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Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Britain and WWII 12 14 2012

Great Britain and WWII 12 14 2012

To understand what was behind this you must have some understanding of what the difference is between a Eugenicist and your common good normal person.  A good person doesn’t really care to get rid of people he feels are not as good as him.  We all compare ourselves to others in life and do indeed know what we are better at, it is how we learn and it is how we become better competitors.  So sometimes in some senses even the good person might feel he is better in some respect.  But the good person does not rub it in. In fact the notion never enters his mind.  To him they have a right to live.  He never suspects that there might indeed be an inherent or hidden difference between some people; meaning himself and a Eugenicist.  (The good person does sometimes change though when confronted by overwhelming evil.)

A Eugenicist is an incarnation of the mind that was raised to hear the thoughts of others and eventually finds himself/herself deeming them lesser and to be destroyed because they cannot deal with their own weakness as a self.  They actually cannot stand their own existence and in a break with reality they transfer their self hatred onto other people.  They project their weakness onto someone else.  It has to be someone else’s fault, as their can indeed be no problem with me.  (This is also how their parents teach them to be; to take pride without fair achievement.)  And what can they not help becoming when they know for a fact that they cannot change?

I have lost track of the exact nature of the facts of this next part but the gist of it is the same.  Tesla tried to market his working particle beam weapon in Europe,  Someone in England told him to contact someone in the United States?

The rest of this text is free association of what I believe to be facts involved.

Hitler bombs England.

Hitler was driven crazy by a Tesla Particle wave weapon?

U.S. Secret Service.

The United States did not enter WWII even though they knew Jews were being gassed to death.

The U.S. preached Eugenics.  Hitler read the U.S. research.  Somehow that research got into Hitler’s hands.  How many of us in the United States know what is going on in another country to that degree today?

The south of the U.S. are your whiskey former slavery states and they were the big proponents of Eugenics along with California, (N or S Carolina) and I am even told WISCONSIN!

Hitler is told wealthy English Bankers sacrifice babies.  (This is indeed consistent with the Druid occult that was based on Western England.  And I wonder if they preferred the IRISH!)

Two of the AXIS forces were Italy the center of the Roman Catholic Church and Germany!

Marconi a well declared Italian fascist had the same technology as Tesla but only worse.  In fact Marconi could be considered what China is to the United States today in terms of ripping off of our technology.

The Pope and Marconi were tight!

Where does A,T&T come into this?  Not until our modern age or not?

Marconi commented that we can wield the power of the Gods!  There is a lot more depth to that statement with regard to the ability to create a what I believe is called Manchurian candidate.

Post WWII we have a German Queen in Great Britain?

Italian Paparazzi killed the to be IRISH QUEEN of England!

William and Hairy are Prince Charles Irish looking sons!

I believe William would make a good King, he does not have that winy spoiled voice to watch out for.

Prince Charles wants to remarry?  It will not likely be Irish.  If he had a son with next woman would there be a faction that would want to see that be the heir to the throne?


I stand with Great Britain on this one!


Meanwhile in the United States John Hinkley Junior shoot Irish Reagan over a delusion with regard to Jodie Foster and we get the Irish Brady Bill that is Gun Control!

Then we get Timothy McVeigh (Irish?) blowing up the Federal Building and we also have bomb control.  MIND YOU THAT THE STUDY OF BOMBS IS THE BASIS FOR THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE!  We can’t study bombs!  And the fuel efficiency of our cars is less that an old forty mile per gallon jeep from WWII!  And U.S. Soldiers are killed from homemade bombs they have no conception of!

Were both Hinkley and McVeigh targeted for subtle mind control via the Marconi Technology or non-lethal weaponry?

Bombs were the weapon of choice of the Irish Republican Army against English Rule of Northern Ireland.

Kennedy a brilliant Irishman who took us to the moon also gone dead by another person with a scrambled brain.

Early Irish History.  Five Jews come over to Ireland and King Muenster tells them to go home.

Jews come again to Ireland, from England?, and we have the Genocidal Irish Famine!  And England then takes root in Northern Ireland?

I am telling you that voice modulated particle beam weapon screws with peoples heads!

Then the question arises, are the Bomb Control and Gun Control efforts setting the United States up for an invasion?

And that military surplus ammo will jamb in your AR-15.  As a matter of fact the AR-15 might indeed be attributable to our militaries failure to quickly end wars.  They would be better off with bolt action heavy caliber rifles and Tommy Machine Guns!

Americans need a much better Gun!  One that has three settings, Full Auto, 3 round bursts, and single shoot.  Plus one hundred round clips should be standard!  Good God what solder needs only fifteen in a war zone!

And that machine gun ought to be made of .45 caliber!  That has takedown power!  You can’t even hunt deer with a .22 diameter rifle.  The AR-15 is .223 diameter!

S417, Even the Tommy Guns the FBI had hunting down Capone were better than the AR-15!

Alcohol came back at the same time those guns were gone!  There may not be a connection and you may look crazy for thinking and saying so but that is where we got to!  It is like your wife giving you bad directions and you can’t complain!

Alcohol being a Roman Economic War initiative? 

1.       We get alcohol back because we had to capitulate to the Roman Catholic Church Italian Mafia handing us a glass of wine and then nailing us to the cross?

2.       We have the absence of good guns!

3.       And the rise of the Roman Catholic Mafia!  Opus Dei what else are you?

4.       Now we get Pot because Alcohol ain’t doing the trick.

5.       Now we get no FCC Restriction on use of FM transmitters because the fascist Marconi occult is about to come under great scrutiny!


Italians defeated Prohibition and then they set their sights on Hitler who was banning smoking?  Marconi the Italian Fascist had the weaponry to screw scramble and screw up the Human Brain.  And your whole Drug addict German Frued as the know all of psychiatry is a Joke.  And of course we are not privy to all his work because the Nazi’s confiscated it?  All that false psychiatric stuff came from Italian Nazism?  Admit it they were just as bad as the Nazis as part of Axis forces and the Mafia is just as bad as both of them!  But we don’t dare say!


Communion and wine were billed and marketed as the fountain of youth- fascist Rome!

And ask yourself why the ancient Romans needed to lure men with the psychotropic herb Bella Dona?  And is that indeed what my neighbor put in the horse piss soup she brought over to my house that one day?

East Germany part of Russia post Nazi Germany gives rise to the Pharmaco industry (or is it West Germany?)

Are wealthy Russians in the U.S. the benefactors of Germany Pharmaco?  Are they the same as Nazi’s?  Now we have Russian Mafia in the U.S!  Who let them in and all this occur with us unaware?  The Republican party has stymied every progressive for the people ideas.

We also had the rise of the German Alcohol business in the United States!  Did Germany versus the U.S. have something to do with Prohibition and alcohol?  I am sure there is a connection.

Again William and Harry are in danger because the Eugenicists hate the Irish!  Why do they hate them? Because they envy them!

Yeah I know I switched side a lot? 

A.       No, I am really rooting out evil!

B.      No, you can tell who has an agenda by what I write!  If I was not awoken early in the AM by odd frequency emulations and different electronically produced humming noises and voice attenuated non-lethal weaponry I would indeed be writing about nature.


These are not all my own words and ideas and are the influence of torture and duress.  So why do I write?  Because it is my skill and I am going to use my skill and all of my skills and not abandon them!  I am rubbing the primate nose in whose skills are whose even as I am being defeated!  I am also teaching as I write- and just maybe those I teach will learn something better about being a good person with heart.  Maybe if I keep writing I free myself and a great many others from bondage to the genetically limited by alcohol primate race.  I am indeed a prisoner even though I am not in a jail and not a criminal.

A Jewish Lawyer once said to a Jewish Doctorate about me, “He is always this close to being fired.”  They both laughed because the element of the truth with regard to them and me was quite the contrary.  It was a back handed complement that hints at a greater familiarity to me than I was aware of.  And that is consistent with what I write.

It is like, what will they tell us next?  Drinking radioactive water is actually good for you?  I can hear that idiot that lives two blocks away from me and works for the local television channel preparing to spew out cr@p like that already!

I was indeed born into bondage though- just as the Bible states.  Yeah I can needle too!



Maybe if you know you have done something terribly wrong and are going to get caught you burry the guilt with a series of good deeds?

You also make what was illegal legal so there is no crime to charge you with.  Just like the end to Prohibition was!

1.        Legalization by the FCC of small radio transmitters that are used to create synthetic telepathy and drive people insane- to commit great acts of horror!

2.       Legalization of marijuana so you can wiggle out of liability for drug dealing money!


In both cases you have done something horribly wrong!  And your solution is not addressing the problem you created; in fact it is making it worse!

1.        You are still stealing from the Public and not earning your money!  In fact you are creating the greatest cost to our health care system ever!

2.       You are legalizing FLUNKIES!

3.       You are freeing organized crime and criminals to keep their blood money; ex-post-facto freeing of criminals hidden criminals.  Criminals that you did not want to catch and couldn’t catch.

4.       You think nobody is smart enough to catch you and never will be!

5.       You are creating a huge liability to future generations.  You are not addressing the issues that need to be addressed.  It is like you found a way to act like you are great people when you are not and never will be!


A Primate has no problem taking actions that get a whole lot of human beings killed.  And a Primates favorite trick is to make a primate out of a human being!  A great monkey joke!


With the country doped to stupidity you will see even greater subjective injustice in our legal system.  And the primate will enjoy that too!  I don’t enjoy seeing any of it!



Random writings to follow.


If there were two brothers Romulus and Reemus and they were Rail Road bums would you trust them?


Don’t wait until you get the hammer marks to your head to leave him!


George Washington’s Flaw

Was not that he chopped down the Cherry Tree it was that he made Whiskey?  Just as the State of Washington’s flaw is that it legalized Marijuana!

Marconi had the brain scrambling weapon of the Gods and did not know what to do with it so he went to the Pope?

The Pope went after the Jews when he should have went after the ALCOHOL?  He didn’t see it?

And the Scrambled brains at birth have ruled ever since.

The Eugenicist views himself as a primate and is too weak to change to be a better person.  He knows that he can be nothing other than what he is.  Therefore he starts killing others or facilitating the act of.  It becomes his only way of feeling better about himself, a leveling mechanism as he stands on the heaps of dead bodies.  And when everyone else is gone he/she still can’t stand themselves because they are nothing and always will be.


When I was in High School we had two survivors of the Nazi Halacost of Jews speak to us in an auditorium and I listened to them.  They had nothing good to say about alcohol!  It took me a long time to figure out what they knew already!


The End

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


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  1. As I wrote this I read how Tommy Guns were purchased by the IRA (Irish Republican Army). The shipment passed through Liverpool. Some of them were found and confiscated. But what we are told is that the ones used by the IRA were relatively innefective 32% and that the .45 cartridge did not have much power? It doesn't jive to me. I wonder if the ones that made it to the IRA were modified to be weak and shoot crooked? Reminds me of the Obama scandal with Mexico as well as the common AR-15 jams.