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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What to do with you?

What to do with you?
So you are extremely wealthy and your son is not very smart at all.  In fact he is in danger of being labeled mentally retarded.  How far are you willing to go to see that later on in life someone does not swindle him out of all of his money?  Are you willing to swindle an entire nation to prevent it?  Are you willing to try to sacrifice children and adults from the general public so that you child can seem to be something they are not?  Are you willing to torture someone so that your child forms a link of power over that person’s soul?
Would you sell drugs to someone in the hopes that they do not become more successful than your child?
Would you try and give your child drugs so that they could keep up to the speed of the other children?
What would you do?
Would you ever accept that there was a negative metabolic influence on congenital development of your child and that there is not much that you can really do for them?
Or would you try and falsely convince the public that your child should be the leader of a nation?
Would you teach that child to be mean and rude to anyone who questions their intelligence?
What could you do for that child?  If you came to the conclusion that there was nothing good that you could do for that child that did not harm other people would you seek to better understand the cause of the problem so that you could help others from preventing it from occurring to their children?  Or would you deny such a cause because you do not believe in yourself and therefore also believe that it is hopeless for your child or future children?
Or do you ever consider that you are expecting too much too soon from a child and that children need to learn to find things out for themselves as their conscience experience of life increases?
Do you strive to make a connection with your young child every day so that they see your face and hear you talking to them?  Do you feel that such a parent child connection fosters better development of a person?  I believe it is important to make that connection of awareness to a child so that it brings them out of their internal world and into the real world of reality and their place within it.  You cannot let them stay in that internal world of reality because if they do they might never get out.  And at some time they might realize that their soul was indeed started by another person unrelated to them in the world.  At which point they never left that internal world of reality and fight to deny that they are not someone else?  For if you can create a connection with the real physical world of reality and there place in it you have done them a great favor.  I have always said there comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that they can no longer lie to themselves about who they are.  You are in the middle of a circle in the forest and there are wolves all around you.  Whoops I scared you.

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