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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mention What the Fine is and David Gregory should be prosecuted 12 29 2012

Mention What the Fine is and David Gregory should be prosecuted 12 29 2012
Did David Gregory feel that the ban on high capacity magazines that he was promoting did not apply to himself?  Did he flaunt the law as himself being higher than the law and everyone else being strictly subject to it?
This is one of those rare opportunities where David Gregory can further his cause by pleading guilty and accepting the full sentence.  He is in a pickle, he either goes to jail and suffers from shock and trauma and comes out of it in favor of high capacity magazines or he retracts his commentary and driving intent by trying to defeat the ban on high capacity magazines as his defense.  In reality can we not throw the whole of the NBC Corporation into prison or under house arrest for this action?????  If we fined every member who worked for the entire company could that money not be used to buy someone on foods stamps a meal more nutritious than a twenty five cent packet of dried noodles?  We should never have to pay for television.  Because we pay what we do it legitimizes people who should not be legitimized; and that is one of the worst problems the United States of America has ever faced!!!!!
"If King Arthur wants to hold court in the United States of America then he will be the first subject to be found guilty by his own laws!"  We can remove quite a bit of corruption from professing to the public with the policy of that statement, very quickly, in this country.  If King Arthur says such and such is a crime with punishment of off with the head and King Arthur then commits the crime then off with his head first.  That gives one legitimate reason to revisit the law he made or not?  Democracy should decide and we did a long time ago, when we sent the Red Coats back to panty waist suckle on the Queen.

""""While interviewing the NRA's Wayne LaPierre, host David Gregory held up a high-capacity ammunition magazine — which is banned in Washington, where 'Meet the Press' is taped."""""

I am not in favor of the ban on high capacity magazines.  George Washington the first President of the United States said it best.

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”   George Washington
Those are words to believe in with every drop of blood you have.  To be consistent with George Washington you should be allowed to have whatever you want.  Your internal combustion engine of your automobile is basically a bomb.  I wonder how much more fuel efficient our cars would be today if people were allowed to research the internal combustion engine which is essentially a bomb.  Who has a vested interest in their not being progress on the internal combustion engine?  Once again it is Great Britain who recently acquired incarnation of Standard Oil from the United States.  Not only that they kept troops in Iraq and Afghanistan longer than they should have be cleaving the head of an undersea oil well in the gulf of Mexico.  Didn't the Big Three go bankrupt in the process???
It is very interesting in that when Great Britain occupied India Muslims were excluded from being on governmental panels!  Muslims do not believe in alcohol they also kill child molesters in Iran.  It makes you wonder if Great Britain was racist against those who are Muslim and have Muslim beliefs.  Those are very strong beliefs aren't they!  When you take away those beliefs from a society the evil minded have an easier rule of it.
The Holy Roman Emperors believed themselves to be Gods in Government.  How does one get people to believe that?  They dumbed them down with horror and bloodshed and wine.  The Bible tells not to worship false idols.  Do you know what else Great Britain did to maintain control over India,  they encouraged competing religious beliefs with regard to who they wanted to convince and manipulate.  It sounds a lot like Catholic Priests molesting boys in the United States.  That is not a divinely inspired action it is the work of the devil in our society.  Everything that they did in India to gain control of it they are doing in the United States today.
If you visit the Wikipedia link below give them a few bucks like you tip the waiter at a restaurant! 
Contrast George Washington to Adolph Hitler
“This year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”  --Adolph Hitler, 1935
His statement foreshadowed the true intent of Nazi Germany.  To seize guns of those they were about to evict and genocide!  Without the guns they could not defend themselves.  I always wondered why the Jews didn't come out shooting!!!!
Sometimes you really don't want what you think you believe in.

Will David Gregory turn out to be a turncoat?

When Germany could not get the Jews to drink their beer did they find out a way to legitimize psychiatric medicine?  And indeed when their are good son's in the world who know that pot is wrong and harmful to their lives what do we see our first black President do?  He turns his head to it.  Does Barrack want to see white American son's have drugs pushed to them?  When their is a distraction it is when Satan creates an opportunity.  Whatever you see on the media news empire is indeed a distraction.  Do not be afraid to assume that what we are told to believe is a coincidence isn't really something an insecure evil little man with womans temperment thought of and implemented.  That pot isn't going to do anything good for your black kids.
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