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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HSBC the Great Britain Bank should have lost its Charter to do business in the United States 12 11 2012

HSBC the Great Britain Bank should have lost its Charter to do business in the United States 12 11 2012

They were laundering money to Iran.  As much as I like IRAN as a country this activity is one that goes against the United States of America.

HSBC is a Great Britain Bank 

And British Petroleum is also a Great Britain Company.  It is the former Standard Oil Company of the United States who was responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Vladimir Putin once said that the United States would drawed and quartered.  It is very clear to me that Great Britain is one of those who wanted to feast on a limb.

IRAN is also a sworn enemy of Israel.  I have not always been in favor of Israel; primarily for the negative influence it had on the United States with regard to Water Boarding and nonlethal torture.  But in this instance a Great Britain bank helped the enemy of Israel and I am with Israel. 

The reason given that HSBC did not lose its charter to do business in the United States was that it would cost jobs in the United States.  But the counter argument to that is, "Do we really want to employ more people at a company that has operated against the United States in its energy policy and also against our ally in the Middle East?"  You just don't let a company keep doing business in the United States when they acted against the United States in a time of war.  Granted Iran might have needed oil revenues to support is people and I might have even been for Iran having oil revenues to support its peoples energy needs.  But the act by HSBC was underhanded and not of what the banking standard should be in the United States.  In my opinion it was an act of treason.  The next question you ask yourself is; if they did that wrong what else are they going to do wrong.

And I worked at many corporations and I can tell you that there is not a doubt in my mind that the very top management did not know the money laundering was going on.

And I do indeed like English people.  What I do not like are evil people that seek to take advantage of others.  When Nikolas Tesla was marketing his particle beam weapon pre WWII he called on England and someone there directed him to talk with someone in the United States.  What can a Tesla particle beam weapon do to a person?  It is like a rodeo clown tying a lasso around a bulls testicles and penis while it is still inside the gate and also giving the bull an electric shock with a stun prod.  Anyone who this was used on would become psychotic without even knowing why.  Then of course they are subject to malinfluence via Marconi Magnetic wave voice modulated synthetic telepathy to the head.  A golem is created.  I believe that many gunmen who go on shooting have indeed been targeted with this very old technology.  Not only that I believe that a great many labeled schizophrenic are targeted with it.  Not only that not only that this technology can make human beings sick so that they need to be on long term pharmaceutical treatments.  There you also saw the rise of the German Pharmaco industry.  If you do indeed believe that the billionaires control the fate of the world then it is easier to make the connections between the various players in various countries- and they all likely have the same thing in common- they are of the satanic or feeble mind.  Can we attribute this technology to the cause of autism too?  No doubt!  It is like sick freak from grade school who put the cat in the microwave and laughed.

I also wonder if Great Britain did not put something in the Tea that incited the Boston Tea Party.  That theory would indeed draw a consistency to our modern Tea Party and the Health Insurance Financial industry they represent.  There was indeed a man who claimed that wealthy English Bankers sacrificed babies.  The Kings religion is indeed a Satanic based religion whereby one teaches their children by keeping a person in the dungeon and torturing them.  If you read through history from this point of view you can indeed see how the theory is consistent with the personality types that have been at the root of evil. 

We see the soullessness of Satan in the Bible but in the history of the World after that there has never really been documentation of it or even mention of it as a source of a persons evil or psychotic desire to harm others.  Even though a great many people in large numbers currently have committed such types of crimes.

So if indeed HSBC lost its charter in the United States what would be the worst of it?  They would have to sell their physical assets in the United States at a fire sale price.  That would indeed be good for the economy.  Not only that a new U.S. bank could emerge from the sale of such assets.  It might even be of the progressive type as I have written of before.

I have a credit card from HSBC.  Scratch that it is with a different bank that is Great Britain based.  They called me and were rather rude when I carried a balance on it and fell behind on my payments.  This used to be against the law.  They were not the only big banking company in the U.S. to harass me when I fell behind on payments.  But here is the interesting point- when I overpaid the balance on the credit card and called them up to have the check sent to me the same girl that called and talked to me before answered the phone.  She told me that I needed to talk to a credit specialist.  She switched the phone and it rang a few times and I was disconnected.  Then I called the same number back that I originally called and a man answered.  He was in the same type of customer support position as the woman was in.  In fact I could hear her talking in another cubicle.  The man rather quickly was able to cut me a check for the amount.  It was several hundred dollars. 

Interestingly enough I believe that call operations to this company are indeed located in the same country that an online gambling operation uses.  I did a little research on the online gambling operations and found out that they do indeed have the same policy with regard to disseminating cash balances to customers.

Not only is the United States being drawed and quartered we are being victimized by CANNIBAL EQUIVALENTS!

A little more background.  The druid race was based on the Western shore of Great Britian.  They divined the future by the occult method of impaling someone in the chest and reading their future as they died.  That is indeed consistent with what Jesus said of Satan in the Bible.  Not only that it is consistent with what the Romans did to Jesus while he was on the cross.  They stabbed him in the side and gave him a crown of thorns.  The crown of thorns indeed a symbolism of them hearing his thinking as a leader of their school of thought and resenting it?  The modern crown of thorns originated in Nazi Germany by the German Pharmaco post WWII.  And the hidden crown of thorns is indeed the pain caused by the Tesla particle beam weapon and advances in its technology over the period of 100 years!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


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