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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The False Men of Public Service 12 18 2012

The False Men of Public Service 12 18 2012

What it means to be in Public Service.

You don’t protect the identity of your vegetable head wife and your druid family at the expense and integrity of the greatest nation on earth.

You actually believe that you are being the man when you compromise the principals of our democracy in an effort to hide you feeble minded identity.

We have a different class of politician in office today, not a smarter class, not a more sophisticated class.

Public servants in the United States have degraded our Constitution and our rights in favor of creating wealth and protecting their means of creation.

They have treated our country like a play thing whereby they can pull straws out of the structure of it little bit by little bit because no one seems to notice or can wage a viable protest when it has been done a little bit at a time.  It could be called druid encroachment of our rights.

You don’t compromise our principals as a nation so that you can hobnob with those who like to insult the middle class.  Your goal in life was indeed to rub elbows with those you consider better than yourself- elite?  I have a reality news flash for the archetype of this person- everyone else is better than you and always will be!

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