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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Green Pancake Recipe 10 01 2012

Green Pancake Recipe 10 01 2012
It is a little known fact that the pancake maker eats his pancakes at the stove while he cooks for others.

In a large mixing bowl add these try ingredients.
~ ¼ Cup standard Sweedish Pancake Mix
~ ¼ Cup standard Buttermilk type Pancake Mix
~ One scoop or almost ¼ cup of Alive Whole Food Apple Cinnamon Pea Protein
~ ¾ Cup Barley Flour
Crack TWO EGGS into your Bullet Grinder and fill the rest of it with water until it is a little over ¾ full.  Mix in Bullet Blender
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Add egg water from step two to dry batter ingredients in mixing bowl.  Add about two tablespoons King Brand Rice Bran Oil.
Get burner hot at six setting and reduce to 2 setting on stove, add a little Kings Brand Rice Bran Oil to the pan.  Evenly distribute it.
Add about two or three ladles of mix, for two or three pancacke’s, to the frying pan, the one that fits over your large burner and cook pancakes until they are a slightly brown on one side then flip them.  Cook to personal preference.
Take the bottle of Log Cabin all natural table syrup from your refrigerator and pour it in a coffee cup until one quarter full.  Add water to make the cup half full and microwave until warm- about 45 seconds on my microwave.
Serve pancakes with butter and hot syrup!
Wait until you are finished eating and resting your belly to hear the complaints about the mess you made in the kitchen.
These were pretty good.  I did not have enough of the individual batter mixes to make pancakes that way; and indeed I wanted to create a variety of nutrition in the pancake.  And that is what I did!
The green color comes from the Alive Whole Food Apple Cinnamon Pea Powder. 

Green Pancakes by Thomas Paul Murphy

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