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Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA on Gun Control 12 22 2012

NRA on Gun Control 12 22 2012


What fantasy land is he living in? And by the way I do support the NRA and the Second Amendment in its broadest scope and interpretation.

But why can't we have an armed guard posted at every school?

Because there is not the property tax in school districts to support all the schools that are there in the first place. In Milwaukee School after school closed because there was not the property tax basis in those communities to keep them.

What does that sound like? It sounds like wealthy business men determines who can learn to read and write and receive an education doesn't it.

The Property Tax system does not work. So you want to spread property tax out so that all over the country the tax supports inner city schools? No, no, no. You have to realize that those who live in the affluent communities did not earn their money in the first place, they lived and prospered from he stolen souls of those they had labeled schizophrenic! The wealthy communities did not truly earn their wealth in the first place so they cannot be required to spread their property taxes to the entire country to pay for teachers for the poor. That is not the answer unless you want to reveal a secret and then and only then can you say it is the answer. But then your wealthy will no longer make money. The true creators would make the money and they indeed would have no problem whatsoever seeing that everyone receives a fair education.

So a Corporate Monarchy Executive lives in the suburbs and makes his money from China manufacturing and there is not the tax basis to keep Public schools in the United States up and running to teach about freedom and democracy. It is the monarchy is closing the loop on the freedom of the United States isn't it? But maybe it isn't the monarchy but those who believe themselves to be royal when they are really feeble. Only a mother could convince someone of that.

Are drug kings and pharmaceutical salesmen equally wealthy? You bet they are.


Oh and about all the harping about the mentally ill. If you believe too much in Jesus Christ it means that you are mentally ill. This happened right after WWII.  It oblique language it is right there in the manual.  Who would declare someone that believed in Jesus Christ to be mentally ill? Remember that the Bible tells us that Satan loathed Jesus Christ, a Jew. Jesus distinguished himself as being the good shepherd. Who is mentally ill the good shepherd and those who believe in him or the bad Shepherd?


So why is the manual that way?  If you are from the south and want to raise your children by imprinting them on someone else’s mind through high school what is the best type of mind to imprint them on?  The mind of the good person.  And who is the good person?  It is the person that believes in Jesus Christ and the Bible.  So what can you do at a certain time when you no longer want to listen to that mind?  I mean what evil person wants their mash genetically compromised children to believe there is no hope for independent thought in their lives?


So this was definitely a horror that arose from the former slave owning south.


Last night I heard some oaky from the south telling how he only hunts with three bullets. That is okay when you own your own farm and plantation and hunting is as easy as sitting in a hidden chair and shooting the deer at 5 pm when they come and eat from the field.  The reality is quite different for someone that hunts on public land.  The reality is quite different for a hunter that likes to stalk and hunt. 


The South does not want citizens to have guns because they are of the same type of feeble mind as Great Britain was.  You say that Great Britain was not feeble?  They didn’t take the initiative to write a Constitution did they?  None of our great documents appear in their halls.  No statue of Liberty in Great Britain is there?  Quite the contrary they were at the forefront of cameras on light poles.  Funny thing is that hatred that was against them, the IRA- essentially the same thing as the Declaration of Independence and revolutionary war has somehow found its focus onto the United States in the form of Terrorism.  I mean JC Bush’s mother dolled herself up to look exactly like the queen.  Bush himself is of English and Spanish origin plus another one I can’t remember.  I read it below the painting of him at Wisconsin Memorial Cemetery where my father is buried under a STEPPING STONE.  So if you are of the feeble mind in America and want to feel better about yourself what do you do?  You try and form a connection to the Monarchy.  That is indeed the structure of every corporation.  It is also the impetus of the Tea Party and their effort to discredit American History.  Maybe Great Britain has room for those of English descent who no longer find that they fit into the model of freedom of the United States.  Queen you have a unique opportunity to offer them a home back on your private little island.

What is it that defeated the Control of Great Britain in the United States?  It is Americans owning their own guns!  It was called a militia.  The word today is something that they have given a bad name.  So if you want to establish control over the United States what do you do?  You have to get those guns out of the public’s hands.  And how do you do that?  You have 20 children killed by someone possessing one.  And how do you do that?  You use that old fashioned Electromagnetic weaponry to strip away a person’s soul, a leader of your school of thought if you will, then you resume thinking with them in a pathway that you have learned from their imagination.  That imagination might even have been yours the evil one in the beginning and you had been trying to superimpose it on that person all along.  You spike the temptation to skew from that bad dream every time his conscience takes hold.  Pretty soon you have created an assassinator candidate.  What happens next the Satanic that were one with that persons soul ride with him and are their when those children are killed.  They say that person is never happier when they are gunning down people.  That is not true, the beast that has lived off of their soul and demonically possessed them is never happier because it knows that person is going to sum certain die or be medicated like a vodoo Moor Zombie. It will be worse in legalized pot states too.  Satan hides his identity by making a criminal of his victim of soul theft.  Great Britain was indeed the HQ of the Druid race.  What happened next in history in Europe was that people had dungeons to satisfy their satanic urges.  The Whiskey south had slaves.  And the modern Nazi world schizophrenics.


It was wealthy English Bankers who sacrificed Children.

It was a Great Britain Bank that made it easy for drug dealers to launder money in Mexico and the drugs find their way into the United States.

It was Great Britain that bought our Standard oil and then lopped off the oil head in the Gulf of Mexico when Barrack wanted to immediately bring home the troops in the United States.

It was Great Britain that Initiated Alchemy.  Too much time on your hands and need to make money.

Great Britain is of the English Language and it had its roots in Germany.  East Germany was part of Russia post WWII and is that where the Pharmachem company research was done?  People experimented on in deep underground bunkers in Communist Russia after WWII?  You bet.  Gold teeth and loot of those killed fueling the rich of German Castles?

Ivy league colleges where indeed a legacy of Great Britain.  As the Corporation or burial group was.   The first corporation was a burial group.  And no matter how bad you read into that name you will not be wrong!

Look at the names of American Corporate Banking Executives and you will also see they are all pure English Surnames!  And what do they consider the average American?  I got a credit card statement from a regional hardware store chain and it said that the interest rate was to be 24.99% on unpaid balances if one did not accept some offer.  That has to be twice as bad as junk status.  That is right the English Bankers that infiltrated the United States Economy consider the average American to be twice worse than Junk!  Not only are you junk, you are twice as bad as junk.


You say that I am mentally ill for pooh poohing Ivy League Colleges.  President Kennedy did too.  But the point being is that a five year old could look around and see that he can’t eat the fish from the polluted water or that he has an breathing allergy because of the polluted air, or that he can’t eat a deer because it has the plaque and he say’s there were never any smart people that graduated from Ivy League colleges because if there were we wouldn’t have these problems.  And these are the problems we should care about.  That right there is enough to drive a 5 year old on a rampage.  A five year old looks around and say’s the modern corporate business structure has done us absolutely no good!  And has irresponsibly been allowed to foster these problems.  And these problems compromise the basic needs of civilization.  A five year knows that.  A five year looks around and asks where have the adults been the last 50 years?


Bernie Madeof- That is an English Jew too?  He almost got away with pulling the pin out of the American economy and sending us into another great Depression.  Some of us were awake at this time and started to cry foul.


Your New York Stock Exchange was Dutch- German based and you had to be born into the family to be a member.  Same as ancient Jewish Religion where you could not marry unless something about a few generations?  Bad Shepherds good shepherds again.  Bad shepherds were all over and part of the Nazi German movement.    Just look at the list of names involved in the American Eugenics movement that incited Hitler and one of those names sticks out like a real sore thumb.


Have you been the local church and community scapegoat all your life and not known it- you will find out when you leave home in young adulthood for work or school?


And if you thought that no one could hear you get mad at bad people making bad decisions for the rest of us in the world, you will also realize that isn’t true either.  That is how the Satanic survive by making a connection to the souls of human beings through insult.  Argue with a pig and the pig loves it.  The good shepherd does not like to have to argue.  He believes that you should all be good people and that your understanding and common sense were developed on that basis- the same basis as his.


Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy


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