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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Barrack Obama and Adam Lanza have a Lot in Common 12 18 2012

Barrack Obama and Adam Lanza have a Lot in Common 12 18 2012
Popular with boys?  That is a measure of great social status isn’t it?
Adam Lanza’s mom was popular with Boys wasn’t she?
Do you know how quickly alcohol permeates all your body’s tissues once in the blood stream; including your prostate and testicles?  Faster than the smell of a public toilet after a fat black woman walks out of it.
What does 2000 years equate to?  Maybe that is 50 or a 100 generations of a families.  That is not really all that many is it?  But what has changed very quickly in our society?  We have the mass production and promotion of alcohol and it is coupled with an epidemic of Autistic and Asperger’s victims.  In the 20th Century both alcohol and cigarettes were mass produced.  That is very recent on the timeline.  So in effect it should be researched into being a cause of epidemic levels of Autism and Asperger’s.  Why won’t it be considered as being so?  Because the nature of evil wealthy people in our world is the exact same as a very mild congenital cognitive defect that is the result of alcohol on reproduction.  Some day those who do not want guns may need them to protect themselves from their own offspring!  Wait a minute there is irony there isn’t there because that day was a few days ago wasn’t it.  ADAM LANZA’S MOTHER NEEDED A GUN TO PROTECT HERSELF FROM HER OWN SON DIDN’T SHE!!!!!
But it is not fair for me to single out those with Autism and Asperger’s as being the cause of our problems.  I will explain the issue with regard to Asperger’s next; you are not ready to hear the true cause of autism.  Asperger’s are said to be relatively normal until they reach a certain age and at that time they socially withdraw.  (It is like my cat that withdrew in trauma when two little evil boys took her prisoner…(That was in a yesterdays article.))  People socially withdraw when they are traumatized, plain and simple.  We don’t need to pay a sorority graduate $3ook a year to tell us we can’t understand why.  It is quite clear that those labeled this also have co-creators.  It can be called the duality of an idiot generation.  One child is born with eyes that look like he was on an all night drinking bender and victimizes someone who is then labeled with Asperger’s.  It is just that easy to see through this when it is cogently explained like that isn’t it? 
The one you want to label as being lesser will always be a whole lot smarter than you, you could take away their guns and they would still get you in a worse way.   
You are not going to make progress with gun control and the issue of mental illness without addressing why we are allowed to have guns in the first place- evil people.
The Founding Fathers wanted us to be protected from the evil power hungry feeble minded.  Did they know implicitly that when one generation worked hard the next would have it very easy and drink and have cognitively challenged offspring that compromised and posed a risk to our society?  Why because they had money and power and not the truly developed intelligence to wield it.  So how do the feeble minded offspring two generations wield power; it is very simple they wield power in spite of those that they know are a lot better than themselves!  And that is indeed what the Founding Fathers implicitly wanted us to be protected from.  May we always have guns!
Let’s be real honest about this.  What are mentally ill people?  They are victims of evil people aren’t they!  And what do the evil people want you to believe about them?  They want to deny that they are themselves evil people and in order to do so they have to label other people as being mentally ill.  When I was a young boy I often thought; wouldn’t it be fair to label all criminals as being mentally ill in some form.  I mean criminals hurt other people in many ways and are therefore evil aren’t they?  The supreme court viewed the issue the exact same way that I do and they included white collar criminals in the definition.  When the white collar criminals in this country wanted to sterilize blue collar type criminals and poor people because they wanted to claim criminals were mentally ill the Supreme Court said you have to consider white collar banking and financial thieves in that group too.  They gave up on the idea of sterilization.  Not only that but at the same time we entered WWII and saved the Jews from Genocide by the Nazi’s.  What you never knew was that Adolph Hitler was fed Eugenics literature that was created in the United States!  There was a lot more going on there wasn’t there!
That mentally ill people are really the victims of evil people will never really be brought up as part of the issue.  Why not?  No-one wants to admit that they are bad people.  No one wants you to ever know that they made all their money by being a bad person!  For if you knew their true nature they believe that you would wipe them off from the map!  Believe it or not they live in constant fear of this!  That is why you will hear those labeled as being mentally ill blamed for everything!
Let’s see, am I really a mentally ill person if I need some kind of legal entity to protect myself from making bad decisions that hurt others?  How about this; wouldn’t it be nice for a truly bad person if they could skate through life because they were labeled a corporation at birth?  You cannot say anything bad about that person because he was incorporated at birth!  That person there can wreak death destruction and havoc on the world because he was incorporated at birth and there is nothing you can do about it.  Don’t you dare say anything bad about him because he is incorporated.  There would be an awful lot of mentally ill labeled people that were victims of such evil people in a world wouldn’t there!  Congratulations you figured it out, it is a reality that there are a great many labeled mentally ill today!  Really you would only have two factions in a society like that; you would have your rich incorporated person at birth and all the rest who are labeled mentally ill or will eventually be labeled mentally ill or die first.
What is the Satanic believe with regard to the mentally ill?  We’ve done horrible things to people to maintain our status quo, but they are supposed to get over it!  They were blessed by our tough love!
Adam Lanza’s mother???  She wanted the big house and to be the single whore!  Adam Lanza had a dead beat father just like Barrack Obama did?  Adam Lanza’s mother was said to be very social at the bar!  She was quite popular at the bar.  She had great social skills at the bar.  The most popular gals in high school were also said to be very social too.  They were also great whores?  The question needed to be put to a sorority college gal to study is then; what is the correlation between being a whore and also being labeled a very social person.  Could that be part of a curriculum of something that needs to be understood?  The young gals mind does not think of things like this it thinks, I am at college to get a man.  So these types of issues will never be understood.  And indeed Adam Lanza’s mother liked being the whore and wanted to continue to be so after she had children.  She got the big house out of it.  It makes you wonder if indeed Adam Lanza and his brother were their fathers sons?
Barrack he wanted to be popular with boys too when he declared that homosexuals should be allowed to marry?  It took him a few drinks of understanding to make that decision didn’t it.
Are women promiscuous in order to be popular?  And then once they are popular they are also allowed to call themselves more social?  Promiscuity means the same thing as having social skills.  And if you don’t have social skills you are labeled with Asperger’s and that is a weakness?  Wait I got it right, in order to be a strong person in our society as a woman you sleep with anyone that will have you?
Or is that really a weakness to sleep with whomever wants you?   Let’s see I am kind of wishy washy on this one.  I am just not sure if it’s a weakness or not.
The development of the archetype of Lilith from the Bible is started to be formed in my mind.  You know the seven headed hydra that steals peoples babies because she cannot have children because she was promiscuous and has a filthy hardened papiloma (means wart) infected…..
So that is all for this article, too much Bible talk analogies and it loses its credibility.
If you have been labeled schizophrenic get out that pen and get busy with it until hell breaks, crumbles and weeps, that is indeed the cure for it.  That is indeed an old Jewish War tactic from the Bible to sound your horns at the walls of the evil city until they crumble.  Wait a minute somebody seems to have been using that same tactic against me. The last will be first said Jesus Christ.  What makes it so great is that you have no credibility because you have been labeled mentally ill.  You’re not supposed to be smart either.  Not only that but because you are labeled mentally ill you can say anything that you want to.  Indeed you have the greatest freedom of speech because no-one is supposed to believe a word that you say.  Jesus Christ, a Jew, had demons too that he had to exorcise from him.  That is a fact from the Bible.  In the end he could no longer, his final words, “Father why have you forsaken me!”  Let’s see because he had to exorcize demons he would be labeled what today?  The Bible is indeed banned in China.  And the immigration officers at the time of the Eugenics movement wanted absolutely no Chinese in the United States.  What will Barrack do next if he is successful in taking away our guns?  He will likely seek to burn the Bible.  He does not believe in the Bible on Wikipedia it said he believed in some type of traditional African Religion.  Would that be Vodoo?  The religion of Vondoon was one where they worshiped a man woman God.  Does that last sentence put the gloss on the puzzle of this writing?
I don’t spell check this stuff or even proof read it.  I don’t even like to write it.  I have better things to do with my time.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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