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Thursday, December 20, 2012

If Madeoff Looted Ponzie Money and distributed it in mail packages of Gold Watches 12 20 2012

If Madeoff Looted Ponzie Money and distributed it in mail packages of Gold Watches 12 20 2012

If Madeoff Looted Ponzie Money and distributed it in mail packages of Gold Watches to the tune of $50 billion spread among his friends who were all likely, members of his religion across the world.

Then it begs the question, who was indeed being the scenes in the looting and Genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany?  And where did that loot end up?

I don't believe that anyone who suffered in that holocaust would contrive to do the same thing.  I believe they would have the exact opposite type of moral conscience.

Madeoff followed the same type of pattern.  Which leads me to wonder what the plans were for the United States had it dumped us into another Great Depression?  It almost did.

So did we indeed see right before our very eyes who was at work behind the scenes of something like this and ignore the meaning?  How does it apply to the first great depression in terms of the connection between the players?  Any big family names that are involved in both the Bernie Scheme and the Great Depression and indeed holocaust in Nazi Germany?

Believe it or not the soul of Satan came out on top after the Holocaust because psychiatry was legitimized.  Anyone from that date forward that pointed their finger at wrongdoing faced a strong backlash and persecution.  Also if you believed to strongly in the Bible after WWII you could be labeled mentally ill via a well crafted legal document.

Legal document? I was raised with a strong legal mind but I had the conscience not to be a lawyer.  And that is the answer.  A legal network!  Those Ponzie Schemes and Derivatives are all legally crafted documents.

Who benefited?  We know the money went into bank accounts but whose?  And what ties to the U.S. did they have?  Who has had the fat bank accounts there post WWII.



What bothers me today is that the New York Stock Exchange was just sold.  Was it sold in order to create another precipice for a financial crisis so that the members involved in the orchestration of such crisis can claim plausible deniability because they no longer have a part in the business?  And what is also happening at the same time as the New York Stock Exchange is sold?  We are facing a fiscal cliff.  Was the NYSE sold because members know that someone is wise to them and they want to erase every record of its operations for its entire existence?  This at the same time that our guns are proposed to be taken from us?

The pieces of the puzzle do not look good.  But on the other hand maybe it is the new era of peace and prosperity that is starting up.

But someone that buys an Exchange and has a strong operation in commodities and derivatives could orchestrate a financial collapse of the World Financial Markets.  Lets just say this.  If  your  name is on that Board you will be going to jail and not get out.  Not only that consider the fact that members of your family and friends of yours might try and commit suicide because of such an action.

Most criminals don't think of the misery that will come back to them.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

I stop all this writing when the voices of people stop talking to me in my head and I am made whole in terms of what I should have been.  I stop this writing when a good natured man and woman like my father and mother can raise a family in peace and free from evil people. 

Did the money Madeoff stole fund the Tea Party, Republican Party or Democratic Party.

Time and place in crime?  The Tea PARTY ROSE UP ABOUT THE SAME TIME THE $50 BILLION WAS PONZIED AND WENT MISSING!!  It takes money for an organized effort.  Now that the Tea Party lost the election will we see a financial crisis loom?  You know how it works, nobody wants to go to work if they have to really work at work and they just stay home while everything collapses?  Go ahead and give it a try and see if we really need you?  Come on see what happens?  Come on. Lets see who goes to jail.  Come on give it a try.  I dare you. Come on I know you have something up your sleeve.  Give it a try and see what happens while the New America is watching.

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