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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Petition to Disempower the Short Sellers who profit from the decline of American Industry.

Petition to Disempower the Short Sellers who profit from the decline of American Industry.
The Short sale siphons money out of the American Economy.  It serves as a profit center whereby inside information or rather market maker intent controls the stock price.  The stock price needs to be more free floating than that!  Financial companies proceeds from short sales against the American Investor as Trading Profits and it makes a substantial part of their profits.  It siphons the American Economy of money, increases the national debt and creates wealth for those who do not truly deserve it.  It allows for passive management of Brokerage employees with resulting harassment and hazing as part of the daily 9 to 5 day.  Get rid of the ones who know it is crooked and have being mean and doing so.
We do not sell someone something one day while at the same time betting against that sale to them.  It is like selling someone something that you know you are going to break, because you are going to break it, and when they come to get their money back you give them what it is currently worth while you keep the difference between what it is currently worth and what you sold it to them for as trading profit.  And then the next day or series of day you rapidly increase the share price and sell the thing you broke from the first investor to the next investor as being brand new- you didn’t do any repair work at all did you?  Accept for Bamboozling!
It is anti-American and has no place in the United States or world financial markets.
Instead of volume on good news translating into more a price increase commensurate to bring it to its efficient market level it translates into more shares short. 
Also there needs to be more accurate and specific identification of actual purchases of stock by mutual fund type entities; whereby an investor in such an entity can actually take delivery of such individual shares if desired.  I think a lot of investors are subject to small portfolio fraud and churning whereby such entities never put forth any of the customers money to buy such investments or had market knowledge that translated into them knowing the portfolios would go down and hence part of the fraud was a kickback to the entity.  Such that it could be booked separately and unlinked to investor’s money.
The market makers have made the argument in their defense of keeping short sales in place that they do not make money selling short against their own investors.  Well if that is true then they will have absolutely no problem with my remedy.  If we regulate this there would be a lot less financial industry profits.  In effect the industry would be streamlined with a large magnitude of cost cutting.  But that industry does not exist to make money from the Investors Principal.  It exists to serve the function of Americans owning a piece of American industries and believing in them!  The short sale defies that belief.
Either the short sale is a major part of the investment business or it isn’t.
1.       If it is, it shouldn’t be.
2.       If it isn’t, then you should not have any problem with it heading into the sunset. 
Do you see how there is no room for argument?
And I know what their argument will be, if we eliminate the short sale rule markets will become more volatile and prices could swing down multipoints in a day.  It already happens doesn’t it?  And if it happens under this new remedy the American Investor will not be harmed.  And if the declines can be traced to management or industry fraud then those people should not be immune with limited liability.  Men don’t really like limited liability because it is really an insurance policy to compensate for one’s own weak, crooked or fraudulent mind concerning business actions.  If everyone can’t have it then no one should, right?  I mean don’t you think an individual small business person is made to be more accountable than that in order to stay in business?

All money ever made on the downside really belongs to the honest American Investor who believed in America.  The Financial people would say they lost money because they were not educated enough to make smart financial decisions.  It just isn’t true!  Why because the short sale allows for them to profit when the stock price declines!  So what you have is inherent motive and opportunity!  Motive in that you can make money by not procuring the stock you are selling to them as a stock broker.  It defies the meaning of transfer in the term stock brokerage!  Brokerage meaning that you are actually going to procure and transfer property!
The remedy being that any person or entity whatsoever that profits from a short sale is to be required to return 90% of the profit from that short sale to the stock investors in that Cusip!   On a prorata basis of their yearly losses in it.  This takes the elbows of the financial industry!  What do they go on to do, we can make sure that they have a warm roof over their heads and plenty of healthy food to eat.  Common stocks can be identified by specific identification based on CUSIP.  And a software program could readily be made to take into account the simple variables of the plan.
Sure you can make money by betting against me but 90% of that money is coming back to me in the form of a rebate based on that cusip.  An exempt rebate?  So do you really want to do that?
Americans would have to put up with a lot less fatuous rich snobs and funny money driving America into the ground.
With regard to common stocks with a great percent of shares sold short.
Does a stock ever beat the short interest this great?
Does a stock ever beat a short interest this great? And if a stock price can never beat a great short interest then should short interest be allowed? If it is a defacto insider scheme to defraud the American Investor then it is a relic of the Dutch East Indies Corporation- really mercenary pirates hired by some evil king or queen? It needs to see the sunset.
In other words if the act of "piling on" is all that is needed to effectively prevent a stock price from going up; then what place does "piling on" have in a Democracy with the Constitution of the United States? Some things need to be revisited; in regard to modern understandings; modern understandings of the health and general welfare of everyone of us human beings living on the planet earth? The question being what good does it do us to have wealth and power concentrated with those who have "pile on" mentality? It just piles up a future liability until the "pile on's" need to be summarily defeated?
In other words, "Get off of my stock or you are asking for it!"

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Quote number Two 07 31 2013

Quote number Two 07 31 2013

You can count on me being an ACTIVE thorn in the side of corruption until the day that I die!  There is nothing you can do to shut me up or keep me from writing other than death!

Someone else said the same thing in our history.  "Give me Liberty or give me death!"  And it is indeed inked into our Constitution.  I am at the liberty to say what I want about you!  And it is true!

So you decide, "Give me Liberty or Give me death."  It would seem that you don't want me to have Liberty?  Is that your decision?  Is that your community tribal rule and verdict for a great many of us?

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Enough 07 31 2013

Enough 07 31 2013

What is wrong with saying you are guaranteed Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as long as you are still allowed to live in the United States?  In other words when you jeopardize that core basic right of people of the United States and cannot be held accountable for it because you have wormed your way around culpability maybe you can live elsewhere?   Maybe the United States was not the best fit for you?  That is all human resources business speak.

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My Declared Religion is the Constitution of the United States 07 31 2013

My Declared Religion is the Constitution of the United States 07 31 2013

And I do indeed practice the protection of it just as every President of the United States was sworn into office to protect it.

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On Judges Decision that Church Cemetery Funds are Off Limits 07 31 2013 Update # 3

On Judges Decision that Church Cemetery Funds are Off Limits 07 31 2013

Some Catholic Cardinals do not even believe in the reasoning that judge gave.  That would appear to be a coached and biased answer with input from theology interested parties!

That is a well crafted diatribe.  The Catholic Churches in Ireland the heart of Catholicism are said to be empty for the very reason that contradicts the Judges writing.

It is too well written, written like propaganda!  It is a fraudulent statement to make a claim to what Catholics believe.  Catholics were told not to question the Priests that abused them because all the Priests actions were said to be divinely inspired as part of the Religion.  The judge failed to consider the meaning of that.  It would appear that the judge's motivation is to maintain a local economy rather than justice?

How can a Judge say what Catholics believe?  How many Catholics have lost their belief because they or those who they knew were sexually abused?  You poll all Catholics and former Catholics who were victims of crime because of the Fraudulent belief of that judge et al. and it invalidates the judges verdict!

It would appear that verdict had a collusion of interest in the writing of it?  Like it was handed to the judge, like a packet of heroin is handed between criminals, from a prominent Catholic Law School?

Very disturbing.

You poll Catholics individually as to what they believe, even those of prominent Catholic Law Schools and you will not get an answer that supports the judges verdict.  And you can poll Catholics in a very circumspect way as to how what they say the believe actually conforms to real world examples of what they believe and you will see that the Judges verdict is not supported.

What is far more important is not what the Catholic Church states that it believes in this case it is how the beliefs of Catholics were betrayed by that formulated belief system.  This judge should be disbarred, removed from the bench and prevented from working in public service ever again.

The core of the issue is how Catholics who believed in the Church were abused by believing in the Catholic Church! Does anyone get it besides me?

He is protecting a local economy honey pot of money rather than upholding justice.

The Judges name is Rudolph T. Randa.

You are not free to set up a front of religion in order to abuse people under the guise of religion.  The judge should have base his ruling under the spirit of law in the United States rather than faulted reasoning that defies the Constitutional rights of Human Beings in the United States.

That is what is called a "spoil system" verdict.  This misuse of law does not have a place in the United States of America!

In summary to create or foster principals of religion that defy human rights is a matter of fraud!  Human rights trump the rights to abuse them self granted by religion in all cases.  Religion does not have an exemption from United States laws based on our Constitution.  Nor can one set up principals of religion and then in practice not conform to those stated principals of religion.  For to do so changes the religious belief.  And a change in religious belief such as condoning and cover up of sexual molestations of children by adults creates an entirely new religion doesn't it?  Let's see not many people would opt in to a religion like that unless they knew it wasn't their children that were going to be molested.  The only people that would opt into a new religion like that would be those who were guaranteed that their children would not be the ones to be sexually molested and the members children who were would be kept in the dark about it.  So what we have here is a division of religious belief don't we?  Where not all the members of the religion know what the true religious belief being practiced is?  And that does not conform to the requirement of  a religion openly stating its belief in order to be granted Constitutional favor ship?  Am I  correct to say that you can not set up a religion that is in effect a criminal entity that commits crimes in the United States that violates the Core Constitutional Rights the Constitution was created in order to protect?  That is indeed the spirit of the law of the Constitution and how every judge in the United States should interpret this!

A cadre of the wealthy of a Community can not set up a religion that physically abuses people not of that cadre.  The fear created maintains a power structure that goes against every fiber that Constitution was written on.  It goes against every belief that the United States was founded on.  Randolph should have considered that early forms of religion were really tribal laws meant to govern tribes, in as such he would have had the intelligence to figure out that the Constitution of the United States is the greatest religious document in the history of the world  And it States in no uncertain terms that a religion is not allowed to raises itself up in empowerment so that it compromises the Constitution of the United States and the rights of the We the People it was meant to protect.  The Constitution does not start off with the phrase, "We a cadre of Mequon and Milwaukee Elite."  It means just the opposite of that!

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In the same vein as the judges verdict one could set up a religion that states such judges do not belong in the United States of America?

It is like saying that the proven victims of a criminal do not have a valid opinion in declaring that was a criminal, even after the criminal has been  convicted.

Quote of the day 07 31 2013

Quote of the day 07 31 2013

"We can’t put our best foot forward when people take turns stepping on it."

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Sound Off! Drugs and Apartment Sharing 07 31 2013

Sound Off!  Drugs and Apartment Sharing 07 31 2013

What can we do to prevent people that live in an apartment with drug users from first becoming acclimated to the "fumes" of the drugs and then hooked on them?

What cane we do to prevent apartment sharers from seeing a "high" person and accepting it and then getting hooked on them?

People that share apartments are often poor and become victims of ruined "life" from drugs for this reason, they are exposed to it due to poverty, and should never be?

What can we do about it?

Can we say, that drug user is escorted out and still has to pay their share of that rent?  What do you think of that law?

And what if you neighbors are drug users or harboring and entertaining drug users, can we apply that same law to them?  They are unsafe for human beings to live with because they have opted to willfully and amorally comply with the legal description of someone that does not have the capacity to make their own decisions- right?  It even applies to drunks doesn't it?

It is a bigger risk to the Constitutional Rights of Americans than you could ever imagine.

And what do we indeed do when whole states in our Union have opted to comply with the legal description of people that are incapable from making their own legal decisions?  I am talking about States that legalize marijuana use?  And it is for their own good isn't it that we take issue with it?  Lest a carpetbagger mentality infiltrates the state and defrauds them?

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead 07 31 2013

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead 07 31 2013

That is indeed popularized and a taught to children belief isn't it?

This country needs a free newspaper Obituary that tells how everyone died, the exact cause!

And if that person raped your son or daughter then by all means you should be allowed to add it to the commentary on the bottom of the Obituary!  And when more information is made available in time it should be added to that official record of death.

Why sugar coat the Obituary of a person that should have never been born in your opinion?

Why let the record of their "great deeds" not be balanced by the evil they have done?  (As in Irish High Crosses mentioned in a previous article of mine!)

We would clean this country up faster if there were such a database/obituary newspaper.  A!  It should indeed be a part of our Democracy and open information because of the Freedom of Information Act!

"This awful person tried to push drugs on me!" etc etc etc!!!

It sounds immature doesn't it?  But honestly tell me if you don't like the sound of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" song,  part of the Wizard of Oz movie "don't yah know."

It is hiding family shame to do otherwise isn't it?  And it is rich family shame isn't it, that is being hidden!!!  And to be honest, wouldn't you like to look back in your own family history to know and easily find the exact causes of death?  Sure you would, you would like that going back five or more generations.  Why?  It might help you live a much healthier life!  That is if indeed you are an educated and responsible person with regard to your own health.  If not what are you doing living in my neighborhood, waiting to get the next plague so you say it really isn't and then cough all over me?

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And don't we have the right to say, "No! No! I am his son and this is how I saw that it happened and how I tried to prevent it.  And this is the opposition that I faced in doing so!"

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blood Types Update # 2 includes marriage and aides hypothesis

When I was a boy I wondered why some blood types were not supposed to marry others?  I never got a straight answer from anyone!  But there is still something to that question that remains unanswered in my mind!!!!

 Here is a statistic on the percentage of people in the United States with the various blood types.  Some time I am going to have to research just what each blood type really means!

Again I have not heard the right answer to the question what I have heard is more common the  lollipop type answer you get from the modern news.

But what do we know?  We know that a woman who had the developed the mind of a beast was cured from it with a blood donation or plasma extract, very expensive, from many people.

The motivation for one person not marrying another based on blood type must have some relationship to that issue!

And I don't even believe it is an issue today, but I would have to check.  So if it was an issue supported by science why is it no longer today?  What was the issue really supported by?  If you marry this person you will figure out that "She's not there?"

Update #2

Is there something different about a homosexual or lesbians blood?  There are many different types of blood.  What originally meant for the different classifications was whether a blood type tested positive or negative to a specific antigen!  An antigen being the bloods immunity to a specific disease!  It is also part of the allergic reaction process!!!

So how have the classified the Aides virus with regard to blood?  The aides virus trumps all the other blood types because it has absolutely no human resistance to disease!  But yet it is not officially and boldly, openly classified as a different blood type and part of our education system regarding blood types!!!! Doesn't that bother you and hint that their is a bad motive present behind it?

You wouldn't want a pure blood plasma transfusion from an aides patient, I don't even know if you can say there is- per the last paragraph!  I don't believe you can purify the plasma of an aides patient!  If you could they would no longer have aides would they!  So that is indeed a different blood type!  Not only does it have no antigen reaction to disease; it has lost all its human immunity!  A Science Fiction writer could even accurately build on that theme and classify it as blood of people that are designed to serve a disposable purpose in life?

Again the original blood typing's had to do with what antigen was present; antigen being the resistance to disease!  Your bodies way of recognizing it right of the bat and going after it with your immune system.  Aides blood type has none of that!  It is indeed XXXXX blood type- meaning death!

It is like they tried to pull a fast one on us and obscure the public knowledge and relevance of blood types isn't it? That is indeed an admission of culpability!

We know it wouldn't make common sense to try to prove me wrong that you can't create a pure blood plasma transfusion from the blood of an aides patient, we know that, or at least I have the common sense to know that and it is not something that needs to be tried to be proven wrong?  Who is it that does not have the common sense to resist the temptation to try and prove deadly things wrong?  To experiment to prove me wrong would likely give someone the deadly aides virus!  How is that not murder?

I believe that every U.S. citizen has a right to defend themselves with lethal and deadly force if attempted to be raped!!!!

That applies to Catholic Priests, Higher Ranking Military personnel, the former Presidents of the United States meeting in closed quarters and world leaders meeting in closed quarters, Jewish boys that want you to kiss with them, members of the Boy Scouts that give you pot and try and rape you.  Make that your new Boy Scout Motto, "Death before sodomized!"

Could some of us end up owning all the wealth in the world because our blood is the best medicine to rid someone of the mind of the beast?  (Oddly enough I did not want to give any of my blood in High School.  And I can remember a Jewish Boy being very pissed and ornery at me because of it.  My rationale was that the needles were not safe.  Actually I am blood brothers with a Jewish Boy!  We were best friends when we were young and we cut our fingers and stuck them together like we saw on television.)

I give you a clue, you are not going to change the Constitution of the United States so you can take our Blood Plasma from us!

The U.S. was not so wrong in that Blood tests before marriage issue were they?

How many gays would marry if they knew the other had aides?  Then you end up with two with the deadly disease instead of one!  So what you say?  We'll doesn't that increase the odds the rest of us get it?  And isn't the Center for Disease Control or FEMA responsible in every way from protecting us from that happening?  Isn't that what they are paid to do?  Or is that really what can be termed Ostensible Employment?  You were paid for that responsibility and you were negligent with regard to providing it; sounds like another group that should give us all their money back (keep reading my paper and you'll see I find quite a few of those groups.)

And the odds are extremely high that an Aides father will pass it on to his adopted son just through life happenings!  Like working with tools and getting a cut on a finger!

No-one with Aides should ever be allowed to adopt.  No child should ever even be present in a house with someone else that has aides!  It would be murder to give them the deadly virus!  And maybe if a father or parent (women get it sure enough) the best thing to do in order to protect those children is that they be taken away from them!

What we might find out is that certain blood types are prone to the Communist mindset and never belonged in the United States! That antigen is evidence of the allergic reaction that stimulates the immune function!  Do you know what else we are going to find out?  That victims of schizophrenia are victims of those that have an allergy to Human Thought in our world!!!!!  There is no other way to say this, but people with an allergy to human thought never belonged in the United States of America!  Transfusion Incompatibility?  What does that really mean?  It means a lot more than meets the facade of public understanding doesn't it?  From my latest internet inquiry into blood research this morning there are 23 blood groups and hundreds of different types.  RF link And in terms of the science with regard to the combinant factor of them; we will never know because the aides virus has trumped the issue and therefore the scientific understanding that the public receives with it has been hidden on proverbial dust shelves of a locked Government room.  It is not being taught in schools and the reason being because children have lost their ability to learn?  You can't learn that if you can't even learn to read and write for yourself can you?  It's laughable isn't it, to think you can relay a responsible understanding of that in teaching youth?

You know what everyone in Whitefish Bay WI where I live thinks about me?

Link to track fourth up from the bottom!

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The Communist Mind 07 30 2013

"It hears a human being thinking while it is working and after awhile it convinces itself that the human being must be reading its mind and therefore that the correct action is to molest that human being?"

That is indeed the philosophy of what constitutes a communist mind it is also the nature of using a psychiatric drug to prevent a person from using their own higher brain function!  Get it?

The United States would not have a chance in a ground battle with a 7.62 (30 caliber AK-47) against the .223 AR-15.  The muzzle velocity of the AK-47 is almost twice that of the AR-15 and the actual size of the bullet is a lot bigger.  A bigger and faster bullet is a far more deadly bullet.

It was indeed Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany that opted to be misery with regard to the quantity of bullets fired whereas in the United States we went smaller and less fast!  That is a bad comparison isn't it!  And the idea of psychiatry originated from Eugenics and the Nazi movement!

Her is where the world is headed with no recognition and change, a father talking to a counselor:

"Do you mean that it is okay for my daughter to believe that she is a boy?"
"Yes it is quite normal.  And it is also normal for her to want to feel down their on boys to see if they have the same thing that she does, when she believes she is a boy.  And it is also quite normal for her to want to put that area of a boy to the test."

What is that nature of that communist mind around children?  Here is the start of a song I wrote about it,

"You got tired of watching them play.
And for you there was no other way."

It alludes to priests that sexually molest children.

So the criminal mind in the United States is also a weak form of the communist mind.  There was once a 60 minutes or other documentary news television series where some men where being harassed in New York because they were not paying the mob money for the clothes they sold.  It is called extortion and it was said that every garment that came into the United States came through New York and the Mob got a piece of the money for it; extortion!

So what would the poetic remedy for all mob family members in the United States be?  "They should be out in the fields picking cotton!"

What should the remedy for the mob that sold drugs and defeated prohibition in the United States?  "They should be out in the fields growing organic food for the rest of us."

"What you say that you won't work?  Then you don't eat either.  But we will allow you to have all the heroin that you gave to other people as a substitute for food?  Would you like that until you feel like working and earning your meal again?"

There was a Senator named McCarthy that said the Communist were everywhere in the United States.  He was right!

The Communist mind believes in having other people do their thinking for them; a leader of a school of thought if you will.  That person has indeed been labeled a schizophrenic today!  This started after WWII also along with the myth that was created that aliens crash landed and seeded the U.S. with advanced technology.  That technology did not come from aliens it came from driving the souls of very intelligent people from them!  And creating split minds and schizophrenics.  Our Government funded quite a bit of research into how to dislocate a human mind from person.  That is also what has creates some of  the transgendered souls (Ie Gay's and Lesbians)

Kennedy was killed by a man that worked at a aerospace firm in Russia!  That is a Communist!  Kennedy was killed by a Communist!  Not only that it was a Serbian (I always want to think Russian) immigrant Tesla that developed the particle beam weapon and marketed well before WWII.  A weapon like that has the capability to displace the synapses of human thought! That was indeed the laying of the foundation for Communist world wide rule.

And for all that I know a Communist Mind is created by Alcohols influence on human conception and development of the human brain.  Therefore a rich aristocratic socialite is no different than some black man that got hit on the head with a pipe.  The Communist mind does not do its own thinking!

It was indeed Italian influence in the United States that defeated Prohibition.  Big wine growers on hillsides.  But who else was the sore spot in world history that were also big drinkers?  Germany!  Nazi Germany!  Just think of how much less crime that we would have in the United States today without alcohol?  Who would it be that would be the criminals without alcohol?  Those that can not stand the nature of their own minds!  Those that cannot stand their own poverty of thought! 

How many criminals would be in prison today if there was not alcohol?  Not as many!

And the bootleggers that sold America on Alcohol have pushed other drugs into the county too haven't they!  As if the Alcohol wasn't good enough for them they needed something stronger, more deadly and more likely to ruin the life of a human being!

I do not have any desire to drink alcohol and it is one of the things that I am most proud of in life!  For a man to have the discipline to never drink alcohol is one of the greatest achievements a man can make.

Okay a little earlier I was talking about guns.  Do you know what is more dangerous than having a gun in the house?  It is having a father that does heroin!

1.  That father does not care about his children.
2.  That father does not know how to teach his children to find happiness through true achievement rather than escapism!
3.  That child is likely to die if it takes his fathers heroin.
4. What are we to expect the father is going to say here son have some heroin like it is your first beer?  Is that the future of the United States that we are to believe in?  Here have your first joint kid?  Makes me sick but no one else in the Communist Country of the United States of America.
5.  Sorry son I can't teach you how to use tools today because I am strung out on heroin?  Go ahead and learn that for yourself I have great confidence in you?  And the child meets immediate failure and possible injury?
6. Sorry son your father is dead he overdosed on heroin?  That is a father that really loved his children so much that he wanted to be with them as they grew into men isn't it?  If you die from an overdose you didn't care for your wife and children.  If you cared for them you would not have done something that immediately deadly!  It is really an extension of escapism from your wife and children isn't it?

"It hears a human being thinking while it is working and after awhile it convinces itself that the human being must be reading its mind and therefore that the correct action is to molest that human being?"

And part of that molestation includes getting someone hooked on drugs doesn't it!  Drugs being a molestation of the human mind.

"It hears the human being thinking while it is working and after awhile it convinces itself that the human being must be reading its mind and therefore the correct action is to coerce that human being to take drugs until it dies?"

It is really a great form of envy and jealousy isn't it?  To see someone working and want to destroy them because of that ability.

So again here is where the world is going if no recognition or change.

The community queen says of a human being capable of thinking for itself, "I keep seeing everything that a human does, even when he defecates, even when he is cleaning fish,  I should not have to see all that!  Have him put on psychiatric medicine."  Or better yet. "What a terrible dream that man gives me, (from Procula the wife of Pontious Pilate on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.) Have him crucified!"  It happened just that way.  And who indeed was it that was subject to seeing the terrible dreams of people, excuse me I mean the every day activities of human beings?  It was indeed the lead wine drinking Romans!  Lead being a cause of mental retardation!  That is a form of escapism isn't it?  Drink lead wine until you and your offspring are mentally retarded?  It is also a form that de evolves the human being right?  ~ and just what the h311 do you think drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and environmental poisons are?  Lie to everyone in order to make them happy?  People like this that marry one another do not love each other!  That is not love!  Absent the stolen soul of a human being they rip each other to pieces until they resort to forms of escapism!

Once again, you will never be a happier person in your life then when you give up all forms of drugs.  Your body heals and your mind gets better to!  And a better mind means a happier person?  But what of those who do not want to have their own mind or do their own thinking?  Is that really the nature of a human being?  I would tend to believe that is something else, something more savage, something that is a born and raised to be a loser by comparison.

Okay so what is the harm in having someone else do your own thinking for you?  It is very simple the wrong people become wealthy!  The wrong people receive credit!  And do you believe that that type of person can be convinced of initiatives and a vision of the future that benefits and sustains the human race?  There is no way!  All they are really concerned about is paying less taxes.  That means there is less money for infrastructure.

The communist mind makes money from its principal balance by investing that in fixed income vehicles.  The crux of those have been energy utilities!  With a basis on oil and Nuclear.  They lost that argument in both Chernobyl, Japan, Alaskan and the Gulf of Mexico!  We should have gone solar about 40 years ago, but again it was a time when a person that worked for a Russian Aerospace company assassinated President Kennedy.  The AR-15 is no match for the Russian AK-47 and never was!  McCarthy was right about Communism in the United States.  But he was in too much of a brain fog from mind based attrition to articulate the problem.  That "Procula" wants and easy life for herself and her children.

It was once said that a certain type of mind thinks better.  That thoughts come to it easier.  Can it be said this is because a better mind has had its function limited by the application of medicine that eliminates its higher brain function?  What a great trick that has been!

That's all.  I know that it sounds like extremism but it is just reality.  I write it as a form of Revelation and I am indeed a peaceful person like Martin Luther King.  I am also very happy because I know who I am.  I know who my father was and how he taught me.  Sure I might face daily distractions, and even active denial from those memories but it is still me and will always be me!

I was going to write something about the symbol of hood ornament on a German car having the gestalt like a pentagram (not Pentagon, who commissioned that?) but without any arms, more the gestalt of a person tied with their arms in the air and the Emperor Caligula feasting on them, but what is the point.  All paranoiac babble to most people.

The minority that does not know it is a minority are those that have had their minds split and have been labeled with schizophrenia!  If you are one you do not have a single thing to be ashamed of!  In fact you should be very proud of who and what you are!  Times are changing and it will be revealed.  You are not what Jesus spoke about in the Bible, (in context of lead wine Roman retards)  you have your own human soul!

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Something very interesting occurred to me when I drove by a Jewish cemetery on an offshoot of Hawley road today. I saw names of people long dead that looked like Russian to me.  I saw a name very similar to the director of the local FBI whose picture in the paper looked like she was on heroin!  I saw a Rabbis name that was phonetically the same as a bad kid who went to Catholic School and molested countless other children.  It bothered me!  I am not trying to incite violence, I know that some people hear auditory hallucinations that are technology based and it is done because others covet their human soul, and I want it to stop!  That is why I write!  That is all there is to my motivation!  I saw the device!  I have taken apart and repaired just about every type of device that there is and this was no vacuum cleaner. I painted a picture of it and titled it, "The Cornucopia!"  It does not belong in the United States of America!

Again I am a kind man, an honest man.  In the movie Casablanca, Boghart said, "I have a sixth sense and there are plenty of women who would be willing to kill for it?" Or something like that.   Ask yourself what he meant by it in that movie central to WWII?  Boghart didn't have a sixth sense in that movie, it was just his human soul that he got from his normal and loving parents he was speaking of.  The "contemplation" being the greatest evidence of it.  The narration of his own thoughts?  He thought by thinking in terms of constructs and verbal sentences didn't he?  Shame on him for being a human being right? Can you hear one of those woman that he spoke about gearing up to say something bad about him?

I haven't crossed the line yet with my writing but I can feel that people are getting very pissed at me!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ryan Braun et al. 07 29 2013

Ryan Braun et al. 07 29 2013
The question that “professional” Journalism Newspeople want ask is, “Should Ryan Braun be allowed to continue his season?”  What kind of a father or man asks questions like that?
The question that should be asked is, “Should armed guards be placed outside of county stadium and no one ever allowed in it again.”  And maybe instead of a statue of a player out front we put a statue of the man or men who died when it was constructed?
A great betrayal of public trust has occurred all across the country and the world.  How many young men and women did not go into professional sports because they were unknowingly competing with athletes on steroids and therefore did not believe themselves to be of high enough athletic talent?
Professional sports started out because people loved to play the game.  When I was a boy I asked my dad about it and he looked down on the idea of someone becoming a professional athlete.  One should instead develop their own human mind in order to benefit society was likely the underlying rationale he had; although he did not articulate it to me.
When you have athletes on steroids making multimillions of dollars it is evidence of a Spoiled System!  A spoiled and politically networked system of favoritism.  (I could add about Republican Jim Sensenbrenner commenting as if no one would ever be caught doing this and that being motivation for his statements?)
But the question your professional media journalist should be asking is, “Should highly weaponized military police be stationed outside of Milwaukee County Stadium and no one ever let in again?”
When you look at Ryan Braun’s contractual amounts from 2008 to 2021 and add all that up it comes to $153,300,900.  (Reference Link)That reads One Hundred and Fifty Three Million, Three Hundred Thousand, Nine Hundred Dollars!  That is a lot of money!  That is well more than half the original cost estimate of what the Stadium was to cost the Milwaukee Taxpayer to build!  Ryan Braun could have paid for more than half of it with a loan on the proceeds of his future contract amount.
You can’t tell me that other players did not know what was going on.  And nor can you prove to me that they aren’t using the undetectable steroid Human Growth Hormone!  Human Growth hormone is indeed a steroid!  It was first derived from the pituitary glands of cadavers! (Rf Link)  Not only should professional sports be banned but the question becomes, “Do you want someone with a steroid first derived from the pituitary glands of human cadavers living in your community?”
Okay so the money paid to professional athletes is a betrayal of public trust!  Is a great rebate or wealth redistribution owed to the American Public?  I believe that is warranted!  There are 947,375 residents of Milwaukee County as of the 2010 Census (RF link)and again Ryan Braun’s contractual salary is $153,300,900,  that equates to $161.76 rebate per person.  With that amount of money a man can buy about 3 or 4 fifty pound bags of rice to feed his family for quite some time!
I went to a Republican Convention for Romney and Ryan and Sensenbrenner spoke.  He told how he groomed Ryan to be what he is today from an early age.  Sensenbrenner was also highly defensive of Lance Armstrong when he was accused of steroid use!  What the news media should be playing over and over again is the lies that professional sports players told to our face before they were made to admit that they were lying all along!  Now that is the kind of television that I relish and enjoy!
Oh sure you want to say that that money should go to education?  But what has happened to every dollar that has gone into education?  It has been misappropriated!  How do we know?  Inner city schools are closed and the kids can’t read!  You want to have some fun?  Ask someone who is a great talker to read aloud impromptu from a newspaper article.  It is like you are trying to hurt them!  “Why?”  “Why?”  “Why?”  Then when they do read if they can listen to the tone of their voice!! Whose voice is that?   It is not the voice that they commonly use.  (I once wrote an article about Jesus Christ and his mother that had the principle of Whoa I say to thee in it.)
Do you know how many detractors to justice there are on the issue of Ryan Braun?  There is an epidemic number of them!!!!  Anyone that disagrees that Ryan Braun should never play again has an ulterior motive.  What is that motive?  It is from the spoil system whereby any young boy believes that if they kiss the right A$$ or suck up to the right person they can always take steroids and be on a professional sports team!  Anyone that disagrees with me is not an athlete and because of this there can be no such thing as professional athletes anymore!  It is an bold infiltration of Gypsy Communist Nazi Eugenics!
I also want every Milwaukeean to get a rebate for the sales dollars of every beer that was sold at Milwaukee County Stadium since it was built.  If you had not drank that beer you would have seen this issue.  If you had not drank that beer your children would not be born to be useless Magog that participate in the spoil system to cheat every one of us out of our Constitutional Rights!  Yes these people support the political party leadership that grants them immunity.  I want that beer, of Roman Empire Germanic Origin out of this country for good, and I am part German nationality!
I believe that I am the first Journalist to expose how the steroid fraud was committed.  I stuck my neck out for the people.  Would not our country be a much better place if those that blew the whistle on the spoil system got a piece of the proceeds?  I don’t expect to get any of that money and I don’t want it.  What I do want is for people to not be afraid to tell the truth and expose corruption and crime.  To make a reward for doing so is one way to ensure that long after I am dead and gone!
Who was the first user of human based steroids that I know of?  It was the Emperor Caligula of Rome that chewed the live testicles off of a man.  Now getting to another point, because HGH hormone was first derived from a cadaver does it mean that the molecule that is synthesized (if indeed it is synthesized or they carve it out of a dead man’s head at the cemetery) from it also leads to the living dead?  Do you follow the logic?  You copied a hormone that you cut out of a dead man’s head, because he was dead the hormone had to have degraded too?  So you copied or synthesized a hormone that you carved out of a dead man’s head and took it in order to become stronger?  Am I the only one that finds that extremely disturbing! You can’t tell they took it?  Can you tell by looking at them?  Can you tell by how they talk? There should be absolutely no compensation involved in sports of any kind!
Okay so that solves the world’s problems?  No!  What happens when you educate your child and nurture them to be the best people in the world and you realize the Magog have found a way to make them hear voices in order to cannibalize their human souls from them?  What happens when a rich Magog dates your daughter and the marriage ends in divorce and life ruin for her like 50 percent of them do?  What happens when the Magog gives your child drugs to ruin their lives and you never saw it coming?  Oh yes you did!  I told you right here I did!

Those salary numbers apply to only one professional athlete.  Add up the salaries and negative impact of all of them together and you might have just solved the problem with the national debt!

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Update, so you take a hormone copied from a dead mans head and use it to make yourself stronger, then of course it artificially makes you bigger and stronger and therefore more attractive to females,  then of course you opportunize that with all that you can,what is the fate of the children conceived by man taking a hormone copy that was carved out of a dead mans head?