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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Autism and Aspergers Syndrome 12 05 2012

Autism and Aspergers Syndrome 12 05 2012
Neanderthal?  That is just a who cares for his wife and family.
Aspergers is like autism but with more but limited social ability.  It occurs at a secondary stage in life in comparison to Autism.
So what is true about that limited social ability?  It is really a recognition of the voided minded and of a satanic person in your presence?  Some Aspergers test highly on a different intelligence test.
Again they say that they have poor social skills; but the test that they need to be tested on is their emotional intelligence!  And indeed does not a higher emotional intelligence mean someone that is indeed more socially conscience????
Some victims of Aspergers Syndrome were indeed picked on in grade school.

They need to be tested on:
(I will get to the background of this in a little while.)
1.       Items that show that they really care for or about other people.
2.       Items that indicate that they recognize the presence of a person without a soul in their presence and the fear they have.
3.       Items that indicate they are indeed still part of another person’s soul of creation.  They were born this way and are stubborn to change in order to prove a point?
4.       Verbal ability and recognition studies on when someone is insulted by another and why they feel that way.
5.       Matters excluding verbal ability that involve special reasoning and safety concerns for others.

What you are going to find is that autistic were driven from their souls in the womb and as infants, and Aspergers by the Satanic in grade school.  It is an archetype of Lilith that drove their souls out as Babies.  And as children the archetype of Satan.  And for all we know this archetype resides at the convent down the block, but more likely to be a descendent of a Pagan based culture.
The same test can be used to prove what I have claimed with regard to schizophrenics- that a group of people have the same mind as they do.  It has to be out of desperation right?

A.       With Aspergers the test is done with those that picked on them and other community members they might not have even gone to school with.  Refer to my recent article titled, “How to prove Schizophrenia is a medical fraud,” for information about the test.
B.      With Autism there are two possible factors with regard to the nature of the soul dynamics.
1.        Are they part of someone else’s soul creation archetype and refuse to leave that blissful world?
2.       Were they blessed ones whose good human soul was divided among many?

What happened to the Neanderthal?
The Essenian Jews sent out tribes of about 10 men to wander and preach.  (The Jewish religion is indeed the oldest, so think of all of us as being descendents of Jews or being Jews ourselves.) Were they really like roaming gypsies or the bad priests of today?  (Watch out for their hands being the best advice?)
But what is the sum certain meaning or inferred meaning of that passage from the Dead Sea Scrolls?
To understand this you must know the dynamics of how the Essenian raised their children.  They were raised in groups- the same way primates are; I.e. Apes!  But not only that they were raised between the archetype or under the direct control of an evil master that was juxtaposed against what is termed an exiled priest.  Exiled means about the same as imprisoned.  So what is implied here?  One of three things.
1.        The evil master and the young killed the exiled priest after torturing him and they are sent out to bring back another one.  To bring back what type of person- a Neanderthal who loves and cares for his family?  It makes sense in terms of the psychopathology; if you raise your children in groups what do you need?  A teacher for them that has learned to care for others.  What better person than a caring father already in existence?
2.       The evil master and the exiled priest killed each other and the young men are sent out of the village for the reason of;
A.      Bringing back another victim to serve as an exiled priest.
B.      The women realize these grown children are truly awful and a threat to the community.  In other words they truly loath their own creations or what was created by their means of development; equivalent with primates.

3.       The evil master became overzealous and killed the exiled priest upon torturing him.  (Who knows; water boarding or an ancestral technique that evolved into a form of high tech horror our CIA uses today.)  Then the young rebelled and killed the evil master and were therefore all sent out into the desert together.  That was indeed punishment for disobeying the hierarchical authority of community based law.  And indeed that decision making process can be thought of as a monarchy or cell structure group instead of a Democracy.

But the question to ask is not what happened to the Neanderthal but instead, “What happened to the primates that were raised in groups?”  Remember at a very young age their intellects or verbal ability was developed central to the demonization or torture of an exiled priest.  This is indeed indoctrinated paganism; and that means your God is not a Powerful nonhuman loving type of spirit but instead a living person tortured.

So where are they now?  They are on television!  And whenever they are confronted with a problem the Neanderthal type could readily find a solution for they insult others.  And that is indeed how their greater social ability is defined to be so!!!!

Very interesting enough, Thomas Jefferson was one of the best Presidents the United States had.  He authored the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  Is not a Kings dungeon a hidden form of Pagan worship like that of the exiled priest?  It is exactly the same.  Thomas Jefferson did not like to speak in public but was a quick and excellent writer.  What does that tell us with regard to verbal ability and intelligence?  Keep in mind our Freedom as a nation was greatly dependent upon him!

Think of monkey’s source of early communication being about how they poked an exiled priest in a cage with a sharp stick together!  No matter how that exiled priest tried to express himself there was no one he would be able to trust in a community of horrific speaking primates!

The difference between Aspergers and schizophrenia is that the Schizophrenic knows that others are with them and can express it and the schizophrenic is actively destroyed because of this.  You can think of this in terms of soul theft that can occur at three stages of a person’s life.  (The Dead Sea Scrolls does offer some reprieve for you in a phrase written something like this, “Those who believe in the wicked way will suffer from confusion at the end of their days!”
The Aspergers and Autistic seek not to bond with their natural parents who are evil but instead to the immaculate source of their soul- a person driven from their and resultantly labeled schizophrenic.  I can’t say that I blame them and I am the latter.

Again, what happened to those raised in groups as primates are?  They do not have the framework to become human beings.  They do not know how to form a human soul and think independently for themselves.  In frustration when in a classroom of children they therefore resort to lashing out and picking on others.  They are prone to be ring leaders, drug dealers, corporate executives with limited liability and accountability.  They create both the Aspergers in grade school and later in life the schizophrenic.

Some adult men of the primate tribe become homosexuals because they desire to be the man or like the father figure.  They never learned a true sense of what this means and hence believe it is something that can easily be achieved by some psychopathology of taking; hence the goal of their sodomy based behavior- to posses as a means of becoming.  Six out of ten young African American have aids and some of them don’t know about it.

As adults the primates abuse substances (more about the fermented apple in a bit) and lash out at people who learned how to work from a caring and loving parent imprinting them.  Out of jealousy and life method the primate seeks to ruin the life’s work of such.  The substance abuse is a form of escapism from the horror of self they were raised to be.  And instead of it furthers the creation of genetically limited human beings prone to primate behavior.  It does not know what it is.  

One of the favorite expressions of someone I knew from this tribe was, “It is like unraveling a sweater,” He meant you pull the string until all the form created with it is gone and it is just a string again.

I once heard a Catholic priest say that the Irish can notice the descent of the Holy Spirit upon them.  Jesus Christ said much the same thing with, “Protect your crown!”

The voices a schizophrenic hears are indeed like that of a white or black baboon chanting.  And I have never thought of it this way but maybe the baboon humans don’t have it so good either.  I was about to make another important point but the Baboon just chanted at me and disrupted my thinking.  I live in a suburb, not a zoo, jungle or sharp finger nailed Kingdom!  That is its only form of learning.  There is only one place they can go when they need to get the story right and presentable.

As adults they are lost in the world and need someone to latch onto.  Which begs me to ask the next question- how did the three wise men really know how to find where Jesus would be born?  And where are the wisely intelligent offspring of such wise men in our world today?  Nothing overtly public like them today is there? 

Two paragraphs I referred to how they learn.  One of the best real world analogies is like this; a monkey steals a suitcase from a car rack and jumps on top of it until the latch breaks and it opens.  At which point all the monkeys run in and loot from it. 

This phrase comes to mind as I write; “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  The phrase should have been a child should not be raised in groups but instead by a loving parent.  Or one should not waste other people by stealing their better Neanderthal minds?  “A mind is a terrible thing to waste implies that an individual’s mind is like an item on the dinner table to be devoured.  That is okay when you read the writings of a person’s mind but when you go directly to it and take it that is a horror and crime against humanity.  “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  Free association time; That was the voice of a black man, was it the same one that played the dark armored villain in a sci fi flick,  what of the Jewish coalition with black people created in the mid 70’s?  And how successful has it been when we consider the proliferation of drugs and crime since?  Would they tell you that is the only way blacks can learn?  It is untrue and it really hides their inability to be effective teachers.  It also serves so hide their personal identities.  Misery likes to create misery or misery likes to befriend the miserable it helped create?

And it might be better if I had used the phrase true human beings instead of Neanderthal.  However you might not have read it if I did; so I drew you into it.

Barracks wife said, “he doesn’t mind hearing all the voices and chatter.”

I do!!!!

Aspergers are said to care for the work that they do.  I believe I would rather work alongside one of them rather than with a Baboon that speaks endlessly and say’s nothing.  Isn’t that what good friends are really like; two peas in a pod?

So where did the primates come from or the Essenian Jews?

The Dead Sea Scrolls relates to how a man that did not follow the community based law was sent to walk out of the village naked in the dessert.  What is that the exact same scenario as?  God telling Adam and Eve to leave the garden of Eden.  And why because they ate the forbidden fruit given to them by the snake.  Forbidden fruit would be that which fell on the ground where the snake resides and rotted and fermented into alcohol.

What is really implied here?  God had to be their father.  And they killed their father and were left helpless or their father a living God archetype or an Essene banished them from the community because they took to alcohol.

The dialog might have gone like this,
“Get out of my Garden of Eden,” yelled ancestorial Thomas Paul Murphy.
“I will not go,” said Patricia and Goolgia.  At which point ancestorial Thomas Paul Murphy dragged them from his Garden of Eden and said,
“May you roam naked with the animals.”

So indeed humans banished because of alcohol abuse might have been the tribe that waited on the perimeter and sent out groups of ten to bring back a new man from the Garden of Eden to serve as a new exiled priest.  And this horrific behavior has been with humanity ever since.

It makes you wonder what they did with the dead body of the exiled priest after they had killed him through attrition, torture and abuse?  Did they indeed eat his flesh?  And if they did indeed eat his flesh were they genetically changed for all of eternity because of this cannibalism?  I believe that they can be cured.  One clue might be that a person’s, human beings, exhaled breath should not smell.  And that indeed would be the avenue or symptom to treat in terms of curing them.  There are ways to cure this but it is an emotionally painful process to go through as you change to what you should be.  Which brings up something else the origin and symbolism of the term of the herb Cannabis.  Did those who partook of Cannabis indeed end up resorting to cannibalism?

So why don’t I save this for novels?  Everything is already taken from me so I might as well just put it out there so it does not get lost or transposed into something it should not be.

Here is how I could put a positive spin on this, “They know where there is love in this world and seek it!”  It is not in their homes.

Aspergers are not social because they do not trust people.  They know that God awful people don’t change their spots or seek to change their spots.

Researchers also find that some Aspergers can work and are better managed if personally insulting them is avoided altogether.  Who knew the origin of verbal ability…..  The good mother can prevent this.

Before you believe I am a racist or anti Semitic you must realize that Jews today suffer in the same percent of our population from this as the rest of us.  So it is not really a matter of stated religion; it is more underground than that.  That Lilith archetype could be a Nazi or an English Wiccan, Polish Pagan, Italian Fascists, KKK member, White Supremacist, Republican Party member, Irish Druid.  What defines them is that they know of the reality of this and are complacent with it.

 When my father, Ambrose Thomas Murphy, bought our house he made a little half circle garden for our mother, it was on the Southern property line.


© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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