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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Adam Lanza Did that 12 19 2012

Why Adam Lanza Did that 12 19 2012

Adam Lanza would have been a much better off person if his mother did not spend all that time at the bar.

You know that statement is true!  You don't want to admit that statement is true because it likely applies equally to you!

His mothers friends and the bartenders at the local tavern said that she spent a lot of time there. 

So it is the material things in this world that are dangerous and not the actions of people or the cause of such actions!  That is what we are to believe?

Okay what other material things are far more dangerous in this world than the rifle he used to kill those children?  The way we determine what is more dangerous is by the amount of fatalities a year caused by them.  So in the hierarchical order of things we need to take away from people we should take away the most dangerous material things first right?

1.  Alcohol is far more dangerous than that gun because a lot more people are killed by it in car crashes and falling off ladders the next day after drinking etc, etc.  (Not to mention line one above.)

2.  Cars and motorcycles need to go too.  But most of those accidents are alcohol related, but I am not supposed to mention that.

3. Gays that give each other the deadly aides virus we need to take them away from us too.  For all we know alcohols influence on conception and birth screws them up, but I should just shut up.

I swiped this off a .gov site.

  • Heart disease: 599,413  ( We take away all fast food restaurants.)
  • Cancer: 567,628  ( We eliminate all carcinogens from our world. Including tobacco.)
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 137,353  ( We remove all pollution and causes of it from our air.
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,842 (About the same as heart disease.)
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 118,021 ( We get rid of all the irresponsible people. The people who do not know that they have compromised themselves and the rest of us by doing drugs and alcohol.)
  • Alzheimer's disease: 79,003  (plaques that form in the brain?  Shame shame you should have done your own thinking.)
  • Diabetes: 68,705  (Too much sugar?  Who knew they would need to find a new market after they made sugar alcohol zombies of all the slaves in Haiti and Jamaica on the way to the U.S.

  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 53,692  We tell those parents to keep the snot nosed germ fingered kids at home and not spread it.
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 48,935  (Kidney related?  Too much dairy!  Eat more vegetables that are not grown with chemicals.  Drink water that is not polluted so don't pollute it and find ways to clean it.
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 36,909 (Who thinks that all of the above lead to this one somehow?  It is like the flux that gets squeezed out because of all the above evil.  People are not happy!  All those above are reasons.

  • You know I never used to be against alcohol until I figured out it is the reason most people are so stupid and born stupid!  Off all of those leading causes of death above every single one of them is alcohol related.  I used to love to brew beer and was very good at it.  I used to love to drink, but I would die very quickly if I did today at 46 years old.  Just a little bit and it nearly kills me.

    So what are we really concerned about?  That people don't figure out that some of us are subtle victims of alcohol the first day they were born?

    Neither the Bible nor the Muslims have anything good to say about it.  Alla didn't decide against it right away but he did.  And you indeed have to read the Bible very carefully in terms of the nuances of Alcohol and the existence of those compromised by it.

    If you do not believe the first sentence of this article you are lying to yourself.

    God bless my father, Ambrose Thomas Murphy [  08 24 1924 - 12 10 2011 ]

    Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


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