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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Inciting Civil Unrest is a Impeachable Offense Listed in the Constitution as being So 12 18 2012

Inciting Civil Unrest is a Impeachable Offense Listed in the Constitution as being So 12 18 2012

We have a right to keep and bare arms; without exclusion!

A President takes an oath to uphold the Constitution.  That is his requirement as President.

To take away guns is indeed the same thing as citing civil unrest and is indeed an impeachable offense.

So we have him on two counts of impeachable offenses already!

So what is he to do?  Very simple he is to solve our problems within the framework of the Constitution and our Rights!

It is not an easy thing to do like playing afternoon basketball.  But he was not hired to play afternoon basketball and smoke cigarettes on the sideline.

If we can find traces of pot in his system he cannot legally make decisions for this country and we have a third impeachable offense!  Any Politician with drugs in their system is also guilty of this and cannot legally make decisions for the rest of us.  And indeed Alcohol is a drug.

Any Politician that want's to drink alcohol and also tell us what to do in a legal capacity better tape their mouth shut first!   I know what you are thinking I am being too strict?  Maybe you liberals and right wing conservatives needed a father who was both strong and inteligent.  Any time you see a politican with a drink of alcohol in their hand and they are professing what we are to do you should be crying!  This isn't going to be your cool socialist world!  Socialism what is that?  You looking real cool so that the multitude of poor and victimized black people have some type of role model or symbol for success while they continue to live in poverty and drug ridden crime.  Crime is drug based not gun based!  And it doesn't help when our leaders use them and advocate it.  We could have done a lot better than any of you and you know it!

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