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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Genetics of Satan 12 22 2012

The Genetics of Satan 12 22 2012

As one who has heard voices for 21 years I have to wonder if there is not indeed a genetic marker that all of the Satanic have in common.

Immediately after September 11 2001 many geneticists were mysteriously found dead.  It was like 9 or 10 of them.

What did they find?

The thing to search for would be how conception and development of the human species is mal-influenced by alcohol.  This would have to be done via by using a very similar control group.  And indeed you would not be able verify the difference until later in life.

But I believe that there is a genetic link to the behavior.

If you know the dark and hidden history of the United States you know that we are the country that incited Eugenics and the war it caused.  The Big Eugenics states were California, one of the Carolinas, Wisconsin and the band of the former slave owning South.

So what happened?  People in the South figured out that they were different and could not change.  Hence you have the rise of the German pharmaceutical industry in an effort to make those who were genetically compromised not?

And who did the Eugenicists murder in Genocide?  It was the Jews wasn’t it.  Does it imply that the Geneticists couldn’t stand the German Jews?  Could it be for the reason that the Nazi’s were of dependent mind to those Jews?  I.e. they heard their thinking all of their lives and at a certain point in time wanted to eliminate it because they felt that they had mimicked or aped the soul of those people?  That is indeed what I know to be the truth with regard to Schizophrenia.  The primate learns far too late that it hung on to the thinking of someone else and they cannot separate themselves from it so they destroy the master of their school of thought.  It is a hidden theme in many literary works and movies.

And there are Good Shepherds and Bad Shepherds of the same club, so it is hard to distinguish.

Why were the results destroyed or the genetic researchers killed?  What they indeed found out was there was no way for a woman of that gene code to have a child that was not Satanic?  Hence you kill the geneticist rather than tell the person the truth or let the truth be known.

The Basis of the Bible is that someone kicked two people out of the Garden of Eden because they ate the fermented fruit on the ground with the snake.  So this is strong supporting influence to a de-evolution by the influence of alcohol.  You have to have a pretty strong reason to kick someone out of your homeland.

But the question I ponder is if indeed after thousands of years if there is indeed a genetic marker that separates the two?  Or if indeed the genetic marker is compromised during conception and fetal development by alcohol?  Have their ever been studies done?

I do believe that there is hope for everyone.  But it means that the truth be known.  And if so and so cannot harass a human being anymore and dies for the sole only reason that she cannot bother someone for their soul has a crime been committed?

But what did they do in the South?  They could no longer own slaves so they sought to declare that black people were genetically inferior and set the template for them to be killed in genocide in Germany?  If one black person has been diagnosed with schizophrenia does it indeed mean that as a group they are not genetically inferior?

And what if you live in a community whereby adults are driving a soul from a human being?  You as a child are drawn into that evil vortex aren’t you?  Who would do that to a child?  Someone who believed that they would get it anyway?  And if you believe that some people get it anyway because they do bad things to others and experience the wrath of the soul they pained and tortured you indeed do believe in fatalism.  That you cannot indeed live your live without sinning so don’t even try.  That is a Catholic belief that we are all sinners every day.  What a terrible thing to tell a child.  It is creating a negative life’s expectation for them to fill isn’t it.  The Catholic belief should be, “I will not sin today.  I will use my imagination in thinking to determine what bad things could happen to my family, community and country from the impulse action I am to take.”  Too much thought for a Church book that pushes the Goblet at Mass.  We are all sinners have some wine? 

I like that so much I will repeat it.

So you are hit in the head with a police billy club.  What happens next?  That area of the brain dies because it has been damaged and can not be repaired.  Oxygen can not fix those cells fast enough because the circulation pathways have been bursted, displaced, purcussed and inflamed.  Is not oxygen deprivation the same symptom of alcohol consumption?  So can it be said that the feeble mind of Satan is created through alcohol consumption during conception and fetal maturation.  Also preconception right?  A man has a pouch his sperm is stored in until release.  For the survival of the Human species and health of our earth men and women should never drink alcohol.  A woman stores hers in her Ovaries.  Think of it this way, if a woman could take her eggs from her body and store them outside of her body how would she do that?  Would she pour a can of beer in a mixing bowl and put them in the fridge that way?  Is that not what she does when she drinks alcohol?  Same with men.  It is just common sense you don't ever want to believe!  Just common sense!  Just responsible thinking!

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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