald Eagles Beak 12 28 2012

The Taxpayer; the Satanics favorite scheme is to mention the term taxpayer as they deprive Americans far more intelligent than them from earning a living and being a higher taxpayer.

It is an Old Druid English Scheme.  To raise the Tax on tea and then rub the new Americans face in it?

To have only food grown in Ireland available in England because the Irish taxpayer can’t afford it?

To buy one of the World’s largest oil companies in the world , (the old Standard Oil now British Petroleum), and then rub the Americans Face in $4 a gallon gas?

To acquire a strong banking presence in the United States and then launder drug money for drugs sold into the United States.

To facilitate a strong English presence in our Banking Industry and then charge Americans 25% interest.  You are charged more than twice the junk rate, that is how easy a pushover they believe you to be.

To become prominent in politics and gain a popular influence in the United States in the Media business at the same time you are found guilty in the United Kingdom of great infringements of humans rights.  The arm of your company remains unchallenged in the United States as you foster propagandized political opinions.

To use your media empire in the United States to propagandize changing the United States Constitution.

To make services that were once free in the United States pay for services.  Why?  Because no-one would ever watch you if you were not part of a pay per view package.  If television were free there would be a lot less problems.  Why?  That $2oo  a month cable bill goes to propaghandising political opinions that do not represent United States Citizens.  There are 46 million Americans on food stamps and not a one of them wants to look at the dripping jowls of a media channel news commentator.  They learned long ago that they make an enormous amount of money and do not represent their views and opinions a long time ago.  But what have the media empires become successful at?  Convincing just enough of the middle class to be swayed to an unsound opinion!

Everything you watch them speak about on the media empire channels does not represent the majority of Americans concerns.

Pay for Television is a tax just like the Tea Tax.  But it is one of the most destructive forces in American history.

To pick apart and tax our legal system to the point the average American believes in what the undereducated  on television profess to them.  The foothold to erode our Constitution came first by the formation of Ivy League English Corporate Colleges in the United States.  If you look at the progress over the last 200 years of the degredation of our judicial system you could make the case that the directive was to degrade and erode the freedom of the United States.  This has also been accomplished with the cost and status of Ivy League education on the resume.  You can think of that and fraternities and sororities as a buddy system for the satanic and the erosion of our freedom.  This has been the tax on our education system.  You can think about it this way and understand it as clear as the liberty bell- if those Ivy League degrees were worth the salt on the blarney stone then education at all levels of our country would not be an issue.  Those Ivy League graduates everyone presumes to be smart would have thought of solutions to the education system of the United States.  As Ivy League grads they would have embraced that challenge a long time ago and there would not be the problem.  As Ivy League grads they would have an interest in education at all levels- that is void and nonexistent.  Kennedy said as much and was shot dead in the head for saying it.  I am surprised they did not figure out a way to give the Irishman a crown of thorns before they off’d him.

To tax the souls of human beings that are not druids by promoting mental health policies that favor the labeling of the traumatized as being whisked away as mentally ill.  In other words they cannot compete in the land of the free without taxing the human soul that formed the land of the free.

They want you to be able to freely smoke pot for the same reason we gave the Native Americans Alcohol and Tobacco- it weakened them.  That will be a great tax on the American.

You can think of this class of people as gremlins, gargoyles and griffins that have found their way to fly off the castle walls and over to the United States to suck our blood and souls and wreak havoc on the land of the free.  Were Europeans jealous of the advancement in the land of the free?  You can never imagine how jealous they were!  Like a monkey that was taught to speak without learning how to think too.

That monkey would steal the fruits of your labor before you were paid for them like the Mexicans steal the harvest of the farmer in an old fashion Western.  The next thing that you will see on television to mock the soul of the American will be a illegal alien from Mexico portraying himself to be an ivy league graduate and complaining that Americans do not pay him enough taxes as he is eating the fruits or our labor to our exclusion.

I could go on and on.  The bottom line is that if you are an American today you are a Taxpayer no matter what your status!  Every American is a Taxpayer.  And the people who complain about the taxpayer never truly earned an American Dollar in their lives.

That media empire is also going to tax the American by propagandizing English political candidates.

What else is a tax on the American?  They want you to believe that illegal search and seizure in your home is legal.  It isn’t, that is the weak druid mind.  The same druid mind that subjectively took us to war in the name of human rights!

What are you going to do when they decide that you belong in a cage in their backyard?  What are you going to do when they decide that you should be required to drink and pay for a tea that sickens you?  Both of these constructs from weak minded wills have been allowed to occur right under the Bald Eagles beak.

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About Children Who Were Bullied in School 12 28 2012

About Children Who Were Bullied in School 12 28 2012

One child is not in the classroom to provide an education to others.  Other's being being defined as those children who can not think for themselves and are also bullies.

The goal of the bully is to prevent other children from realizing their potential.  It is a form of spite for themselves being born with the cognitive ability equivalent to that of a primate that was raised in a group.

You would not want a society that was ruled by former grade school bullies but that is indeed what the limited liablity corporate structure facilitates the advancement of- the psychopath!

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


Dianne Feinstein 12 28 2012

Dianne Feinstein   12 28 2012

Every civil servant should be required to know how to shoot a gun and indeed be able to hit the bullseye before they are allowed to be a civil servant.

Not only that anyone with drugs in their system should be banned from public service.  That means no-one can ever be with drugs in their system and write laws that legalize such drugs.  Reason?  You can not legally make decisions under the influence of drugs.  Defacto- you should have been precluded from writing such bills.  It is unbelievable!!!!

It is like how a President that is sworn in to protect the Constitution should not seek to change it.  The idealism is that it provides the framework that a President should have the capacity to make and form solutions within that framework. 

If our standards of public service had been higher all along we would not have the problems that we do today.

Do you know who should not have a gun?  Someone that does not have their own soul!

But there are people that do not have their own soul who are indeed good people.  I am talking about the type of person that takes advantage of others for profit and advantage.

I could call the criminal mind the satanic mind.  But there are exceptions in that not everyone who does not have their own soul is a bad person.  They know right from wrong and respect that.  They know not to steal the food from your plate while you are eating it or before it even gets there.

The only reason that the United States won the Revolutionary War was because we had better weapons.  Hunters from the new land had better weapons because they liked to hunt.  You would like to think that there are no differences between Great Britain and the United States today, but I cannot state that is true.

We should probably even give people technology IQ tests or tests for their own souls.  People with their own souls should even be allowed to have grenade launchers on the bottoms of their pump shotguns.  I don't even know where to get one.  But it follows in principal with the early Americans had better guns that the British.  The British hung onto the people who left Great Britain like they were their only loves.  The hung onto Ireland in the same way. My father told me that they did horrible things to the Irish.  And the early religious leaders told everyone that the world was flat because they were so afraid that the leaders of their schools of thought that had their own souls would leave them.  They eventually did and formed the the United States.  And indeed the British came looking for them.  It is indeed fear of abandonment!  You would not believe it but it is fear of abandonment!!!  Think of it this way a monarchy woman has an imaginary friend all throughout childhood.  That imaginary friend is not imaginary at all and she figures that out at some point in her life and does not want that person to abandon her because he or she is such a part of her soul.  Ask yourself what kind of people were bread when they were allowed to keep prisoners in dungeons in Europe.  One would like to think that the horrors of the druid race were long gone and a myth, but it is not true.  Think of Joan of Arc storming the castles and freeing the dungeons.  In this modern day and age the satanic figured out a way to create a virtual dungeon via the use of surveillance technology that no longer needed a subpoena for.  That little girl grown up to be an adult woman still wants to believe that she is actually her imaginary friend.  She can not face reality and was never forced to.  And her father who had money and great connections would do anything to make her happy.  That is the undercurrent of the wiretapping and surveillance without a permit.  Think of it this way.  You are in your home and getting ready to go somewhere.  You have a list that you created to read off and make sure that you have the items with you when you go.  On that list might even be a hunting map with GPS coordinates that you plotted on it so that you could ensure that you did not trespass.  While you are looking for your list you are repeatedly zapped with an Electromagnetic weapon that is tuned to the frequency of the human thought process and your working memory and mind is wiped.  And it feel like someone thought you were their cat and put you in the microwave oven.  That is how sick these people are.  And they never want anyone to know that they did not think for themselves.  What does this bread?  Mediocrity and straying away from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And if you do not believe that we live in Mediocrity today then you have no understanding of modern technology and where we should be in terms of energy efficiency.  There was no moral imperative to pursue that as a goal because the souls who believed in it and understood it had it raped from their minds into oblivion.

She (the archetype of a woman who captured an imaginary friend) does not want to play with dolls as an adult she wants to believe that she is her imaginary friend and that he/she is something that should not be considered to have human rights; something that can be negated.  And that imaginary friend never knew it was one until it felt the dead blow to the head and was put on medicine because those who would not let go of them as their imaginary friend made their presence known.  It is the parable of the talents from the Bible.  What a false parable.  You cannot give the talents of one person to another without creating mediocrity and facilitating mediocrity in every aspect of a free world.  It depreciates values, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To uphold our Constitution we indeed must recognize in reality the archetype of the soulless.  Those who can do.  Those who can't teach but shouldn't.  Those who can should not be prevented from being a those that can by a those that can't.  Can you see the pattern of pretentiousness that has lead to mediocrity?  She marries a man who accepts her for all faults because she has the same faults.  Then in order to support herself and her family at a higher standard than she deserves she goes back to the imaginary friend that someone is made to be the imaginary friend of both her and her husband and drives him out of his mind.  In effect she is attaining social status that she does not deserve.

To understand the concepts that I speak of, you must first suspend your belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible- specifically what it has to say with regard to Satan.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS They only come on television and talk for two seconds while I am watching before they look tiffed.  Miffed is probably the word that I was looking for but as I have studied the use of the English language and the forms of words that are missing I learned a great lesson.  Tiffed just seems more appropriate to me.  The forensic logic as to why certain words are missing has to do with fear of insight and abandonment.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Inventions Needed: Dry Antibiotic type powder that can be kept in your wallet 12 27 2012

Inventions Needed: Dry Antibiotic type powder that can be kept in your wallet 12 27 2012

I thought of this one while I removed and cleaned a dirty section of furnace pipe today and scratched my arm.

When a man needs is a dry antibacterial powder that they can keep in their wallet.  To use the product one simply washes the wound with water, removes the debris, apply the powder and rub it in.

I have mentioned before in my blogs that I like to take those little celephane packets of BC Aspirin Powder and entirely enclose them in clear packaging tape and keep them in my wallet, for emergency purposes.

But what I am talking about with this particular invention is a product that is not a blood thinner.  Something with antibacterial and antiviral properties.  It might even just be rosemary powder in combination with two other herbs!!!!  I think that is what I will try.  God did indeed tell us that he gave us everything that we needed.   I often put salt on wounds like this because it has iodine in it and it helps.  But I would be looking for something a little stronger.  Something that would make a good first aide product and one can keep in their wallet for years!

I have not done any research on this to see what home remedies would work good.  And also I have not seen simple products like this at the pharmacy.

Background:  As I was cleaning the duct I thought of how mice spread the hantavirus and some peoples houses have mice problems in the basement.   And how the Hantavirus it leads to widespread plague and many deaths.  You see I am not one to spread the plague but to prevent it!  When a mouse came walking through an Indians Tepee they quickly burnt it to the ground to prevent the spread of it!!!!  Our modern restaurants in America do not even employ that LEVEL of sanitation.

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Originally published on 12 27 2102 at

Impromptu Ironical Quote of the Day 12 27 2012

Impromptu Ironical Quote of the Day 12 27 2012

"And God so loved his children that he took them with him wherever he went."

Is it cynicism, Irony or sarcasm?  No it is more like trying to pull a twisted coat hanger out of your ear.

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In Response to: Where is the Psychiatric Community Ensuring No More Newtown Massacres on Open Debate Forum

In Response to:  Where is the Psychiatric Community Ensuring No More Newtown Massacres on Open Debate Forum
The greater majority of Psychiatric Patients are not mentally ill but suffering from traumatization and hazing by the Satanic race.  Whenever one snaps the psychiatric community has nothing to say about it because they know what the reality is and they are part of it.  Where are people known to be hazed in our society?  In College they are hazed by fraternities when they are not even a part of that fraternity.  That is the exact personality archetype that the United States fought against and shed blood against in both the Revolutionary War and The Civil War.


The reason psychiatry came into being was so the satanic, that live among us and learn from the minds of a master of their school of thought, could separate themselves from those minds at some point in their lives.  Who are the satanic?  Likely they have a mild form of fetal alcoholism that prevented them from listening and learning.  Think of every child who could not learn in school that became successful in life.  And indeed most corporate CEO's have been diagnosed by publicly available knowledge of their actions as having the psychopath personality.


Once traumatized and hazed they are quickly put on Zombie medicine so that they have absolutely no credibility in the world.  When they realize it isn't true they snap.  The psychiatric community dopes the good people along with the bad and indeed misses the real bad altogether- those with the Satanic mind.


To understand what is going on here you have to suspend your disbelief about what Jesus Christ and the Bible say about the Satanic.


Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Comment on: How to Spot a Liar 12 27 2012

This is why the Satanic Roman empire used the Herb Bella Dona to dilate their pupils!  The women lured the intelligent men in and they ended up becoming castrati servants.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were said to be paired companions of each other.  In our modern times that means homosexuals.  I am going to take back some negative things I said about Homosexuals, or rather balance the issue with the Statement: If they were made Castrati by Roman Barbarians and no woman would have them because of that- what else are they supposed to be???  Based on that reason and only that reason in the justification, those types should be allowed to marry.

Another interesting thing is that Rome was said to be concurred by Barbarians.  Who are you trying to kid with that history statement- the Romans were the most Barbarian Society History has ever known.  So if Rome was concurred by Barbarians, some of those Barbarians had to have been those that broke away from being Roman Barbarians???

And with regard to what Jews believe in, they did not believe in Jesus Christ when he came out against the Romans because to quote the Gospel of Nicodemus the Jews said this about them, "He knows what we do."  It means you do something bad!  The Jews made a savior of their own and indeed titled that person a Savior some hundreds of Years after the death of Jesus Christ.  They staged a Rebellion against Rome led by that Savior or God and Lost.  The Roman leaders believed themselves to be Gods and worshipped because of it.  They did not become Gods by doing good deeds they became tyrannical dictators by lighting Christians on fire in their Gardens and tying bloody animal hides to them and having wild dogs chase and eat them.  When I see that Jewish Candle I wonder does it mean that you light Jesus Christ on fire as the center candle and the side candles are the apostles or does it mean that we should worship the Son's of Light!  Now the Son's of light were good people.  Our country would seem to be off balanced towards the dark side today.

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The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Comment with regard to Arizona Ranchers Demand Sec...

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Comment with regard to Arizona Ranchers Demand Sec...: And they are coming right through George Bush's neglected State of Texas on their way to Colorado! Colorado where marijuana is sold on...

Comment with regard to Arizona Ranchers Demand Security at the Border 12 27 2012

And they are coming right through George Bush's neglected State of Texas on their way to Colorado!

Colorado where marijuana is sold on the streets and no one does anything about it!

They won't let me post on the NBC site so I am posting this link to the article I am commenting on.

Wake up America!  Some people in this country have a mother that was a drunken gouche and beer nuts was their father.  They cannot even think for themselves and can only make money by ruining the lives of other people and pushing drugs on them!  Jesus Christ would call them Satan if he were alive today!

Heavily armed drug dealers are coming across the boarder and are a problem in Texas and Barrack wants to ban semiautomatic rifles????  He should be handing them out to Arizona Citizens!!
Barrack can not even account for guns, in fact he gave Mexicans the working assault rifles.  He gave Mexicans assault rifles and wants to take them away from U.S. citizens.  He should be impeached!

Does Barrack believe the only way a black person can make a living in the United States is by selling drugs?  Does Barrack believe that the plight of poor black people is so bad that the only solution is to let them have marijuana to ease their misery.  Is Barrack running this country or his bottle bottom glasses father.  You have to honestly ask this!

Who are the drug users in Colorado?  They are worthless children of the rich who vacationed their and stayed there.  Barrack does not seem to mind that either.  It makes you wonder if the marijuana strain wasn't made lethal and smoked by George Bush and his father.

Jesus Christ, get James Holmes, labeled the Batman Shooter, off his zombie medicine and set him loose on the drug dealers!!!!!  What is the worst that could happen?

Your next generation of children will all be autistic and slaughtered by the enriched Mexican drug Lords and United States Satanic, who are themselves autistic.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

With Regard to Toyota recall and > $Billion fine 12 26 2012

How many deaths is that? Did it even tell us? So companies that make cars that kill people are still allowed to stay in business? Just pay a fine for the people that you killed?

Just pay a fine for the people that you killed? What kind of justice is that? Enough of that! Enough ban them from selling into the United States. We were founded to have higher standards than that so lets uphold them.

In your effort to save money and increase your own personal profits did you indeed fail to hire qualified engineers?  That has gone far enough!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

It is a priviledge to be banned from posting on MSNBC 12 24 2012

It is a privilege to be banned from posting on MSNBC 12 24 2012

Because you have censored and banned me from posting comments on your news site I am going to do everything within my power to see that you are banned from broadcasting!

It appears that Bill (William) Gates is not the great humanitarian he wants everyone to believe he is.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Feelings Aren’t Facts 12 24 2012

Feelings Aren’t Facts 12 24 2012
David Gregory said, “Feelings aren’t fact.”  We need to reexamine the validity of his statement. 
What separates humans from primates might be said to be that human beings learn to be imprinted in their thinking from a bond of love created with their parents that is coupled with teaching as a form of action.
That bond of love is indeed an emotion or feeling and that is indeed a fact.  So it is a fact that human beings learn from positive feelings.  The cold and non- distinctive term science gave to it when the proved it was brain entrainment.  One might object to the phonetics of “training” in a word used to describe a facet of human love.
I had to think about this as I wondered who could so dismissively deny that feelings are facts in order to put forth a one sided agenda.
So one wonders what separates human beings from primates and indeed what creates an evil mind of Satan that murdered twenty children.
I will have to put forth some starting parameters in order to start such a study and those are described below.  You can call them faulty premises if you want, that is okay with me, I applaud you for thinking of that.  You can have your interpretation and I can have mine and good people should be able to tell who is wrongly motivated and who isn’t.
Let’s assume that Adam and Eve were not the first humans.  Let’s assume that the God who kicked them out of the Garden of Eden was not a God but a father and human.  For our quick study we will also state they were kicked out because they could not behave or learn to be mature adults.  The reason being that they did not listen, were able to listen or learn to listen.  And an implied co-reason being that they ate the fermented fruit and became even more stupid.
So you are the archetype of Adam and Eve who were forced out of a micro-civilization- if you will.  You greatly miss it, the garden, and the intelligent father you had for a short time there.  You also become envious of those still living in the Garden!  Setting you up for conflict aren’t I?  You can’t teach because you never learned.  You never learned because you never listened.  Are we to indeed believe the first human beings are those who never could listen?  That can’t be true!  It is an antithetical definition or term of definition.
Now if this archetype, of what would (or should?) be considered mentally retarded today, had to survive, but it had no knowledge to teach what would it do?  Isn’t that indeed the definition of a mentally retarded person- they do not have the ability to listen or is that a feeling of mine?
Is it humane to kick a mentally retarded out of a community to survive on their own?  If you believe that their actions could endanger the lives of the entire community, because of that retardedness and yet you do not want to kill them what else are you to do?  Here we get into the difference between parents fearful of their children to learn for themselves and children who take willful and irresponsible actions not based on premises of knowledge that endanger the lives of the community.   A small but very meaningful difference.  For one intelligently discovers new things and the other burns down the house.  And the latter wants to come in your house and burn it down too.   One listened and developed sound ideas the other never listened and wasn’t able to!  The question again- is it humane to kick a mentally retarded person out of the community in order to survive on their own?  The ancient Essene Jews did just that when someone screwed up and community rule determined they walk straight out into the dessert alone and not come back!  There is a slight difference between the Essenes and the God from the Garden of Eden.  The Essene’s made a community rule decision that included women- the God of the Bible was one man a Father of the human race if you will; or a human father designated in symbolism to be the father of the human race.  And you have to assume that the Essene Jews had more than one village or evicted numerous people.
So there is indeed a basis for a whole civilization or grouping of archetypes Adam and Eves that formed.  What happens to that group next?  -Individual pariah wanderers lost in the dessert that found each other.  The Essene Jewish religion from the Dead Sea Scrolls offers and explanation for this too; that children were raised between the juxtaposition of an evil master that controlled them versus an exiled priest.  It just doesn’t look good for the exiled priest does it!
Primates indeed raise their children in groups!  I didn’t say educate I said raise!  That is a fact!  What are they trying to emulate?  They are trying to emulate the love for a father in education!  They are trying to, out of desperation create the bond of feelings between father and a son so that the young can learn!  It is in spite isn’t it!  Female spite!  A female that married a useless man spite?  A female that had a man kicked out a garden in spite, maybe she toyed and flirted with him and then denied interest, and after he was gone from the garden there was no one to take his place?  A female that was kicked out and spited the whole community?  It all reads female to me.
Whether intentional or not they are trying to get those offspring to form a father son bond with someone remote from them!  That someone remote being the father that kicked them from the garden, the exiled priest, a man being water boarded, someone being tortured, the ape out on its own (CIA code name Loan Wolf), the intelligent man who hears voices?  In other words, “There is no father here!”  So one can draw a very strong distinction between a race that was imprinted with an imaginary remote father and a man who loves his son and daughter.
[“Where is the precedent for the water boarding comment, what place does that have here?” you ask.  I mean come on; evil masters don’t bring you fresh baked cookies.]
This has a horrific impact for our modern education system.  Negative expectations, subjective grades, drugs pushed on children by wealthy parent’s children!  I heard the Minister (Farakan?) on the radio the other day.  His voice shifted to that of someone who was running away with another’s apple as he said about this, “Every Jewish child is made to learn by the age of ten where they come from!.....We as black people need to be more like them.”  Do you see the dark implication again?  “There is no father here!”
Okay so what’s his name… Wayne LaPierre thought we should be more like Israel- that had a rash of school shootings and countered it with armed guards at schools.  It did sound like a good idea but if there are drugs in our military there will also be pushers on the Police force.  How could you tell who would likely be one?  They would have no human soul!  You could analyze a coach from Penn State for physiological responses including brain waves as they watched horrors on the propped up screen and that might be a start.  But that happens to be something we don’t really want to try and prove with our cold modern science is it?????  You might decide after conclusive evidence and horrific crimes are proven committed by them that you should also give them a D stamp on the forehead or kick them out of your garden.  But we don’t dare do that!  Please forgive me for writing those words Sandusky.
But Bing!!!  A red flag went off!  Why did Israel have so many school shootings I asked myself!
Are you indeed seeing the template of bad religion and irresponsible society forming as you read this?  What did Israel do long before the United States did?  They water boarded Arabs.  (So they whipped slaves in the south like you turn a turtle on its back in the sun in order to tell you the correct time?  Who cares right????)  How did they water board them?  They had to catch them right and bring them to their village.  And they did indeed admit that they learned something from torturing them didn’t they!  That is a documented FACT!
Wayne LaPierre wants to redefine mental illness!
SOMEONE THAT IS INTERVIEWED JUST AFTER BEING WATERBOARDED COULD INDEED BE LABELED MENTALLY ILL!  They would be nonresponsive.  They would be paranoid.  They would be in a state of shock!  (Do you know what happens to people in war zones- shell shocked? It is a form of trauma!  Funny right???  A good source of humor isn’t it???)
Wayne wants to redefine mental illness and put people back in mental institutions and on drugs they will never be able to get off of.  What is the nature of someone who wants to put another person on a drug they will likely never be able to get off of?  THAT IS WHY WE NEED 100 ROUND CLIPS WAYNE- for people who would seek to deprive human beings of their rights to be free human beings!  LIBERTY, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS AND FREEDOM are guaranteed in the U.S. Structure.  Don’t try and take that away, ever!  Don’t try and rewrite it to be any worse that it is already Wayne!
That person whom was just waterboarded could be diagnosed to have mental illness if interviewed immediately after and for a period of time there after- maybe their lifetime.  So you see the same type of person in our society who was traumatized and you immediately want to say that they are mentally ill.  If that waterboarded person was found wandering the streets and you asked them a question and they were to confused and traumatized to answer you would say they are mentally ill.  Indeed you would even deny that they had been waterboarded!  They can’t prove they were water boarded!  And you won’t let them prove it.  In fact you don’t want to listen because you never learned how to listen.  It sounds like I have come full circle in this article but I am not done yet!
Wayne if you interviewed a shell shocked United States Veteran of War they could be diagnosed as mentally ill too!  The same as a water boarded person!  Are they really mentally ill or are they traumatized.
If you say that they are mentally ill then you have proved that Israel creates mentally ill people!  But from what I hear they are not people from the Israel community?
Does someone who has been tortured have the right to seek justice?  Wayne, shouldn’t take too much time to answer.  It is a crime against humanity and punishable by death everywhere in the free world accept the U.S. and Israel?  Another time in history we did not set a great precedent or good example; from recent memory the Eugenics movement and U.S. literature Hitler based his actions on is another.  I will have to check the facts before I travel but until I do I will stay in my home bunker.
So you interview someone that has just been water boarded and you find out that they have the IQ of a mentally retarded person or someone that has been kicked out of a Garden for eating fermented fruit, and this reading contrasts the prior test score of their IQ!  Do you believe that adult has lost all of his/her intelligence can never get it back and is a danger to society?  Wayne are you telling me that Veterans of War, people that fought for a belief in idealism of what America should be, are a danger to society?  You want to lock them up?  Wade Page was a Veteran of War- should we have locked him up the minute he came back?  Rambo was a fictional character who fit the same archetype of hatred against him.
If you believe that traumatized person creates a great danger to society than you just proved that Israel crates a great danger to its own country!
So where am I going with this second part?  Oh I was trying to determine why Israel had the rash of school shootings in the first place.  You see when someone offers to sell me a solution I think of all the premises that solution is based on.  You should try it.
So I have pooh poohed Israel? (I actually like that they train themselves to use weapons.  Are there those in their country that can’t have them?  Who are they?  And Wayne should we not let Muslims in the United States have guns either?)  The Israeli Jew appears to be a little different than the American Jew.  I have seen American Jewish son’s that are 18 years old and walk from their mansions off of Lake Drive cuddling a stuffed animal.
So again I have pooh poohed Israel.  They could redeem themselves in the eye’s of the world by banning the forbidden rotten fruit- alcohol.  Then they would not need to….
You know what, have it your way, don’t listen to me, I know where you are all headed and you won’t change.  When you put me in that mental institution be sure to use a laser array to lobotomize my intellect and show no scars at the same time.
So if you seek to create a mind that seeks to divine what an exiled priest or the father that was kicked out of the Garden of Eden is doing what have you created?
You have created a mind that was not imprinted through love!  One type of mind is imprinted through love and one isn’t.
The one that isn’t, it is the mind of satan!  You have created a mind through a traumatized person.
Do you feel a connection to your own father?  When you see a Veteran of War on television that was tortured like John McCain was do you feel a connection to them?  When you see John Lieberman do you also feel a connection- but it is more of a mischievous connection.  And when you look at Lindsey Graham do you think he is somewhere in between and therefore the right Right Wing porridge?
Again if you are seen on public television in my home I will write about you and I have the right to.  Try and watch regular television without Cable and you will find out it doesn’t work.  We might be better off if you all stayed home.
“Feelings Aren’t Fact,” that was supposed to be his big proof statement that he belongs on television!
We can pretty much tell what kind of person you are by your response to those who were tortured in war!  We can also tell what kind of person you are by how you define the mentally ill.  Wayne veterans of war make up a substantial portion of the unemployed, homeless and mentally ill.  Why?  I just told you didn’t I!  Did you listen?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. Wayne LaPierre still owes me a gym bag from that time that one time it was offered as a promotional item for joining the NRA and didn't get one.  I remember who has de-facto stolen from me.

Scrap notes for Part III of this.  There is more to this but that is all I can type in one day.  I get to see some sunshine and daylight too?
Egypt: who would feed that poison to someone?  It is like a joke that no-one gets!  People drink alcohol and their eye’s become narrow mean slits the next day.  Our modern medical community want us to  believe it has very little effect on human conception, the Father of the Garden (God in the Bible) is telling us something entirely different.
Those forced out would come back and destroy that Garden out of spite!  I believe and like to believe this is what happened to Israel; that they were indeed the people that shunned alcohol and faced retribution for it- makes them more likeable to me!

On the other side of the “propped up” public table was Wayne LaPier.