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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Post 911 Elevated Security and Guns 12 18 2012

Post 911 Elevated Security and Guns 12 18 2012
So in age of post 911 when we are supposed to be at a danger in our homeland you are proposing to take away our guns?  They are not fully automatic but the official reason that you give us is because they look scary!  What are you doing on my television!
Aren’t we at an increased terror level in our Homeland?  Isn’t everyone supposed to still keep a watchful eye and their wits about them?  So this is the appropro time to take away our guns.  It is like going to the hospital because you have cut your leg and have lost a lot of blood and they ask you if you have come to donate blood today?
Wasn’t a whole lot of money pumped into a new Homeland Security agency in order to maintain our Homeland?  Senator Lieberman maybe you should give Americans a tax rebate for all the money you wasted!  Maybe whatever technology you procured to secure our Homeland you need to reallocate to responsible adults.  The best way that you could have spent money on Homeland Security would have been to require every adult in America to take a Concealed Carry permit class.  And I am assuming it is like the Hunters safety course I took in High School. 
The Guns that you want to take away are the ones you won’t be able to account for and find.  You can’t even be accountable for guns you gave to Mexican drug dealers that were used to kill brave Americans with.  And what have you done to all the brave Americans who were willing to fight for this country?  You sent them over to the middle east where they were disillusioned by the horror of drugs and homosexuality in the military and killed themselves!  A real effective military and great integrity in national leadership?  No!
So Barrack Obama wants to take away our guns that could be turned into fully automatic?  Most of us keep them around just for freaks like the one that killed those children!  Why do we need them?  For freaks like that!
Here is the best question to ask Barrack Obama.  Barrack are you going to give the guns you would take away from Americans to the Mexican drug lords to kill Americans like you already did?
And what happens when that Mexican drug money starts to be empowered and then attacks a defenseless American Homeland?  With all the drug dealers in America already that have ties to foreign countries it could happen quicker than you can snap your fingers to some Harlem beat and sing to your wife.  I mean come on George Bush practically put out the picnic table for Mexicans when he was Governor of Texas!
The Brit on the premier Cable Channel is pooh poohing them.  It was a British Bank that laundered money to Mexican drug dealers easier than it was for black Americans to vote!  His conception of American is a polite cake and crumpet party.  “Can I vote? Can’t I?”  All that talk dissuades on the fence voters from voting.  And that is really a distraction layer that prevents Americans from really thinking in depth of what the problems are and what the solutions might be.  It is like should you have milk with your tea or not?  That is the question you will ask yourself for an entire year.  It is irrelevant to what the solutions to our problems might be.
Tell me Americans what are you going to do when an office of our Government say’s that you are required to smoke pot every day?
When I look at John McCain I have to think he is still a prisoner of communism and only able to appear on television if he says what he is told to!  Honestly when you hear the idiocy that comes out of the mouths on television don’t you ever think that same thing?  That they are prisoners that are only allowed to say what they are told and do so under duress? 
We must indeed free the television people!  We must free them!  We must free them!
There was a time in American History when everyone was required to own a gun.  Why was this a law?  Because they didn’t want any fembot’s who faint at the thought of having to clean a toilet!
And you want to take them away because they could be converted into fully automatic?  No-one in their right mind would trust an AR-15 not to jamb!
Just on the news some kind of threat at Waukesha High School?  When I was in High School we had a rifle team and we could never think of such things!  We knew right from wrong. What is wrong with your children today!  What is wrong with them?  What have you done!!!!
We have nut cases today.  And indeed they are people that we don’t dare consider truly labeling as being ill.  We should require every American to have a gun.  If you don’t have the common sense that you should protect yourself from people like that and be ready for them you don’t belong here.  If you advocate that we should be defenseless against such people in the dangerous new era you created you are living in a delusion.  You want to cry and weep for the next batch of children that are killed because you are helpless to do anything about it?  Get a gun and quickly shoot the person that starts killing the innocent.  You should be labeled a hero for it but instead you are going to see it propagandized by media that you did a bad thing!  But do it anyway because you will be saving lives.
You tell us we live in very, very dangerous times.  You even created a thermometer like gauge to help explain it how mad people in foreign countries are at us!  And you want to take away our guns?
The best thing for the me generation would be to own a gun.  Sure they are dangerous and that is exactly the point.  As you grow up to become an adult and seek wealth and power you should have a better sense of what is dangerous and what isn’t than what you have today.
It is quite clear that over the last five decades none of you should have been allowed in public office!
So we voluntarily give Barrack our guns and then after awhile we ask him what he did with them and he sticks out his crooked index finger like it has fresh green tobacco snot on it and doesn’t quite know where to point.
May God be with you if you have to shoot a Gunman that has opened fire on innocent Americans.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  Somehow the cash will always get the guns to the people who shouldn't have them and we don't want to start a trend where the good people of the country are defenseless.  And it is something that has not been objectively determined.

PPS.  We should all just have Muzzle Loaders because that is what is meant by the time of the Constitution?  Baloney.  While you will be busy ram rodding a new powder and slug in that thing some pagan is going to stick you in the butt with a curved knife!

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