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Sunday, December 16, 2012

How She Thinks 12 16 2012

How She Thinks 12 16 2012

She thinks instinctively in response to new actions, and those thoughts are based on prior actions.  She does not stop to consider what the outcomes could be.  To think she puts her nose up to the air and does what her mind’s eye tells her; regardless.  This is her instinctive substitute for thinking.  She does not stop to think about who could be hurt by the consequences of her making the wrong decision!  She does not think that she could be hurt if someone made the same decision the way that she did and it affected her of if indeed her own decision came back to hurt her.  She does not figure the latter out because she is not concerned with the former.

She does not know how to apply what she learns to new situations or even have the cognition to realized new situations might be somehow different.
Why does she fail to think?  Because it would be too painful for her to accept responibilty for her own thinking and the outcomes from it.

All this means that when things go wrong for her it is someone else’s fault!  Hence the nature of religion as a means to legitimize a scapegoat.

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