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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There is no mystery to what Stone Henge is 12 18 2012

There is no mystery to what Stone Henge is 12 18 2012
For some reason I got my wires crossed and believed this to be in Ireland.  It is really located in Wilshire England?
The origins of Stone Henge go back 8000 years!
So were the builders of Stone Henge really those who got their A55 kicked out of Ireland?  Was their some type of ancient Irish Revolution that sent them out?
There is no mystery to what stone henge is. It is where they cracked open human skulls on the 21st of the month in the stone rock formation.
So if that is what Stone Henge is then what is the Blarney Stone?  That is more simple than soda crackers, the Blarney Stone is block of Stone Henge that the Irish took away and pissed on in celebration!
If that is indeed true then when we defeated the British in the Revolutionary War we should have dragged a big piece of it back to the United States so that we could piss on it too in celebration!  That idea is a little off because we did not concur the British on their Homeland we concurred the British on our Homeland!  So that is indeed a misnomer isn’t it; to say that we have never been invaded on our homeland or something of similar vain.  If we fought a war with the British and it wasn’t on their homeland but it was where we live then it was indeed on our homeland by the invading British.  Why the need for dominant Queens English Semantics?
The Blarney stone?  Was it named after a man named Blarney?  Did skull (rowing boat) and bones (oars) come across the Irish Sea and capture Blarney and take him back to Stone Henge at some point and crack his skull open on the 21st of the month?  If so it sounds like the Irish got pissed at some time in world history and decided that the best gravestone for Blarney would indeed be part of that Druid Stone henge. 
Has anyone ever taken a photograph of current ill carnation members of the Tea Party Drinking tea at Stone Henge?  Might be a photograph worth something if you can catch them in the act.  The 46 million Americans on Food Stamps might enjoy that one!  That Blarney stone might be one reason that if you are a Right Wing Conservative that you should never mention welfare as a negative thing.
Bedouin Warrior’s concurred Egypt?
Invading Nordic Tribes concurred Rome?
Maybe I should shut my mouth already and keep the secret!  That sounds a lot like me out in the woods stalking deer with an AR-15!
So if Jesus wanted to go to Galilee and Galilee sounds like Gaelic, was Jesus Christ Irish.  That would indeed link the genocide in Ireland to the genocide in Germany.  England essentially being a Germanic based language.  So indeed Druids were German based from the Start?  That means your Nazi’s were druids?
But was there an effort to concur the Druid occult of Stone Henge in England by the Irish?  Was their tactic to surround them?  Did they go so far as to sail to Galilee in this effort? 
And also ancient Egypt and the pyramids that is absolutely no different than sacrificial Stone henge.  Same goes for your Mayans.
I sometimes watch an Irish police chief answer questions and it reminds me of a character from a 70’s television situational comedy.  In such comedy a teacher is riddled with a classroom of LD students.  When he asks them questions they just smile like they are the greatest thing in the world and give dumb answers.  And there indeed went America.
The Irish encircled the English Druids?  Galilee indeed sounds a lot like the word Gaelic.  That is where Jesus Christ wanted to go when he was down on the ropes.
The Irish do make much better tasting beer than the English.
“They know not what they do?”
That is what Jesus Christ said of the sacrificial and Barbaric Romans and the wealthy cadre of Jews that conspired to have him killed.
“They know not what they do?”  Kind of sounds like a lot of people today doesn’t it?
Did Jesus Christ see how stupid, crass and useless they were?  No doubt, sum certain, that is why a wise man would say something like that.  So much for Roman Catholic pride and the Bible.  What did Jesus Christ say about the Romans, “They know not what they do!”
So you don’t know what you do and why you do it.  And therefore you don’t know what other people do and why they do it.  So you look at all this and decide that no one should have guns anymore?  What are you doing here? 
It is very simple, “The Know not’s what’s they does from Chicago puts you ined the office.”  And the Senator in Chicago that came after you was bought into office with crime money.  So that means you were likely bought into office with crime money too.  And what do we have as a result of your being in office?  The proliferation and legalization of marijuana in several places.  When we see you allow this to happen what are we to say?  Very simple, “You know not what you do!”
Jesus saw that the Satanic knew not what they did and the Satanic convinced him that it was his fault and because of this he agreed to be martyred?
It wasn’t his fault.  It was Satan’s fault.  Likely a primitive minded woman that see’s what others do in her mind’s eye.
Imagination scares the Satanic who raise their children in groups like apes do because it confuses them.  Why?  They don’t know the different between it and the reality of thinking.  Panty waisters is what a friend of mine from High School called those useless 5417 kids.
Today if you claim there is such a miserable race you are labeled mentally ill.  So indeed if you read and learn the word of God in the Bible you are mentally ill and torture by them.
The word of God is tested 7 times over.  It means the mother of that panty waister killed your imagination.  And when they did so they also killed your dreams and ambitions.  Why?  So that brood of evil spawn, “can live the life you led for them.” That is right out of the Bible and it is what they preach when they look at the guy in front of Church nailed to the cross and drying in the sun like meat hanging in a Pagan deli.
Baseless paranoia to talk about women like this?  No, here is another applicable quote from the Bible, “She wanted him to be beaten to be less than human.”  Hard to conceive the nature of an evil woman if you had a great mom. That is the exact opposite of what my mother’s personality was concerning other human beings.  You might have a traumatic life destroying epiphany if you run into them when you are away at college or living in a city away from home for your first job post college.  So indeed what kind of a woman is the Bible telling us about?
So the panty waister miserable children of such a woman blamed Jesus for what they were right?  You pick on someone because you are jealous of them.  You crucify someone innocent and demonize them because you are 1000 percent insanely jealous of them.  So they blamed Jesus and in his defense he said, “Know yeah not that yeah are God’s?”  The literal translation is don’t you know that you are Gods.  It means you have the ability to think for yourself but chose not to.
It would be very hard to be raised by a beast woman like that.  She thought that she could wear the pants and couldn’t.  How many women think that they can wear the pants and can’t?  How many women wear the pants and shouldn’t.  Hence a profile of Adam Lanza’s motive to kill his mother. 
And what is the trend with regard to the banking industry?  They are marketing beer and partying.  The next thing that you will see will be that they will be marketing marijuana.  Don’t believe me?  Just look on Facebook at who works for the banks and what they are up to- fluesies with funnels in their mouths!  Queen get them out of here!
What is the Stadium Tax?  It is a beer revenue bond to the wealthy of Milwaukee.  They won’t tell you in Milwaukee how the wealthy make interest on their money.  But it is a Stadium Tax beer revenue  bond type of vehicle.
So if your job is really to protect the interests of the wealthy at the expense of the 46 million on food stamps what do you do?  As mayor you hire the worst police chief that you can find and sit back and watch as the city falls through.  Are you tough on crime or guilty of murder.  Are you looking out for everyone or protecting the interest of brick mansion wealth.
Realistically you would believe that those who owned mansions in Milwaukee from the beer baron day’s would no longer still own the mansions.  Why? Because that initial skill set that made the money to buy the mansion is lost in the pissed out beer and brood of later generations.  What am I getting at?  The later generations of wealth do not have the same skills as the first hard working ones.  The process  works a lot quicker when the vehicle to obtain the money was the selling of alcohol!  Why isn’t there a psychological term to describe just that that- two or three generations down in wealth the children are spoiled useless vegetable 5417 kids!  All they can resort to for wealth is legalese based crime.  Hence you have the rise of the derivatives industry.  The financial industry is supposed to be stocked with people persons.  People persons do not participate in the driving of the greatest country on earth to an economic depression.  People persons like and respect all people.
And realistically if you are the President of the United States and this is your archetype what do you do?  Do you set up homeland security with the basis of it being to prevent an Adam Lanza from being a gunmen?  It looks to me that the factions are one in the same.
So what is the archetype of Lilith from the Bible?  Where does the wrath of such a legend come from?  Is it a papiloma virus whore with a wart covered…
And what kind of a son does she bear as her fruit?  Is it a sleepy faced or eyed satan son.  And that child can’t think for itself, so she drives men from their minds for it.  And such men are said to be tested 7 times over with regard to the truth of the word of God?
Weren’t the kids with the beady sleepy mean eyes the meanest in High School?  Were their faces not filled with spite for the existence of others?  Were they conceived in metabolisms flush with alcohol?
Is that who Adam Lanza was?
Does any of this ring true to you?
And if you believe that I have described a horrible type of people then ask yourself what they will be like when exposed to marijuana in the womb or at conception.  Makes you wonder where the term cannabis came from?  Flesh eating Cannibals?
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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