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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anal Health Colon Health and lower back pain 12 12 2012

When I was a boy I got a rectal itch after sitting on a dirty boat cushion while up north at Little Lake Tomahawk.   It was a nerve racking itch.  I went to the doctor and had him look, he was able to feel up in there and found a polyp.  I felt too and it felt like the size of a small pea.  He just told me to keep my but clean.  Because of this I can not stand the sight of fat Italian slobs; I can remember that it was such an obnoxious man that sat on such boat cushion from the year prior!  Take your hemorrhoid ass and stay inside and don't sit on public chairs!

While in intramural football in college I did not have cleats on and I fell on the frozen ground it was an awkward sliding type fall concentrated on one side of my but.  I could not stand up in pain and when I wiped it after going to the bathroom there was blood on the toilet paper.

About a year ago I was at the UW Milwaukee Library and I sat on a cloth chair seat that had a stain on it.  Afterwards I developed a bad inflammation in the anus.  The inflammation seams to have spread to my lower back.  I eventually was given the spinal column shot and it did no good.  It was an odd freaky hormone type misery.

They tell you that you can not catch anything by sitting where someone else did but that is a bunch of bu11sh1T!!!!  If you are sitting were a silver dollar sized anal whore had sat you can catch something nasty!  You can also get a bad itch in the ass from sleeping in a whores bed.  You can get crabs in your hairy ass just from that.  Take your silver dollar sized whore ass and don't go out in public and sit on chairs; you stay at home.

I sat on the steam room wood bench at the downtown YMCA and I can tell you that many black men with big smell Otis woman looking butts walked around there.  The wood on that steam room bench looked like a rhinoceros had used it to wipe its butt on!  I won't go there again.  I attribute it as part of my lower back pain.

Now I am straight as an arrow type of a guy.  But I can tell you that when I use a zinc suppository or take a few butchers broom herb pills I have a relaxed feeling like I have not had in years.  I don't do drugs but I wonder how many pot smokers have the butt inflammation and don't know it!  Using a product that decreases that inflammation is like a drug to me.

Now you cannot tell me that that hemorrhoid or colon polyp or germ inflammation cannot spread to nearby areas like the lower back and affect that area too!  You cannot tell me that.

And more one point regarding lower back pain.  I know what the strep virus smells like.  I can swab some white plaque out of from between my teeth and tell it is present.  Don't get all grossed out it is the same thing one does with dental floss.  I once heard that some people have the strep virus present in their bloodstream all the time.  If you have it in your teeth it means it is a source of plague that eats away calcium.  As calcium is indeed what forms teeth and also bones.  Now if you do have it in your mouth and it is in your bloodstream who is to say that it does not also affect your bone health!  You can not tell me that it doesn't!  For example if you have bulging disk in your back could it indeed be caused by a plaque based erosion of your spinal column around the spinal disk?  I believe that is true.

Aloe Vera is indeed a very good cure for skin burns.  Wouldn't it be nice if it could be applied to your hemorrhoids or where they polyp was or where you had an athletic injury as I did.

I have never engaged in sodomy and I do indeed believe that some people lose their souls through sodomy.  It is also a cause of transmission of the aides virus.  It is very interesting if you ask any woman what they think of two males having sex they will say that if they love each other it is okay.  But if you ask them if it is okay for someone to feel up their own butt to see if they have a colon polyp not too far up they will say that we were not meant to feel up in that area.  It is kind of a double standard isn't it?  To me it is a source of in-congruent thinking and lack of the ability to apply logic.  I think of this because on the radio today I heard that some male fish that flirt type behavior with other male fish are preferred by females.  It was an Asian mans voice on the study.  Likely a homo himself.  And what is the study really trying to prove?  That if someone engages in gay behavior that they really aren't gay?  Could you lie to yourself in any greater way?  My son makes a good husband to a woman because he is gay?  Don't sound right.  Is China trying to make us all gay and weak and dead of aides?  I don't trust any Chinese study or study material presented by an Asian.  I just don't.  And I like Chinese people they are very polite.

The rectal inflammation is a source of pain that you don't even know that you have!  But when you get rid of it is a great relief.  Are their pot smokers that would not need to smoke pot if they knew they had pain that they could get rid of and feel better from afterwards.

Only a quack would look at common sense facts and tell you otherwise than what I have just told you!

My father had congestive heart failure.  I urged the people at the hospital to give him something to get the stool going.  How did I know?  He had the problem before.  One time when he went to the bathroom at home the toilet stool clogged.  When I moved it around with the toilet stool stick it was hard as a rock and the size of a baseball.  You cannot tell me that the medicine that he was taking for all those modern illnesses did not cause that. Whenever he had an episode of congestive heart failure and went to the bathroom he was immediately better!  There might be medical fraud here!  I want the health insurance companies buried!!!!  They did not listen to me at the hospital and I argued with the nurses and doctors.  Finally when they gave him the enema he went to the bathroom forever- it kept coming out and out and out.  But it was too late for him!  He was in rapid decline.  He should have lived another 10 years at least, he was that bright.  He had the same pain that I have in the lower back- they called his sciatica.

Have you ever found that your health is superior until you go out to eat at a restaurant?  Or go for coffee at a coffee shop?  I trust these workers as much as I would the pot head who had all the detentions in college!  I trust your modern doctor the same way.  They will not answer questions because they do not know.  They are of the knowledge of the stolen soul from another doctor!  It kind of reminds me of why a Doctor on a famous Doctor television show was always so strung out nervous.

It is not a funny matter either or subject to the vagaries response of the immature that I speak of here.

Here are some products to help and it does not mean that you are gay if you sat where a silver dollar sized whores ass did and then you get the pain too and seek to harmlessly treat it.  First do no harm means that you look into this.  I believe all those lower back pains are related.  Inflammation is like rust on your car, you get it in one tissue area and it spreads to nearby areas just like rust does.


Do you know that our Jewish Managed google will not let me place advertisements to make money from common suppositories?  Honest to God my computer will not put them in this article as I hear the annoying voice of a Bullwinkle idiot in my head.  Satan is a soulless dumb idiot that lives among use like a scared cave man!  I have to copy and paste the link in so I do not earn any money!  Do you know who all those homeless victims are?  They are people who have had their souls beaten out of them by the Hansel and Gretel idiot race!  Their children get a head start in life and develop great  verbal ability while the rest of us can't figure out why we are paying $4.oo a gallon gas and just accept it.  If you don't believe me wait until your straight laced middle class apple pie American son tries to make himself rich in this county, you will hear the same type of trouble that I am describing!  And I did not mean to single out Jews above because it is not a Jewish thing.  But one thing Steve Jobs said that I believe applied to his rival Google is that, "One should not try and live someone else's life!"

My computer should not mysteriously have this functionality hindered!  Before you make me homeless I am going to smear everyone of the religions that you hide behind.  There is going to be trouble and I am not inciting it!  I am asserting my rights as human being!  I am going to speak out for every one of your victims and some are indeed of your own race and religion!  Enough!

To make that miserable satanic child of the transgendered soul driven out a an adult human being happy they would tell the rest of us that Homosexaulity it normal behavoir!  They want to rape your son's!  They steal the soul for money and power and then are miserable because of it.  Therefore all reality gets redefined to fit their delusions of self; and make the miserable happy.  They will never be happy no matter what they do.  I am not a racist just the opposite is true of who is in our society and you know it!

Butchers Broom for Hemorrhoids

In my opinion any Doctor that does not think in these terms in criminally negligent!

Good Bye

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  Modular medicine is an invalid medicine.

pps. The Tail of the Zealot scribed in on this one.

PPPS.  If my theory of the resident strep virus attacking the calcium in bones is correct it would indeed serve to explain why the Calcium was stripped out of my dads bones and his stools were baseball hard.  The remedy for this would be to take an L-Lysine pill along with your calcium.  This is often recommended to do.  L-lysine has antiviral properties and is often thought of as a best defense against the herpes virus and cold sores.  This would also be indicative of what might be the cause of Osteoperosis.  I can smell that strep virus.  And a lot of people have the strep virus present in their bodies without the symptons of sore throat, etc. 

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