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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Long Term Plan to Screw Up the United States 12 20 2012

A Long Term Plan to Screw Up the United States 12 20 2012
We give business men limited liability for their actions and let them run around your house like wild zoo animals or livestock or just plain ogre beasts.

The Homestead Act was one good thing but the Corporate Entity was bad.

Interestingly enough the Corporate Entity legally became common and came into effect after prohibition ended?  And who sought to defeat Prohibition?  Your Italian Mafia.  What do they have in the picture of the last supper?  A Jew, they are about to nail to a cross, telling everyone to drink wine because it is the fountain of youth.  I have to believe in my heart of hearts Jesus could not stand alcohol!

So why did we grant limited liability?

1.        Because of Ogre alcohol heads needed the shield to make money?

2.       The economic expansion of the alcohol industry?  Was opening up new markets for the Roman Vineyards really the reason behind the Roman Imperialism.  An economic reason like our Oil Wars.  I mean come on we don’t give a battle hoot about other countries human rights violations and some of the worst of them are our best trading allies.  George Bush would never be able to sell me anything, but he duped the American public pretty good with his morally evidenced and supported “belief.”


I start to wonder what you could grow in the dessert?  Could you grow coffee in the desert?  You would need a flood and the water to collect in spring feds lakes that formed to do that.  You would need climate change for a good flood.  And indeed climate change is the result of pollution on the very subtle balance of our earth environment.  Life on other planets is not common at all or we would look in our telescope and see some guy in overhauls waving to us from the moon; it is rare and unproven that there is life on other planets.  What does that tell you?  Very precise conditions are needed in order to create and sustain life.  Human life requires even more precise conditions.  Not only that but human life is expected to understand and respect human life to the point whereby the focus on earth is one of maintaining the precise balance that supports human life.  That means clean water and air and soil.  The standard to look for is what the levels of clean water free from chemicals was before there were chemicals!  That means zero!  That means what shouldn’t be in the water and air should not be put in the water and air in even small amounts.  And it should not be put in your bodies either!  What we are going to find is that an epidemic of the birth compromised humans is indeed the harbinger that the very precise balance that is needed to create and sustain human life has reached the danger level.  But that is not something that is politically correct to say.  In fact it is often been considered and defined to be hate speech.  By whom?  Those who are not concerned with the survival of the species.  And who is not concerned with survival of the species?  Is it those who truly do not feel themselves to be part of the species?

Is it indeed the Ogre class that needed a shield to make money?

I could say more about the alcohol but a very good study might be conducted to determine how quickly we could destroy the earth if everyone consumed as much alcohol as they could as often as they could. It would be a good experiment wouldn’t it?  We could start it off with the rich and the people in power and influence drinking as much as they could as often as they could and basing all of our important decisions in society on that basis.  Does this scenario sound like modern reality.  Yep, that is a favorite literary technique of mine.  To start to paint a bad picture and then show you how close to current reality it is and why.

Something about prohibition ending, a bad roman influence on the world.  But let’s say this.  Let’s say the Ogre knows he’s an Ogre because of alcohol and he know’s he cannot change because of alcohol.  What is the Ogre going to do?  He is going to give alcohol to as many people as he can and promote it and make money from it and then stand at the top of the ogre heap or in this case an epidemic of human beings that are born compromised.

That is what I see and I hope it offends everyone who reads it!  I hope that not only do you read this but you read it and start to cry!

When I look at the way it has worked out it looks to me like there was some evil faction somewhere that planned all this out.  Now let’s see who is it that did not like it that it lost its handhold on the United States?  It was Great Britain.  But who is it that pushed the alcohol on the United States?  The Roman Catholic Church and the Italian influence.  Wealthy vineyards and connections.  I can see why a person needed slaves in the south.  If you drank a bottle of whiskey before you conceived your child that child is going to be born both mean and stupid all his life.  Then you have to beat people to support your special needs.  Then after awhile you started to make up rules of Eugenics and subjectively apply them.  Then you started WWII with this hatred of whiskey self projected on others.  Now you made it easy for Mexican Drug dealers to sell into the United States by laundering drug money in a British Bank in Mexico.  And you did this all right after Supremely intelligent leader George Bush started a distracting war in the Middle East and put out the picnic table in Texas for the Mexican drug dealers to sit at when they entered the country.    And damned if they didn’t doll his mother and wife to look and act just like the German Queen of England?  And how did the German monarchy get put in place in England?  For starters the English language is Germanic based.  The Germans made pretty good Druids in WWII and beyond too.  Then it (pot) become so popular that Political leaders decided to ignore that those who have taken drugs cannot make legal decisions by making the legal decision that marijauna should be legal.  Etc, etc. etc,  And Carl Rove, Dick Cheney and that other one that I can’t stand, impudently mocked our democracy with ill guided and falsely formed will.   Donald Trump accused Barrack Obama of not being from this country, that case is more easily made against Carl Rove, Dick Cheney and George Bush.  Maybe the reason that the case can better be made that they are not from this country is because everything came easy in life for them.  That must be where the queerly irresponsible ideas or lack of good ideas originates from.  Honest to God you would see them come on the television set and there was one sneering and resentful layer under their faces that said, “I just fu743d all of you up good!”  Who do they serve, some idealism of preferential decisions through monarchical government?  You look at what they do and the decisions that they have made and let be made and you say that they were not from this country.  Don’t ever presume you know what is best for the world when you have to keep what you are doing a secret and rush it through and break the moral law of good men.  That should have been the standard for you, “The Moral law of honest and good men.”  Not what can I get away with because I have created the ogre shield.

And now we have a black man in there that seems to know nothing of clean air and water and education of the inner city.  Black people with freaking germ filled brown teeth are a liability to the rest of us Barrack- give them new post modern dental care for free so that they can learn.  But only do so if you do indeed respect where you came from and still identify with it.  Oh and those Republican leaders who stymie you, I will try and keep their heads in a vacuum of learning as best as I can!  I will needle them.  You can to but there is a trick to doing it good so that it is effective.

Who was it that was always jealous of the United States?  Druid ogres.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  Our laws have become ineffective because they have been pecked at by Ivy League Filth Schools and Law Schools of special interest religios organizations and directives- to create a consumable class of people.

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