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Thursday, December 27, 2012

In Response to: Where is the Psychiatric Community Ensuring No More Newtown Massacres on Open Debate Forum

In Response to:  Where is the Psychiatric Community Ensuring No More Newtown Massacres on Open Debate Forum
The greater majority of Psychiatric Patients are not mentally ill but suffering from traumatization and hazing by the Satanic race.  Whenever one snaps the psychiatric community has nothing to say about it because they know what the reality is and they are part of it.  Where are people known to be hazed in our society?  In College they are hazed by fraternities when they are not even a part of that fraternity.  That is the exact personality archetype that the United States fought against and shed blood against in both the Revolutionary War and The Civil War.


The reason psychiatry came into being was so the satanic, that live among us and learn from the minds of a master of their school of thought, could separate themselves from those minds at some point in their lives.  Who are the satanic?  Likely they have a mild form of fetal alcoholism that prevented them from listening and learning.  Think of every child who could not learn in school that became successful in life.  And indeed most corporate CEO's have been diagnosed by publicly available knowledge of their actions as having the psychopath personality.


Once traumatized and hazed they are quickly put on Zombie medicine so that they have absolutely no credibility in the world.  When they realize it isn't true they snap.  The psychiatric community dopes the good people along with the bad and indeed misses the real bad altogether- those with the Satanic mind.


To understand what is going on here you have to suspend your disbelief about what Jesus Christ and the Bible say about the Satanic.


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