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Friday, December 14, 2012

Update # 17 Adam Lanza kills his Mom with the Gun his Mom bought for Him 12 14 2012

Adam Lanza kills his Mom with the Gun his Mom bought for Him 12 14 2012

New world psychology.  His mother's friends said on television this morning that he was sick for a week and would not let his mother come in the room.  She would sit outside the room and he would say are you alright?  That is not a bad kid.

I remember one day our cat was lost.  And it did not come home all day long.  There were two of the oddest little boys that lived on our block.  I was of High School age.  They had odd voices like a xylophone tone.  Anyhow one day our cat came running back home.  They must have freed her from where they had kept her.  She came in the house and ran down stairs and up into the crawl space under our den.  It is like under a out front porch in that there is about a foot and a half of dirt space there before the floor.  She would not come out and was panting.  I cried because I knew that she had been traumatized by that sicko pair of kids.  We took her to the Vet.  She had a BB in her Butt!  The doctor said only she knows what happened.

To me it reads like Adam Lanza had been sodomized raped.  The coroner examiner could confirm this.  But my point is that I believe sodomy is part of demonic possession by the occult.  His mother is said to frequent bars.  Did a man she meet at the bar find his way into her child's room and rape him?  Repeatedly?  That might indeed have been his motivation for killing her.  He might have lost his soul to it.  The human soul has to come from half a man and half a woman right?  It doesn't fly out of the crap in the toilet.

The Lilith beast from the Bible is said to engage in demonic sex.  The ancient Hebrews were petrified scared of her for some reason.  Post Script:  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for that exact reason- so look out!  There needs to be community intervention when these things happen but it is neglected just as Ivy League Penn State was.  You can't expect to do that to someone and not be mad as hell and revenge seeking when their is no legal justice.  If that is true, that his mother was having him raped or his brother was raping him- he was going to blow up.  So again it is not the guns in this instance.  And it is not the absence of God in our schools as Huckabee would suggest but rather it is the presence of Satan in our schools.  You can not say that Satan was not present at Penn State.  Anyone who reads and understands the Bible knows the gospel truth.  And don't ever say that I am implying those children should have been killed, because I am not.  It is kind of like when you tell a joke and someone laughs at it for a different reason and you say, "You made that evil."  Then you have to ask the question was a teacher at that school gay, did his mother pick him up at the bar she frequented, did he rape her boy.  We need to hear from Adams brother on this.

Oh lets see Cain killed his Able brother and built a house that fell in on him and killed him?  That is what the antigun protestors remind me of.


If you can't be trusted to safely and responsbily own a gun should you be trusted to raise your own child?  What am I getting at?  There are many dangerous things in the household.  If you can't say to your kid that gun in the closet is off limits don't ever touch it and he obeys you how are you going to teach that child anything?  How are you going to be able to keep that kid out of trouble?  How are you going to keep him/her from putting their finger in a light socket, drinking the drano under the sink, choking his brother or sister until they are blue in the face, climbing a tree, taking drugs that are offered to them, sleeping with every boy until they are steril, becoming a promiscuos gay and dying of aides, to be a good part of a community, growing up to be a responsible adult that knows how to care for children himself/herself, to respect the rights of other people.  You don't like guns because you weren't raised to have common sense.  Not only that you weren't raised to both look out for other good people and trust other people with guns because you trust yourself with guns.

What would you do if they swept through your neighborhood and told you to get on a train?  And that train takes you away to the top of a heap?  It happened!  What would you do?  That is why we have guns in this country and always should have guns here.  If you don't like that you should leave this country!


Most mothers know enough to not drink alcohol while they are pregnant today.  What they do not know though is that they should not drink alcohol prior to conception either.  And not only that but more importantly what they do not know is that they should not raise children while under the influence of Alcohol.  So we indeed made a positive breakthrough with mothers with regard to the first issue which tells us that the latter issues in this paragraph have the potential to be concurred to.  They should also know enough to not let a father raise a child under the influence of alcohol.

The Satanic race does not know how to achieve long term goals, they are the immediate gratification (IG's) race.  They can be thought of as takers.  That is why they cannot conceive of the fact that it might indeed take 200 years for them to see results!  That is indeed a long term goal and the IG's don't think of their children's children.


We would separate the real wheat from the chafe in terms of who has mental illness in this country if we banned alcohol forever!  Why?  Because those who were truly mentally ill would not be able to survive without it and would indeed be the ones being executed for crimes the committed.  There would be no place for them to escape to in the bottle.  Also there would be less children born of that feeble mind; Satan would be gone and driven from our earth!  Also no one would be able to play the game of my job is so hard I can't remember how to do it on Monday morning because I drank all weekend, so therefore I need a raise.  The ones who indeed did defeat Prohibition were of the feeble mind that had to resort to crime to earn money and then live proud amongst the rest of us.  Give them 200 years to sober up and it would be a much better future than where on the path they are leading us to today.

Assault Rifles:

Here is something the potato heads on television don't understand with regard to military style assault rifles. Some of us hunters like to stalk and hunt!  To follow tracks in the woods and search for our prey- often the White Tailed Deer.  This is how we like to hunt!  Like the old spear hunters did.  It is in our blood!  And there is no better gun than the AR-15 for doing this because it is lightweight and easy to maneuver through the woods.  And some of us do indeed have the skill to raise that AR-15 to our shoulder and brain that deer with one shot!  And what else about us hunters?  We like to dress up like camouflaged army men.  And sometimes while we are in the woods we even pretend like we are army men; but shooting deer and not people.  We know the difference.  If your druid child that was born in a placenta of mush Whiskey after your divorce can't figure out right from wrong that is an issue that you should have addressed.  Perhaps children that sexually molest other children should be evicted from our country along with their parents and family- that would solve a significant amount of your mental health issues in our society.  Your druid race would wince at that idea of this because they likely have all done bad things to others.  That will never be an issue spoken about on television regarding mental health.  You are supposed to be molested and raped in our society and it is not supposed to cause an issue with you?  The mind of Satan develops and is hard wired early on in life to live and be one with the people that it victimizes.  There ought to have been something in the Bible about the Devil being able to talk a blue streak of s417, we would know who they were if it had.  But wait the Bible did didn't it?  Who was it really in the Book of Revelation that had the excellent verbal ability to mock someone about their works and work- it is implied to be Satan!  Who else mocks people about their work?  A true God wouldn't do that!


Bill Bennett just mentioned that what these killers have in common is that they tend to be highly intelligent and have a very high opinion of themselves.  Okay those are two qualities that should go hand in hand right?  What do they know?  They know all too well that just like Socrates they are a leader of a school of thought.  I believe that school of thought demonically possesses them to commit these acts of horror!  Everything that I speak of is direct knowledge from the Bible and what it tells us regarding satan.  And my favorite self quote regarding verbal ability is, "He was likely teased by those who would be said to have better social skills than him."  There is a lot of depth to that statement.


Mayor Bloomberg brought up a very good point about people not having the maturity to own a gun should not.  He is right but there is no way to objectively determine who has the maturity and who doesn't.  One could say if you weren't raised by your own father you should not have one, but then their would be an exception.  If you can't handle a power tool maybe you shouldn't have one; but then there would likely be some Police officers that should have them taken away.  I personally believe that a single mother does not have the sensibility to teach her son proper gun safety; but then there are children who are born far more mature than their parents so we can't exclude them.

These gunmen incidents should be viewed as a barometer reading that their is something else seriously wrong with our society.  If it is not guns they kill people with they will find another way- like driving a car full of gasoline tanks into a school building at high speed.  And just because I thought that is what they would do next does not mean you can accuse me of being guilty of something.  You see right there- you wanting to do that is the source of the problem isn't it!  It has to do with blaming other people for your own problems and lack of comprehension!


Look what happens on TV now?  It automatically becomes a focal point of gun control!  It is not the Guns it is the drug and alcohol freaks and their druid looking children.  That kid looks exactly like the archetype of the Druid I have been talking about.  You know who else looks like Druids to me?  Members of the Tea Party.  It is kind of the baggy lifeless looking face void of human emotion.  I don't know how they got that way, maybe they were sexually abused.  Maybe it was depravity of a family unit structure.  But I believe we need to protect ourselves from them.  If you call yourself the Tea Party but you are the exact opposite of it, then one starts to wonder what you needed to defeat the originally tea party that you maligned by calling yourself that; you need to defeat guns, because guns are what defeated the British in the Revolutionary War.  So this article can indeed be linked to my article with regard to a British plot to take over the United States.  In order to take over the United States you have to dumb them down even further with drugs; and we are indeed seeing marijuana legalized.

If he had mild autism he was likely teased by those children who grow up to be thought to have better social skills.  Some forms of Autism I believe are allergies to household pets.  When people talk and it sounds like there voice should be more clear than it is, it sometimes means they have a pet allergy.

Yeah I just saw his picture.  He looks odd to me.  Like that kid in High School that is not the strongest but likes to bother smallest of the class.  Creepy learned behavior in response to creepy behavior no less.  In fact he looks like he might have had some kind of hidden learning disability?

The statistics regarding gun violence seem like they might be a little wrong to me.  For instance there is an armed intruder in my home and I shoot him with my gun, that is indeed part of the statistic and should not be?  It gets better the police had been called many a time with the same problem and justice was no served so that it did not occur again when the next armed intruder came; that should not be included in the statistic either.  And you cannot tell me that the right wing or liberal agenda does not include both of those in that number.  We have the right to keep and bare arms to protect ourselves and may we always have that right.  And may the right to do so and protect ourselves not be mislabeled as Gun Violence.  The founding fathers put that in their becacuse they knew the weakness and evil of people and that no form of Utopian Government could ever prevent it.  We strive for Utopia but in reality may we always have our right to keep and bare arms.

And I mention this only because instances like this shooting serve to bring the Gun Control groups vigalance.  For all we know people are indeed driven crazy by a covert agenda with high technology so that our rights become more and more limited.  Put it this way, I know its true!


You know what?  Every citizen who has ever been threatened with violence in this country, and we can attribute that to weak Republican leadership, should receive a free lightweight bullet proof jacket from the United States Government!  You have let our justice system become contorted and ineffective maybe you could at least give us a vest to protect us from your negligence! Honest to God, many of us believe in a progressive and better America, one of peace, one of integrity, one of equality, one of fairness, one of clean energy and when we voice our opinion for it we are threatened for doing so!

Update: You know what else might help?  If we had bullet proof vests available in this country for less than $200 or $100 bucks.  Gunmen are going to keep coming.  You could do everything conceivable to keep the guns out of their hands and they would still get them!  So why can't we protect ourselves with lightweight inexpensive bullet proof clothing?  It should not cost $800 bucks and be an import from a foreign country.  It was just this past week that I took my mother and sister out to lunch at a Tea Room in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  As we were coming out of the place an India Indian looking man muttered something to me and then reached into his left side coat pocket as he was passing me on my left.  He had a gun in that pocket!  Maybe he didn't belong in this country in the first place is what I thought upon reaction.

Update:  Why is it taken for granted that the Gun is the problem and not the person?  It is because they do not know how to recognize such a person or infallibly err to or it is because they feel themselves exactly in the same boat as the shooter with regard to cognitive ability and responsibility?  I think it is more the latter and it is a bad, bad sign!


Simple enough?  His Mom shouldn't have bought him the Gun!

Where is the father figure in this?

And what of the woman he lived with and his living conditions. 

And what is the dynamic that roiled in his mind regarding his mother the teacher, the woman he lived with and the children at school?  And again what of his father figure?  Did his mother think she was an adequate substitute for one?

I will tell you right away, what they see on the television does not serve as a father figure!

Here is the thing that might save you from these psycho's, think this, "If you are coming after me with that gun put it to your head first!"

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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