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Friday, December 28, 2012

Taxing the Bald Eagles Beak 12 28 2012

The Taxpayer; the Satanics favorite scheme is to mention the term taxpayer as they deprive Americans far more intelligent than them from earning a living and being a higher taxpayer.

It is an Old Druid English Scheme.  To raise the Tax on tea and then rub the new Americans face in it?

To have only food grown in Ireland available in England because the Irish taxpayer can’t afford it?

To buy one of the World’s largest oil companies in the world , (the old Standard Oil now British Petroleum), and then rub the Americans Face in $4 a gallon gas?

To acquire a strong banking presence in the United States and then launder drug money for drugs sold into the United States.

To facilitate a strong English presence in our Banking Industry and then charge Americans 25% interest.  You are charged more than twice the junk rate, that is how easy a pushover they believe you to be.

To become prominent in politics and gain a popular influence in the United States in the Media business at the same time you are found guilty in the United Kingdom of great infringements of humans rights.  The arm of your company remains unchallenged in the United States as you foster propagandized political opinions.

To use your media empire in the United States to propagandize changing the United States Constitution.

To make services that were once free in the United States pay for services.  Why?  Because no-one would ever watch you if you were not part of a pay per view package.  If television were free there would be a lot less problems.  Why?  That $2oo  a month cable bill goes to propaghandising political opinions that do not represent United States Citizens.  There are 46 million Americans on food stamps and not a one of them wants to look at the dripping jowls of a media channel news commentator.  They learned long ago that they make an enormous amount of money and do not represent their views and opinions a long time ago.  But what have the media empires become successful at?  Convincing just enough of the middle class to be swayed to an unsound opinion!

Everything you watch them speak about on the media empire channels does not represent the majority of Americans concerns.

Pay for Television is a tax just like the Tea Tax.  But it is one of the most destructive forces in American history.

To pick apart and tax our legal system to the point the average American believes in what the undereducated  on television profess to them.  The foothold to erode our Constitution came first by the formation of Ivy League English Corporate Colleges in the United States.  If you look at the progress over the last 200 years of the degredation of our judicial system you could make the case that the directive was to degrade and erode the freedom of the United States.  This has also been accomplished with the cost and status of Ivy League education on the resume.  You can think of that and fraternities and sororities as a buddy system for the satanic and the erosion of our freedom.  This has been the tax on our education system.  You can think about it this way and understand it as clear as the liberty bell- if those Ivy League degrees were worth the salt on the blarney stone then education at all levels of our country would not be an issue.  Those Ivy League graduates everyone presumes to be smart would have thought of solutions to the education system of the United States.  As Ivy League grads they would have embraced that challenge a long time ago and there would not be the problem.  As Ivy League grads they would have an interest in education at all levels- that is void and nonexistent.  Kennedy said as much and was shot dead in the head for saying it.  I am surprised they did not figure out a way to give the Irishman a crown of thorns before they off’d him.

To tax the souls of human beings that are not druids by promoting mental health policies that favor the labeling of the traumatized as being whisked away as mentally ill.  In other words they cannot compete in the land of the free without taxing the human soul that formed the land of the free.

They want you to be able to freely smoke pot for the same reason we gave the Native Americans Alcohol and Tobacco- it weakened them.  That will be a great tax on the American.

You can think of this class of people as gremlins, gargoyles and griffins that have found their way to fly off the castle walls and over to the United States to suck our blood and souls and wreak havoc on the land of the free.  Were Europeans jealous of the advancement in the land of the free?  You can never imagine how jealous they were!  Like a monkey that was taught to speak without learning how to think too.

That monkey would steal the fruits of your labor before you were paid for them like the Mexicans steal the harvest of the farmer in an old fashion Western.  The next thing that you will see on television to mock the soul of the American will be a illegal alien from Mexico portraying himself to be an ivy league graduate and complaining that Americans do not pay him enough taxes as he is eating the fruits or our labor to our exclusion.

I could go on and on.  The bottom line is that if you are an American today you are a Taxpayer no matter what your status!  Every American is a Taxpayer.  And the people who complain about the taxpayer never truly earned an American Dollar in their lives.

That media empire is also going to tax the American by propagandizing English political candidates.

What else is a tax on the American?  They want you to believe that illegal search and seizure in your home is legal.  It isn’t, that is the weak druid mind.  The same druid mind that subjectively took us to war in the name of human rights!

What are you going to do when they decide that you belong in a cage in their backyard?  What are you going to do when they decide that you should be required to drink and pay for a tea that sickens you?  Both of these constructs from weak minded wills have been allowed to occur right under the Bald Eagles beak.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy




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