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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Plot by Great Britain to Overthrow the United States 12 15 2012

As I wrote this I read how Tommy Guns were purchased by the IRA (Irish Republican Army). The shipment passed through Liverpool. Some of them were found and confiscated. But what we are told is that the ones used by the IRA were relatively ineffective 32% and that the .45 cartridge did not have much power? It doesn't jive to me. I wonder if the ones that made it to the IRA were modified to be weak and shoot crooked? Reminds me of the Obama scandal with Mexico as well as the common AR-15 jams. 

And what did I just also remember?  That British Bank HSBC was said to be the place to go to launder drug Money in Mexico.

In the first paragraph I showed how the same mode and operand were used, but this time against the United States with the Guns that were given to Mexico that still worked and U.S. agents were killed with.

In the second paragraph I have showed how more than one action of Great Britain supported the drugs making it into the United States, the British Based Bank made it easy.

Now I see how Barrack Obama is going to try and crack down on guns and I do indeed wonder what the agenda is.

I believe this is the agenda to further the hidden mind of satan in our country.  Great Britain was indeed purported to use the Druid based occult technique of sacrificing babies.  The plural archetype of satan does not have his/her own conscience and destroys others because of it.

I would want to know the background of every politician and what their views of Great Britain are, I think I am on to something here.

It just doesn't seem right those drugs becoming legitimized in the United States!

Great Britain had no right to Northern Ireland either.

Obama has the power to crack down on those Marijuana states but he doesn't!  He has the federal power to do so and yet he does not mention it.  So many black peoples lives and potential are ruined when drugs are pushed on them.  He does nothing about the drug problem but wants to take action on the guns.  It is like that psycho villain on a Dirty Hairy movie has taken control of our Government! 

Much of the gun violence is indeed due to the drug problem.  But the drug problem and the creation of freaks is something you dare not speak of!  If you don't have your own mind you have no business being a leader of the free world!  The best thing Barrack could do would be to step down!

Do you get it?  While the oil war was further necceistated by the British Petroleum cleaving a well head in the Gulf of Mexico a British Bank made it easy for drugs to come into the United States.  Right across our proud Bush's Texas border State!  They are all bad!

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