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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inventions Needed Solar Electric Furnace 12 20 2012

Inventions Needed Solar Electric Furnace 12 20 2012
So how does one design a furnace to heat their home in the winter using the power of the sun?
A furnace has two basic main parts a fan and a heated coil.
1.       The Fan Circulates air through the heated coil and also through the duct work and rooms of your home.
2.       The Heated Coil is called a heat exchanger.  It looks like a radiator on a car.  In a natural gas furnace it is heated by a torch stream of natural gas.
So how to make this solar powered.  Very simple.
You need to heat the coil with electricity just like your electric oven heats the heating element.  That means that you need a heating element that is powered by electricity and of the same dimensions as the heat exchanger in your furnace.  (might need to be a little bigger.)
The next thing that you need is a solar array on your rooftop to put electric current to that heating element and heat it up life the coil in your oven or the coil in a tungsten light bulb.
So you say that what happens when it is night time and there is no sunlight to produce electricity?  Very simple your solar photovoltaic array should be connected to a battery that it can charge and discharge in endless cycles.
Such a battery should be able to collect and store enough electricity from your rooftop array to power the coil and fan at nighttime.  But ideally you want that rooftop array to be so efficient that it can power all of your homes electricity needs.
The chemicals in the battery should be as benign as those in soda pop.
Now because it is new technology and we still have the natural gas grid you want to have a back up natural gas heated heat exchanger located downstream of your primary photovoltaic electric element.  That way your furnace can indeed switch to gas in the effect we have dark sky ages!
So the solar powered heating element should also be able to switch to your utility electric grid if per chance you run low on sunlight power per dark ages. 
But the electric grid should be one where photovoltaic electricity from the brighter southern states can augment the north in times of need.  Eventually it should be a system that encompasses an entire free world.
And if your primary heating element cannot be fed power from direct photovoltaic to panel or battery to panel or grid to panel then it switches to the natural gas secondary element.  What if we had dark ages entirely?  Could natural gas be used to power the two fans in your furnace?  Interesting concept?  It would involve heating a stream of water to produce steam in a steam pressure system.
Which leads me to the next question?  How many advances have been made in steam valve powered motors?  For example how light can such a steam valve powered pressure motor be and achieve maximum horsepower.  What has everyone thought of since it has been abandoned in favor of the gasoline engine.  Then the next question becomes, can the technology that was conceived with regard to the advanced steam engine be transformed and applied to other types of engines other people are working on?  What is the simplest design for a steam engine that wins the award for producing the most power per thermal unit input?  What is the most efficient in terms of horsepower produced when compared to the weight and durability of construction with regard to weight of the steam engine.
There is enough electricity produced in an 18 inch by 18 inch amorphous solar panel to run a motor the size of the one in your refrigerator.  And your refrigerator is indeed said to be the item that consumes the most electricity in your home.  I have always thought that we should have refrigerators that stick out the side of the house like a large extruded rectangular bubble so that in the winter the outside cold can keep things in there cold.  Very simple to do.  And indeed no odors from the inside may be able to find their way outside as this would attract pests.  It would just need thermostat controlled venting that open and close to let air in a shell layer.  Possibly a fan could help keep it cool over a heat sink type element.  The fan would also be controlled thermostatically so that the right frig temp is always maintained whether it is forty degrees outside or zero.  At zero degrees the shielded and freeze proof vent work closes. 
But you shouldn’t have to keep the door to your refrigerator open all the time.
It is just a matter of configuring new types of things with the same types of controls used on legacy technology and foul proofing the design.  If we didn’t have limited liability we would have a lot more foul proof designs and a lot more new products that are competitive last.
So you can’t sell any more of your product because you made it so well and it lasted forever and everybody loves it?  Isn’t that the way the businesses of the future HAVE to be!  And if you cannot sell anymore product because you aced the design it means that you had the knowledge to create such award winning product, you had the innovation, you had the creativity- you can make other good stuff just like that in different types of markets.  So human beings no longer compete in business but in the arts?  They compete in writing and literature and song, and of course the fat men compete in gay ballet.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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