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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control by Thomas Paul Murphy

Gun Control by Thomas Paul Murphy
I am not sure what Aspergers Syndrome is; but people withdraw socially when they are traumatized.  I have to wonder if someone did not molest someone at some point and figure this out and not want anyone else to know.  Watch out for the monkey boys fingers is gospel truth told to us by a African school teacher regarding a black boy found in the wild who was raised by monkeys.
The AR-15 is only full auto when it is modified and that is a felony!  And you know what?   Most people who own guns are very mechanically orientated.  It is not easy to modify an AR-15 to become full auto which begs the question- how did someone with Aspergers syndrome figure out how to do it?
The fact is that many AR-15 owners want to know how to modify it if there was war on the homeland.  Why?  It is a guy’s thing that comes from the old Boy Scout Motto- Be Prepared!
Do you think that I am spouting paranoia with regard to an attack on our homeland?  It seems like a remote impossibility doesn’t it.  So unlikely to happen that it would indeed require the labeling of paranoia to mention it.  Yesiree Bob it would require the labeling of paranoia.
Vladimir Putin said, “America will be drawed and quartered!”  That is a real threat to our Homeland from the leader of a superpower country.  That is reality he said that!  How you want to think about to lessen the meaning of it, is not reality.  "America will be drawed and quartered,"  that is statement is the reality not how you would respond to it or how one would seek to negate it.
“So he didn’t really mean it?” You say?  Well then he should not have shot his mouth off.  And if he believes that he should not have said it then he should not have been the leader of that country.
So if indeed the reality of the threat was realized and you said we couldn’t have them- you didn’t belong here in the first place?  You don’t want to fight to save yourself and your community?  What do you know about freedom- nothing!  You’re a coward and you know it!

Police and military should be the only ones to have them.  Yes in a Utopian world that would be true but our founding fathers knew something entirely different about human nature.  There is a great drug problem in our military today.  So right there you they could be disallowed.  When you are on drugs you are not legally allowed to make decisions.  Don’t believe me?  Just see what they say to you when you come out of surgery from the hospital.  So can we indeed say that anyone with drugs in their system should have their gun taken away?  That is a valid reason!  You are a drug addict. You made that choice therefore you have abdicated your rights.  But what of those who are medicated and should not be and never should have been- that is the issue that is never addressed.  And it is indeed a form of political censorship.  So the same thing that applies to the military applies to Police, you can’t have one if you do any drugs including alcohol or cigarettes.
Here is a story that I once was told, my husband came home drunk and put the shotgun to my head and that was the end of our marriage.  He should no longer own a gun; not only did he violate his marriage vows he deliberately violated hand gun safety rules.

So whole States of the United States are reverting to being in the mental state whereby they can legally no longer legally make decisions!  That is what they have voted for in Washington!  You voted sum certain that you are no longer legally liable to make decisions.  

Every teacher should have a gun with them at all times.  Why?  Because they are in charge of children’s lives to begin with.  Let’s repeat that, we have entrusted them with the lives of our children.  Some of you are saying I can think of one we shouldn’t have.  If you can’t trust yourself to own a gun you should not be entrusted with our children’s lives!
If the teacher had the gun would they have shot the gunmen?  Ask yourself that if you are in the teachers place.  Quick now have you made your decision?  Again if they didn’t they should not have been entrusted with your children’s lives even in the capacity of teaching.
So what is the risk of a teacher owning a gun in the classroom?  If they have a semiautomatic without a bullet in the chamber and they keep it secured on their person there is very little risk to the students.  And I mean risks of them getting a hold of it and shooting.  But if they do take it and start shooting they are guilty!  And to be honest- what student would do that?  And would there be teachers that tempted students to go for the gun?  Yep there would and that is evil human nature again.  Bad teacher.
We are to have single shot muzzle loaders like the civil war?  Our Constitution is only relevant with the right to own guns as they were in the civil war?  You could not be any more wrong!  In fact Muzzle loaders are very dangerous.
A black man said he didn’t want to own one.  You think that our freedom in America didn’t come from knowledge of guns and owning them?  You go back to Africa and see how far you get without one.  Which brings up an interesting point Barracks father had to have had one?
What’s next we pay every black kid who can shoot a free through a million dollars when he graduates from grade school?
Single shot is not practical for Deer hunting.  And do you want to know what else?  Single shot is not practical for being in bear country.  Yes some of us still have a great respect and love of nature!  Can you believe it?
So have I ever said that someone should not own a gun?  I have had guns pointed directly at me four times in my life.
1.        With a dull look in his eyes he passed that gun in front of my face and for a split second it was pointed at my head.  That was my brother in law and I indeed thought that is one person that should never own a gun.
2.       I was out bird hunting with two of my friends in High School.  One of them lowered their shotgun and pointed it straight at my head.  I was not amused.  At that time I said that person should never own a gun in his life, it should be taken away.
3.       I have had guns pointed at me twice at the gun range.  One was a black man who was showing off his 1911 with wooden handle.  He was likely a Police Officer.  Another was an Asian man pointed his air rifle at me; he should not even have owned that and I readily understand why the U.S. Government did not want anyone from China to become a citizen of the United States right then.  It is no joke.  You don’t do that.
What is really going on?  As long as guns exist the monkey that see’s them being used in his mind’s eye will procure one or elevate himself to the position of power in the world where he does has them or control of them.
Now let me be honest with you.  The average American pays and interest rate on his credit card that labels him in the Junk Status.  That is right, our banks think that the American is junk!  So does Barrack Obama also believe the American is Junk?  If he tries to institute full gun control that is indeed what he is also agreeing we are.  I am not junk!  And do not transfer your non belief in yourself unto other people!
If Barrack does not like guns himself why is he commanding our military?  It does not make any sense.  The right to bear arms is part of the Constitution of the United States.  The President of the United States is sworn in to protect that Constitution.  He is not sworn into to try and defile it.  What does this mean?  It means that he is supposed to have to solve all of our countries problems within the guideline of our Constitution.  To not protect our Constitution is indeed an impeachable offense!  To you get it?
A lot of the people who are complaining about guns are relatively new immigrants to this country.  Maybe if you are new to the country you should have to learn about our Constitution before you seek to betray it in oh so many ways.

Are people misdiagnosed with mental illness by the Satanic occult?  If you only knew the truth!  Read the Bible!  That is indeed why the Bible is outlawed in China.  Why because it tells of the reality of the Satanic who do not have their own souls and can read men’s minds.  There will never be peace on Earth while the echelon of the minds’ eye primate no longer talks to people in their heads.  You want to molest someone to create a living God so that you can hear their thinking?  May you die by that thinking alone!  The Jews complained in the Bible that Jesus Christ made himself into a living God and that was his crime.  What does that imply?  It implies that the Jews like to be the ones that make the Living Gods.
The Mayor of Milwaukee was just on television saying that the mentally ill should not have guns. 
When you are labeled mentally ill and they come to your front door to take you away and give you a lobotomy should you have a gun?  A Lobotomy is a procedure where they cut open your skull and use a scalpel to do primitive brain surgery on you.  In effect you can no longer speak because they have separated your prefrontal cortex from the rest of your brain by using the scalpel.  This is indeed a reality in the history of the United States. It kind of sounds like there is something they no longer want you to say?  Or is indeed that the archetype of Satan no longer wants to hear your thoughts.  Who is the mentally ill person, the one with the sharp knife in hand ready to cut into your skull?  A person that seeks to cut open the skull of someone that does not sound like a human being to me but indeed that type of person is a reality from our recent history.  Where did his offspring succeed to I ask?  A great way to eliminate competition?  Oh but I am being called paranoid again for bringing up the reality of history.  Do we only bring up the horror of history because we don’t want to see it repeated?  Is that not the purpose of learning history to be a responsible person and community leader.  Would it be a fair statement to label all criminals both white collar and otherwise mentally ill?  That was indeed the Eugenics movement in the United States that indeed led to WWII.  It started here in America.  Do you know when America entered WWII?  Right after our supreme court ruled that you could not sterilize blue collar criminals if you also did not sterilize white collar criminals.  Zip Boom Bang we gave the Jews back Israel in a hurry!  It had been under British Control!  A horrific irony, if Hitler had not attacked England the Jews would not have got back Israel!  There is strong evidence that Hitler was screwed with.  He was in a mental institution and not only that it all occurred at the same time that development of the Tesla particle beam weapon and Marconi the Italian fascist was working on the same technology.  You think that a person could not be made mentally ill?  Impossible?  What if you had a microwave oven the size of a phone booth and you put a person in it and cooked them?  They came out and could not speak and you whisked them away to a mental institution and kept them medicated.  The modern reality is that directed energy weapons exist today and did at the time of Adolph Hitler that can do that very thing from a hidden distance! 

I will never forget my college tax professor.  He served in Viet Nam.  He was kind of funny.  He told of how he liked to keep his service handgun at the office even though he was told not to.  He said it was in a display case with the firing pin out of it.  He told of how many that came back from the war had scary looking tattoos on their arms and they became accountants etc.  Have you ever heard a man tell you that his secret to success is his evil wife?  I have had many men tell me that, when I looked at them and couldn’t figure out how they got where they did!  This tax professor also told how when a man gave away their position in Viet Nam…he alluded to sodomy with the hot rifle barrel.  Okay maybe that man should not have had a gun.
Get rid of all weapons the solution?  No, then you would have to get rid of all rocks and bricks!  And bricks are the foundation of our modern buildings.  So again the monkey see monkey do is defeated.
I used to watch boxing.  Teddy Atlas the trainer told of how Mike Tyson molested his daughter and he held a revolver to Mike Tyson’s head and said if you do it again I will kill you.  Teddy Atlas can keep his gun and so can the writer from the Shepherd Express who alluded to doing the same thing to a Catholic Priest that molested his son.  The Teddy Atlas and the father of the son did a service to the community.  Now what would happen if the father of son went to the Police about it?  Might that father be dismissed from the Police Department?  Might he even be labeled as delusional meaning mentally ill because priests don’t do that?  We have come a long way in just a few years and we have a longer way to go.
If you cannot read and write should you be allowed to have a handgun? If you cannot speak English should you be allowed to have a handgun?  At first thought I would say that you should not have one.  But wait, didn’t Tonto bail out the Long Ranger several times!  Tonto had a good heart didn’t he!  Tonto keeps his gun.
Is that racism to say that if you cannot read and write you should not have a handgun?  Leaders of this country did not want it to degrade to being the uneducated and dim wits or worse.  If Barrack wanted to take away every black persons gun would that bother you?  If he did that he would also have to take away every Italians gun because they were sired by the Moors.  And then he might as well take away every Hispanics gun too because they are dark skinned too.  Many are indeed illegal aliens and many are involved in gangs.  And with Blacks and Italians many are drug users and that is indeed the major source of gun violence.  You could take away all those guns and it would not bother me.  But would their then be evil white people who took even more advantage of them than they already do.  That is again the evil human nature our founding fathers sought to protect us from.
Whose guns does Barrack want to take away and is it an indication of racism?
Another friend whom I grew up with.
1.       Took hunters safety at a young age with me.
2.       He has a good conscience that usually prevented him from acting on evil impulse.
3.       He knows that it should be locked when in his house.
He can still have one.  His nephews should never them based on what I have seen.

A Nephew type of figure to me- He can’t stand them. So he could indeed have one and should have one.  Why?  Because if you can’t stand them you very well know how dangerous they are!  And that is indeed respect for them.  He should get a special lock that can’t be picked; he keeps the key in a bank safe deposit box and gets it once a year to clean it.  Ammo kept separately.

If you cannot get a license to drive a car should you be allowed to own a handgun? If you cannot pass the tests because you are too stupid to should you be able to have a handgun?  I consider a handgun to be far more dangerous than a car.  Why?  Most people who are dangerous with guns view them as toys.  These same people have learned the reality of danger involved with driving a car; but somehow not a gun.

To own a gun is a very responsible thing.  If your father had one in the closet while you were growing up and he showed you how to clean it and also told you not to go near it and you obeyed you can have one.  But what of the kid who knew where his father kept the key to the gun cabinet and wanted to go get it to show me against his father’s will?  That might very well be the type of kid that shoots another.

Aides and Aspergers Autism
When I was a boy I played with a sawed off shotgun.  It had a bent front of barrel and no firing pins.  I eventually ended up destroying the barrel entirely.  Children today do not even know how to cross the street the way we were taught to as children.
I took a hunters safety course in High School and I was an expert marksman on the rifle team.  To pass the hunters safety course I brained the running deer target at 40 yards with one shot to the head.  We were not supposed to take the head shot.  I took it anyway.  After I took it he explained that we were not to take it because the head could get shot off and then they would have to get a whole new running deer target.  It was made of plate steel.
I can remember when I was in Hunters Safety course.  I would raise my hand and make a point regarding a safety issue on the slide screen.  He seemed to ignore it when I said it but when the only girl in the class said the same thing a few seconds later he applauded her for it.  You get it :)
I believe that I myself can have as many guns as I want and in different calibers.  I suppose you could take them away and I could move to a different country.  Or I could just sit around all day and imagine myself at the rifle range sizing up the target and hitting the bull’s eye time after time with a steady hand like I did in High School.  They would call that ideation.  Imagination is a definite no, no?  Imagination is indeed part of thinking isn’t it?  What is imagination and how does one develop it?  Imagination is the opposite of acting on impulse.  Why?  Because you are asking yourself to think of what could happen if I were to take this action- before I take this action.  How many of our modern leaders do not even have this ability to think through problems in terms of solutions? IT IS AN EPIDEMIC!
Imagination is therefore the loving and caring for others.  That is indeed one quality that makes us different and separates us from the animal world.  Who is it that would seek to convince you that your imagination is really a delusion that you believe in?  Who is it that would term your imagination really to be ideation?  Who is it that would seek you to believe that you believe in your imagination and can not distinguish imagination from reality?  Who is it that covets the thinking or imagination of another person?  Imagination, again being defined as the ability to determine what the possible outcomes to an action might be?  To avert danger?  Who is it that believes their own imagination is the sum certain substitute for thinking?  Who is it that does not know the difference?  Who is it that cannot think of solutions to problems because they get confused between imagination and reality?  Is it he who is told to believe in himself without having learned or truly achieved for himself.  I just painted a picture of Satan?

I was raised by my natural parents and can read and write because I listened!  I want to cry when I think of children victimized by adults in child pornography.  I want to cry when I know that a child goes from A’s to F’s after smoking pot.  I want to cry because the fish in our natural waters are loaded with mercury and unsafe to eat.  I want to cry when I see that deer have the plague (CWD).  Do you think that I am mentally ill?
What is aides, if it is not a plague?  So we have a plague that affects homosexuals more so than heterosexuals and Obama comes out in favor of homosexual marriage?  If you desire to sodomize someone’s son you ought to die quicker than aides currently kills you is what I say.  But again it is very improper to say that the desire to sodomize someone’s son is wrong!  Stand back and ask yourself who is creating our societal norms?
What is Autism and Asperser’s syndrome if they are not plagues?  Do people cause plagues?   Would there be plagues or a less instance of plagues on earth if there were not people.  (I can hear you already saying in order to be defined as a plague there have to be humans.  Is not CWD about the same as mad Cow disease and has there not been at least one case of a human being infected with something extremely similar?
You see I am not afraid to call things as they are so therefore I should have all I want?  We are not to label things as they truly are because it is emotionally painful to know the truth.
What is my point?  What mother would deny the true reality concerning the nature of her son?  Did she believe that her son became socially withdrawn in reaction to trauma?  He did not become stupid did he?  He planned this out didn’t he?  Planning and logistics?  Those require great intelligence.   When most people think of mentally ill they think of them as being very stupid.  They also think of them as having a break from reality.  Planning something like this out and implementing it require a great knowledge of reality.  So if he was not stupid what was he?  Then we say he had an emotional disorder?  Why did he have an emotional disorder we have to ask?  Then we come full circle and ask if he was picked on.  Then we ask why he was picked on.  Then we say that people are picked on because other people are jealous of them.  But we never really get to scratch the surface as to why other people would be jealous of them do we?  Was he picked on to the point of traumatism?  There is indeed evidence to suggest this.  You can watch television all day long and you will not hear what I just told you in this paragraph?  Has to be something like Taboo right?
Do you know that the man leading the antigun discussion on media television tonight has some implication in Great Britain with regard to a phone hacking scandal where indeed one little girl was murdered.  He did not talk about that tonight did he.  But he sure pointed his finger at guns in America.  It is blaming the material for ones actions.  It is like saying that matter controls the world and there is no guilt except for that caused by matter!  In one case it is guns in another we are lead to believe some odd telecommunications glitch was cause.  Do we trust such smooth talking people with antimatter nuclear weapons?  I don’t, you do. This is how they talk, “How come you didn’t know that wearing chains and working for me on my Plantation is good for you?”
Now I want to touch on television and the issue of video games.
Everything the primate mind see’s on television the primate wants to do!  It is called being wrongly educated by television.  I can remember back in the seventies a handgun going up the skirt.  That there was some movie like that in the 1970’s.  It kind of sounds odd that I would mention something like that, like I would remember it?  You have no idea of the sick reality children are seeing on Internet porn.  But nope none of that has anything to do with anything it is those damn guns.  “The guns did it,” said the primate so we must get rid of all guns!
Do you get it?  The excuse to get rid of the guns is the belief that, “The guns did it not me!”  How pathetic and ignorant can one be?  What a poor excuse for leadership.  Have a few more brats and beers you mongoloids.
Let’s see, “If you tore off someone’s ball of eye they are supposed to forget about it every day for the rest of their lives.” 
“He only really only needed one,” someone’s advocate would say.
Or better yet, “No one could ever figure out that the kid whose eyeball we tore out would become mentally ill.”   And, “He does not like people, observe how he is kind of skittish.”
Get real!
The “someone’s” advocate is the reason that we should always have guns!
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. "Queen, get that guy out of here!"

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