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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dianne Feinstein 12 28 2012

Dianne Feinstein   12 28 2012

Every civil servant should be required to know how to shoot a gun and indeed be able to hit the bullseye before they are allowed to be a civil servant.

Not only that anyone with drugs in their system should be banned from public service.  That means no-one can ever be with drugs in their system and write laws that legalize such drugs.  Reason?  You can not legally make decisions under the influence of drugs.  Defacto- you should have been precluded from writing such bills.  It is unbelievable!!!!

It is like how a President that is sworn in to protect the Constitution should not seek to change it.  The idealism is that it provides the framework that a President should have the capacity to make and form solutions within that framework. 

If our standards of public service had been higher all along we would not have the problems that we do today.

Do you know who should not have a gun?  Someone that does not have their own soul!

But there are people that do not have their own soul who are indeed good people.  I am talking about the type of person that takes advantage of others for profit and advantage.

I could call the criminal mind the satanic mind.  But there are exceptions in that not everyone who does not have their own soul is a bad person.  They know right from wrong and respect that.  They know not to steal the food from your plate while you are eating it or before it even gets there.

The only reason that the United States won the Revolutionary War was because we had better weapons.  Hunters from the new land had better weapons because they liked to hunt.  You would like to think that there are no differences between Great Britain and the United States today, but I cannot state that is true.

We should probably even give people technology IQ tests or tests for their own souls.  People with their own souls should even be allowed to have grenade launchers on the bottoms of their pump shotguns.  I don't even know where to get one.  But it follows in principal with the early Americans had better guns that the British.  The British hung onto the people who left Great Britain like they were their only loves.  The hung onto Ireland in the same way. My father told me that they did horrible things to the Irish.  And the early religious leaders told everyone that the world was flat because they were so afraid that the leaders of their schools of thought that had their own souls would leave them.  They eventually did and formed the the United States.  And indeed the British came looking for them.  It is indeed fear of abandonment!  You would not believe it but it is fear of abandonment!!!  Think of it this way a monarchy woman has an imaginary friend all throughout childhood.  That imaginary friend is not imaginary at all and she figures that out at some point in her life and does not want that person to abandon her because he or she is such a part of her soul.  Ask yourself what kind of people were bread when they were allowed to keep prisoners in dungeons in Europe.  One would like to think that the horrors of the druid race were long gone and a myth, but it is not true.  Think of Joan of Arc storming the castles and freeing the dungeons.  In this modern day and age the satanic figured out a way to create a virtual dungeon via the use of surveillance technology that no longer needed a subpoena for.  That little girl grown up to be an adult woman still wants to believe that she is actually her imaginary friend.  She can not face reality and was never forced to.  And her father who had money and great connections would do anything to make her happy.  That is the undercurrent of the wiretapping and surveillance without a permit.  Think of it this way.  You are in your home and getting ready to go somewhere.  You have a list that you created to read off and make sure that you have the items with you when you go.  On that list might even be a hunting map with GPS coordinates that you plotted on it so that you could ensure that you did not trespass.  While you are looking for your list you are repeatedly zapped with an Electromagnetic weapon that is tuned to the frequency of the human thought process and your working memory and mind is wiped.  And it feel like someone thought you were their cat and put you in the microwave oven.  That is how sick these people are.  And they never want anyone to know that they did not think for themselves.  What does this bread?  Mediocrity and straying away from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And if you do not believe that we live in Mediocrity today then you have no understanding of modern technology and where we should be in terms of energy efficiency.  There was no moral imperative to pursue that as a goal because the souls who believed in it and understood it had it raped from their minds into oblivion.

She (the archetype of a woman who captured an imaginary friend) does not want to play with dolls as an adult she wants to believe that she is her imaginary friend and that he/she is something that should not be considered to have human rights; something that can be negated.  And that imaginary friend never knew it was one until it felt the dead blow to the head and was put on medicine because those who would not let go of them as their imaginary friend made their presence known.  It is the parable of the talents from the Bible.  What a false parable.  You cannot give the talents of one person to another without creating mediocrity and facilitating mediocrity in every aspect of a free world.  It depreciates values, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To uphold our Constitution we indeed must recognize in reality the archetype of the soulless.  Those who can do.  Those who can't teach but shouldn't.  Those who can should not be prevented from being a those that can by a those that can't.  Can you see the pattern of pretentiousness that has lead to mediocrity?  She marries a man who accepts her for all faults because she has the same faults.  Then in order to support herself and her family at a higher standard than she deserves she goes back to the imaginary friend that someone is made to be the imaginary friend of both her and her husband and drives him out of his mind.  In effect she is attaining social status that she does not deserve.

To understand the concepts that I speak of, you must first suspend your belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible- specifically what it has to say with regard to Satan.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS They only come on television and talk for two seconds while I am watching before they look tiffed.  Miffed is probably the word that I was looking for but as I have studied the use of the English language and the forms of words that are missing I learned a great lesson.  Tiffed just seems more appropriate to me.  The forensic logic as to why certain words are missing has to do with fear of insight and abandonment.

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