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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to Prove Schizophrenia is not a mental illness 12 22 2012

How to Prove Schizophrenia is not a mental illness 12 22 2012

The Birthday Cake Method

You put the schizophrenic in comfortable surroundings and you give them a cake even though it is not their birthday.  You make great applause for them and are sincerely celebrate their existence.  They become happy, overflowing with happiness.

In the control room you put people that are known to have been mean to the Schizophrenic or that the Schizophrenic indeed knows to have the mind of Satan.  You place each of these people in an isolated cubicle.  There is no stimulation in that room.  No television no distraction.  And indeed there is no evidence of a threat to them in any way.  You monitor their brain waves.  You monitor their pupil expressions and facial features.  You monitor their heart rate and body temperature.

As soon as you see that the person labeled schizophrenic is truly happy via the same technology only overtly being observed.  But you indeed have to convince the schizophrenic that they have a reason to be happy for this to work.  In the modern history of the term for the past 60 years or so no person labeled schizophrenic has ever achieved success.  The reason being is that they are highly intelligent and it is coveted.  So it will be very hard to convince them.

But meanwhile in the part of the study that you are trying to analyze for the Satanic mind you will find that as soon as you offer hope to the schizophrenic and he/she believes it and is happy your monitoring equipment will find:

Them spitting on the floor in spite and hatred.

But not all.  Some will indeed be just as happy as the person labeled schizophrenic.  Does it separate the good from the bad?  Maybe, maybe not, but it does determine who has the dependent mind.  It determines who has caught the tiger by the tail.  It determines who has caught the falling star and refuses to let go.  It determines who might be the bee’s in the bonnet?  Someone already knew didn’t they. 

This will never be done because it is something that those who have something to hide don’t want proven.  But the brain wave imprinted mind has already been proven.  It is the nature of a father and  son.  A father teaching his son.  It is no leap of faith to say that some people like to choose their fathers?  It is no secret that some fathers hate their sons.  It is no secret that some sons hate their fathers.  See what I am getting at?

Yesiree every day is like my Birthday.  Do you remember the look on the dark haired girls face when she sat waiting to see the principal when her brother was off singing on the parade wagon? He took that day of school off.  It was his day off.  There is metaphorical content in the origin of the character name too. No better look of spite than that!


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