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Monday, December 24, 2012

Feelings Aren’t Facts 12 24 2012

Feelings Aren’t Facts 12 24 2012
David Gregory said, “Feelings aren’t fact.”  We need to reexamine the validity of his statement. 
What separates humans from primates might be said to be that human beings learn to be imprinted in their thinking from a bond of love created with their parents that is coupled with teaching as a form of action.
That bond of love is indeed an emotion or feeling and that is indeed a fact.  So it is a fact that human beings learn from positive feelings.  The cold and non- distinctive term science gave to it when the proved it was brain entrainment.  One might object to the phonetics of “training” in a word used to describe a facet of human love.
I had to think about this as I wondered who could so dismissively deny that feelings are facts in order to put forth a one sided agenda.
So one wonders what separates human beings from primates and indeed what creates an evil mind of Satan that murdered twenty children.
I will have to put forth some starting parameters in order to start such a study and those are described below.  You can call them faulty premises if you want, that is okay with me, I applaud you for thinking of that.  You can have your interpretation and I can have mine and good people should be able to tell who is wrongly motivated and who isn’t.
Let’s assume that Adam and Eve were not the first humans.  Let’s assume that the God who kicked them out of the Garden of Eden was not a God but a father and human.  For our quick study we will also state they were kicked out because they could not behave or learn to be mature adults.  The reason being that they did not listen, were able to listen or learn to listen.  And an implied co-reason being that they ate the fermented fruit and became even more stupid.
So you are the archetype of Adam and Eve who were forced out of a micro-civilization- if you will.  You greatly miss it, the garden, and the intelligent father you had for a short time there.  You also become envious of those still living in the Garden!  Setting you up for conflict aren’t I?  You can’t teach because you never learned.  You never learned because you never listened.  Are we to indeed believe the first human beings are those who never could listen?  That can’t be true!  It is an antithetical definition or term of definition.
Now if this archetype, of what would (or should?) be considered mentally retarded today, had to survive, but it had no knowledge to teach what would it do?  Isn’t that indeed the definition of a mentally retarded person- they do not have the ability to listen or is that a feeling of mine?
Is it humane to kick a mentally retarded out of a community to survive on their own?  If you believe that their actions could endanger the lives of the entire community, because of that retardedness and yet you do not want to kill them what else are you to do?  Here we get into the difference between parents fearful of their children to learn for themselves and children who take willful and irresponsible actions not based on premises of knowledge that endanger the lives of the community.   A small but very meaningful difference.  For one intelligently discovers new things and the other burns down the house.  And the latter wants to come in your house and burn it down too.   One listened and developed sound ideas the other never listened and wasn’t able to!  The question again- is it humane to kick a mentally retarded person out of the community in order to survive on their own?  The ancient Essene Jews did just that when someone screwed up and community rule determined they walk straight out into the dessert alone and not come back!  There is a slight difference between the Essenes and the God from the Garden of Eden.  The Essene’s made a community rule decision that included women- the God of the Bible was one man a Father of the human race if you will; or a human father designated in symbolism to be the father of the human race.  And you have to assume that the Essene Jews had more than one village or evicted numerous people.
So there is indeed a basis for a whole civilization or grouping of archetypes Adam and Eves that formed.  What happens to that group next?  -Individual pariah wanderers lost in the dessert that found each other.  The Essene Jewish religion from the Dead Sea Scrolls offers and explanation for this too; that children were raised between the juxtaposition of an evil master that controlled them versus an exiled priest.  It just doesn’t look good for the exiled priest does it!
Primates indeed raise their children in groups!  I didn’t say educate I said raise!  That is a fact!  What are they trying to emulate?  They are trying to emulate the love for a father in education!  They are trying to, out of desperation create the bond of feelings between father and a son so that the young can learn!  It is in spite isn’t it!  Female spite!  A female that married a useless man spite?  A female that had a man kicked out a garden in spite, maybe she toyed and flirted with him and then denied interest, and after he was gone from the garden there was no one to take his place?  A female that was kicked out and spited the whole community?  It all reads female to me.
Whether intentional or not they are trying to get those offspring to form a father son bond with someone remote from them!  That someone remote being the father that kicked them from the garden, the exiled priest, a man being water boarded, someone being tortured, the ape out on its own (CIA code name Loan Wolf), the intelligent man who hears voices?  In other words, “There is no father here!”  So one can draw a very strong distinction between a race that was imprinted with an imaginary remote father and a man who loves his son and daughter.
[“Where is the precedent for the water boarding comment, what place does that have here?” you ask.  I mean come on; evil masters don’t bring you fresh baked cookies.]
This has a horrific impact for our modern education system.  Negative expectations, subjective grades, drugs pushed on children by wealthy parent’s children!  I heard the Minister (Farakan?) on the radio the other day.  His voice shifted to that of someone who was running away with another’s apple as he said about this, “Every Jewish child is made to learn by the age of ten where they come from!.....We as black people need to be more like them.”  Do you see the dark implication again?  “There is no father here!”
Okay so what’s his name… Wayne LaPierre thought we should be more like Israel- that had a rash of school shootings and countered it with armed guards at schools.  It did sound like a good idea but if there are drugs in our military there will also be pushers on the Police force.  How could you tell who would likely be one?  They would have no human soul!  You could analyze a coach from Penn State for physiological responses including brain waves as they watched horrors on the propped up screen and that might be a start.  But that happens to be something we don’t really want to try and prove with our cold modern science is it?????  You might decide after conclusive evidence and horrific crimes are proven committed by them that you should also give them a D stamp on the forehead or kick them out of your garden.  But we don’t dare do that!  Please forgive me for writing those words Sandusky.
But Bing!!!  A red flag went off!  Why did Israel have so many school shootings I asked myself!
Are you indeed seeing the template of bad religion and irresponsible society forming as you read this?  What did Israel do long before the United States did?  They water boarded Arabs.  (So they whipped slaves in the south like you turn a turtle on its back in the sun in order to tell you the correct time?  Who cares right????)  How did they water board them?  They had to catch them right and bring them to their village.  And they did indeed admit that they learned something from torturing them didn’t they!  That is a documented FACT!
Wayne LaPierre wants to redefine mental illness!
SOMEONE THAT IS INTERVIEWED JUST AFTER BEING WATERBOARDED COULD INDEED BE LABELED MENTALLY ILL!  They would be nonresponsive.  They would be paranoid.  They would be in a state of shock!  (Do you know what happens to people in war zones- shell shocked? It is a form of trauma!  Funny right???  A good source of humor isn’t it???)
Wayne wants to redefine mental illness and put people back in mental institutions and on drugs they will never be able to get off of.  What is the nature of someone who wants to put another person on a drug they will likely never be able to get off of?  THAT IS WHY WE NEED 100 ROUND CLIPS WAYNE- for people who would seek to deprive human beings of their rights to be free human beings!  LIBERTY, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS AND FREEDOM are guaranteed in the U.S. Structure.  Don’t try and take that away, ever!  Don’t try and rewrite it to be any worse that it is already Wayne!
That person whom was just waterboarded could be diagnosed to have mental illness if interviewed immediately after and for a period of time there after- maybe their lifetime.  So you see the same type of person in our society who was traumatized and you immediately want to say that they are mentally ill.  If that waterboarded person was found wandering the streets and you asked them a question and they were to confused and traumatized to answer you would say they are mentally ill.  Indeed you would even deny that they had been waterboarded!  They can’t prove they were water boarded!  And you won’t let them prove it.  In fact you don’t want to listen because you never learned how to listen.  It sounds like I have come full circle in this article but I am not done yet!
Wayne if you interviewed a shell shocked United States Veteran of War they could be diagnosed as mentally ill too!  The same as a water boarded person!  Are they really mentally ill or are they traumatized.
If you say that they are mentally ill then you have proved that Israel creates mentally ill people!  But from what I hear they are not people from the Israel community?
Does someone who has been tortured have the right to seek justice?  Wayne, shouldn’t take too much time to answer.  It is a crime against humanity and punishable by death everywhere in the free world accept the U.S. and Israel?  Another time in history we did not set a great precedent or good example; from recent memory the Eugenics movement and U.S. literature Hitler based his actions on is another.  I will have to check the facts before I travel but until I do I will stay in my home bunker.
So you interview someone that has just been water boarded and you find out that they have the IQ of a mentally retarded person or someone that has been kicked out of a Garden for eating fermented fruit, and this reading contrasts the prior test score of their IQ!  Do you believe that adult has lost all of his/her intelligence can never get it back and is a danger to society?  Wayne are you telling me that Veterans of War, people that fought for a belief in idealism of what America should be, are a danger to society?  You want to lock them up?  Wade Page was a Veteran of War- should we have locked him up the minute he came back?  Rambo was a fictional character who fit the same archetype of hatred against him.
If you believe that traumatized person creates a great danger to society than you just proved that Israel crates a great danger to its own country!
So where am I going with this second part?  Oh I was trying to determine why Israel had the rash of school shootings in the first place.  You see when someone offers to sell me a solution I think of all the premises that solution is based on.  You should try it.
So I have pooh poohed Israel? (I actually like that they train themselves to use weapons.  Are there those in their country that can’t have them?  Who are they?  And Wayne should we not let Muslims in the United States have guns either?)  The Israeli Jew appears to be a little different than the American Jew.  I have seen American Jewish son’s that are 18 years old and walk from their mansions off of Lake Drive cuddling a stuffed animal.
So again I have pooh poohed Israel.  They could redeem themselves in the eye’s of the world by banning the forbidden rotten fruit- alcohol.  Then they would not need to….
You know what, have it your way, don’t listen to me, I know where you are all headed and you won’t change.  When you put me in that mental institution be sure to use a laser array to lobotomize my intellect and show no scars at the same time.
So if you seek to create a mind that seeks to divine what an exiled priest or the father that was kicked out of the Garden of Eden is doing what have you created?
You have created a mind that was not imprinted through love!  One type of mind is imprinted through love and one isn’t.
The one that isn’t, it is the mind of satan!  You have created a mind through a traumatized person.
Do you feel a connection to your own father?  When you see a Veteran of War on television that was tortured like John McCain was do you feel a connection to them?  When you see John Lieberman do you also feel a connection- but it is more of a mischievous connection.  And when you look at Lindsey Graham do you think he is somewhere in between and therefore the right Right Wing porridge?
Again if you are seen on public television in my home I will write about you and I have the right to.  Try and watch regular television without Cable and you will find out it doesn’t work.  We might be better off if you all stayed home.
“Feelings Aren’t Fact,” that was supposed to be his big proof statement that he belongs on television!
We can pretty much tell what kind of person you are by your response to those who were tortured in war!  We can also tell what kind of person you are by how you define the mentally ill.  Wayne veterans of war make up a substantial portion of the unemployed, homeless and mentally ill.  Why?  I just told you didn’t I!  Did you listen?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. Wayne LaPierre still owes me a gym bag from that time that one time it was offered as a promotional item for joining the NRA and didn't get one.  I remember who has de-facto stolen from me.

Scrap notes for Part III of this.  There is more to this but that is all I can type in one day.  I get to see some sunshine and daylight too?
Egypt: who would feed that poison to someone?  It is like a joke that no-one gets!  People drink alcohol and their eye’s become narrow mean slits the next day.  Our modern medical community want us to  believe it has very little effect on human conception, the Father of the Garden (God in the Bible) is telling us something entirely different.
Those forced out would come back and destroy that Garden out of spite!  I believe and like to believe this is what happened to Israel; that they were indeed the people that shunned alcohol and faced retribution for it- makes them more likeable to me!

On the other side of the “propped up” public table was Wayne LaPier.

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  1. When you read this article put it in perspective with the wire tapping without warrant and surveillance. Our government has not touched the surveillance issue for what reason? It is indeed an illegal search and we are protected against if via our constitution. Diane Feinstein recently said how this technology prevented over 100 incidents from occurring; I have to ask the question of how many of these incidents were incited by the use of such technology? If we can find evidence that crimes were incited by the technology, and I know it is true, then it has broad implications. Just think of it this way, the technology is let loose in a controlled and regulated manner just like the guns were given to Mexican Drug Lords???? No good came of that.