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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why No Grape Pies 12 29 2012

Why No Grape Pies 12 29 2012

I often ask myself how come there are no grape pies?  With all the grapes that are produced and used in wine, how come there are no grape pies?

The second thing regarding grapes that I thought of is; Grape Seed extract is one of the most potent antioxidants there is.  It has numerous health benefits.  Grape Seed Extract is just what it says it is, extract from a grape seed. Grapes with seeds in them have grape seed extract in them in some form.  You wouldn’t want to chew on them because they might give you diverticulitis.

The amount of grape seeds that are taken out of the wine before it is made must be substantial.  That might have led to create a market for the products from the seeds themselves.  But it is like one of those God gave us everything that we have on earth issues.

As a boy I always wondered why they didn’t make grape juice instead of wine.  The answer was that the grape juice forms wine over time as it is stored.  From a child’s point of view one would have to ask who would serve someone rotten grape juice in a bottle?  It makes absolutely no sense.  It is like a joke- here drink this!!

But would happen if the grape seeds for the juice were ground into a fine powder and added to the juice in a bottle?  If the process were kept sanitary would it ferment?  Or might there be a simple way to make grape juice last longer and be more healthy for people.  If my grapes vines did not dry out and die for lack of distraction free time to tend to them I would have tried that scientific experiment.
Somebody should try it and see what happens.  Might just change the world!!!

I have never made a grape pie but I know it can be done.  You would think that grape (wine) growing regions would have grape pie contests!!!!

The product that is usually used to make wine shelf stable is called sulphites.  When I used to drink I got an allergic reaction from them, I wonder what the verdict is one grape seed extract as a wine stabilizer?
Wouldn't it be smarter to give a child a piece of grape pie before a sip of wine?  Bad priorities.

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