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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Adolph Hitler Hated the Jews? 12 19 2012

In researching that last article I came across someone asking the question, "Why did Adolph Hitler hate the Jews so much?  Is it because he had a small penis and blamed it on his Jewish Heritage."

I don't know who asked the question because I was not able to sign into that to post there on Yahoo but I have this to say about it.

People are not born with small Penis's.  The small penis occurs when there is an obstructed vein or artery in the Penis at a young age and blood flow does not get their as easy.

It is said that most men's erections are the same size not matter what the resting flacid penis size is.

But put two and two together.
1.  He was likely molested.
2.  A Jew did it to him.

They heard his pain and they had indeed created a living God among them.

Jews are not born with small penis's, it is not a hereditary thing.  It is more like an evil brethren type thing.  Whoever say's it is a hereditary issue is likely to be one who likes to molest others.  Someone very sick in the head.

And the fact that a man's penis is circumcized does make it easier to injure as well as helping to keep it more clean and therefore less likely to have germs in the presence of conception of the fetus.

My father was a Combat Medic in WWII and had to inspect blacks for syphilis.  He said he would roll back that skin and it was like cheese inside. 

And who is it that is jealous of the penis in the first place- females!  To be fare to the Jews- there is a reason they feared the archetype of Lilith.  And I believe they ran in fear and crying from their homes when the Romans invaded too for fear of Satan.

Yeah the Bible talks of Jews bringing back strange females from a war and having to do away with them.  Had to have been Babies of the Vineyard. I like the sound of that, "Babies of the Vineyeard"

The rest is world history in dusty books on the shelf.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  It also explains the Propaghanda posters he used to invade Poland with.  Two pagans emasculating a German with a sword.  And he went after England too for the basis of Druidism (what do you think a Yankee is and why they left England?.)

It makes you wonder about a Polish Archbishops efforts to hide priest sexual abuse of boys.

I said more than I ever wanted to and it is all consistent with what I know to be true.  Truth is not hate speech it is reality.  And when we don't live on the premise of truth where are we headed; apocolyptic wasteland.

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