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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fictional Human Resources 12 19 2012

"We need to hire someone with knowledge of logistics and mechanical ability.  Have you had any resume's like that come in?"

"We had one.  His name was Adam Landza but he had Aspergers."

"Now we don't want him."

Makes you want to cry doesn't it?  After we bring down the Corporate House of Druid that is your manufacturing work force right there.  They might end up being very high paid jobs because those basic skills might not be as common as you think.  You look at today's highest paying jobs and presume to think the highest paid people in our country had those prerequisite skills; but it is not true!  Some people with extreme verbal ablity would not be able to stack blocks how you tell them to.  And that indeed could be the basis for a new reality television show.  "Look at the simple things the very rich man can't do or learn to do?"

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