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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inventions Needed: Middle Angled Open Eyelet Leather Sewing Drill Pins

Inventions Needed: Middle Angled Open Eyelet Leather Sewing Drill Pins

Background:  Many would like to make items out of leather but find that it is very hard to go through the leather with a needle.  Sometimes I use a small drill bit to do this.
What would really be helpful would be a drill bit that has a drilling bit end and in the middle of the drill bit is a eyelet for the string.  But it would not be a closed eyelet it would be open at the center with an angle to the opening channel.  The end that fit in the drill bit could be made wider in diameter so that the needle was never pulled all the way through because of the increased diameter.
These would be sold in packs of about 50 or so.  One would drill them in place and loosen them from the quick release drill chuck.  Then one lines the thread through the eyelets of each, like cabling wire on a series of telephone poles.
The one pushes the special pins through the leather puts a thread through on the other side, pulls the pin out and releases the thread from the pin and quickly goes onto the next one.
I think this could speed up the process considerably.
And the technology could indeed be used for many other applications; such as the medical industry?
I would patent it myself but I have not found a patent lawyer that was not a bad person.  And I myself could patent it and all the other things on my inventions needed if I wasn’t besieged by the voices of the primate race in my head- same ones that grow up to be lawyers, same reason some countries hate us.
Somebody had to tell you.  I thought that I would be a millionaire by the time I was thirty and believe that my intelligence is the reason that I hear voices.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. if you had an array of these needles with the eyelets gaps closed with a soy based polymer you could stitch up a fellow soilder on the battlefield in less than one minute.  I think it would be a far more humane treatment than staples.  Staples being used to prevent the spread of aides.  You could indeed use these needles in a needle type gun much like a full auto rifle but a full auto wound stitcher, and that would be more humane than staples.

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