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Saturday, December 22, 2012

If Only Police and Military have Guns you have trouble 12 22 2012

If Only Police and Military have Guns you have trouble 12 22 2012

We would not have gained and declared our Independence from Great Britain if you Ideal were true.

Next you will try and say that we shouldn't have?  Was it not the United States the land of the free that stood up for Great Britain in WWII?  If we had not declared Independence great Britain would not be Independent.

The U.S. had the framework to spread peace, life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness to every country in the world but we did not insist on it when we traded with other countries. Why not?  Because it was something that those at the head of Corporate Monarchies did not believe in.

There was a great faction in this country that still did not believe in Independence even after the Revolutionairy War.  Who are they?  They are those who fought to keep people from being independent- they were Slave Owners.  They still exist today but they are a lot more sophisticated in that their slaves are labeled as having split minds.  What is a split mind?  It is a stronger mind that can do the work for someone else.  It can make the money for others so that those others do not have to work.  And who is it that does not like to work?  Those who are not very good at it,  those who do not have the capacity for personal responsibility!  Who is that?  Those who drink and their offsrping?  The rotten fruit primate that was kicked out of the human garden of eden?

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