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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The “Here give me that (s’)” of the American Economy 07 25 2013 Update #2

The “Here give me that (s’)” of the American Economy  07 25 2013

There used to be an old black and white television situational comedy series starring three nebish men.  They never had a hard time finding a new job but it never lasted because of the “Here give me that,” Principle of the dominant one.
When one of the brothers was learning a new skill the dominant brother could not stand it.  His eyes would beam with jealousy and he would indeed believe that he was ahead of that brother in the task of work somehow; he wasn’t.  But that never stopped him from saying, “Here give me that!” and elbowing that other brother out of his learning mode and taking over his employment duty.  It was never too long, in many of the episodes, before all three of them were running through a farm field with a shot gun firing at them!
It is the arrogance of sight in believing that you know how to do something better than someone else. 
I thought of this, this morning, as I was using a chisel to level a glue seem on three boards that I glued together yesterday.  Somehow the “Here give me that’s,” found a way to join in the project with me after an initial period of quiet time while the work was going good the, “Here give me that’s,” seemed to show up.  And even though they were nowhere to be seen there was a definite difference happening with their “talking” or “mocking” presence. 
It is the arrogance of sight for a “Here give me that,” to think that it can join you at a task and know just where you are in the process.  Invariably the, “Here give me that,” will take a later step sooner than it should be taken.  In the minds of the “Here give me that,” what is being done looks easier than how a, “Here give me that,” can actually do it.
An important point is that a “Here give me that,” does not have the initiative to start the work but rather a here give me that elbows in and, “Takes the work!”  He takes the tool out of your hands like a spoiled brat who never learned how to share toy’s.
What does a, “Here give me that,” lack?  By situation analysis we learn that a, “Here give me that,” lacks PATIENCE!  How does a, “Here give me that,” learn anything when it lacks such patience.  Where does this ideology come from?  How was it learned?  Somehow that “Here give me that,” has a disconnect  between what it thinks it knows and what it is actually capable of.  Also there is a disconnect between what the “Here give me that’s” think they can teach and what they actually “can teach.”  “Can teach,” is indeed a construct that is proven by evidence that people have actually taught and not made into more, “Here give me that’s!”
Isn’t that just what has happened to the American Economy in every employment aspect of it?  There “Here give me that’s,” bamboozled and elbowed everyone out of the way and now the entire economy is failing miserably because of it.  All of the benefits to a country of what the work was designed to accomplish are lost or negated by the negative influence of the, “Here give me that’s!”
Oddly enough there has been no one in the world that has been able to say that’s a, “Here give me that,” principle or person or group of people and they are ruining everything!  But why not?  Because the, “Here give me that’s,” have a great defense, the ability to turn off the eyes and minds of those who would speak out against them.  Yes indeed there is a whole class of medicine and technology designed to do just that, ‘Negate the higher brain function of a non- “Here give me that!”’
And I am indeed always writing about the same archetype of person.

The "Here give me that's," are with me quite a bit in all aspects of my life.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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"Here give me that baby?"


He would always hum the lullaby of a baby sleeping after he elbowed his way into someone else's work and that happened just before he made catastrophic mistakes.

As if to say it is so simple even a baby could do it?

Or maybe to want to be the person that has the quiet and professional mind without actually achieving it? "Dee deedely dee, deedely dee deedely dee dee dee.  There is a sense of sadness in the character but you dare not speak of it or you get a mallet equivalent to the head?

And we do learn from watching their fallibility.  But what if you were a person that others were learning from while they were taking your job and humming in your ear at the same time?  It wouldn't be so funny would it?

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