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Saturday, July 20, 2013


As I have written before, once someone starts heroin it is very hard for them to quit.  It often leads to death!  But not only that Heroin can be "Cut" to more potent or less potent so that when it is given to someone it can kill them.  But that is beside the point with regard to reclassifying it as murder because it is against Constitutional law to sell or give someone an addictive substance.
The U.S. Constitution guaranties every citizen of the United the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Every President of the United States is sworn in on his first day to protect the constitution.  When the Constitution was written the founding fathers had not codified the meaning of addiction in terms of someone’s Constitutional rights.  But that doesn't matter because the Constitution still applies.

1.      Life:  When you sell someone an addictive substance, narcotic, drug, et al. it is likely going to slowly diminish their quality of life and they will likely die at an earlier age than had they not been exposed to that substance.  So their right to LIFE, per the Constitution has been compromised.  Not only that after the first use of heroin (et al.) their life is going to DIMINISH so rapidly that you have compromised their quality to health, and that is part of LIFE.  Quality of Health is part of your life more than anything else!  As stated above heroin (et al.) are likely also going to kill you so your right to life has been compromised.
2. Liberty:  When you sell or give someone an addictive substance they are not at Liberty to stop taking it.  Most people will argue that the word Liberty means that you can’t tell me what I cannot do!  But the word means more than that.  In the case of an Addictive substance, when you sell or give someone an addictive substance you have indeed violated their core Constitutional right to Liberty!  Why?  Because of addiction they are no longer able to or at LIBERTY to stop taking it!!  It is also applies to a Priest sexually molesting a boy so that he will not be at Liberty to reproduce.  Thomas Jefferson did not mean the common interpretation of this concept!  He meant something far more profound and meaningful with regard to human rights; he meant the concept that I just stated!
3. Pursuit of Happiness:  Drugs of all kinds are indeed a form of Escapism from the Pursuit of Happiness.  It is like someone telling you, "The only way that you are allowed to be happy in the United States is if I sell you something that makes you happy!"  When you give or sell someone a substitute for happiness you have indeed violated their Constitutional right to the Pursuit of Happiness!  If have indeed given them a form of Escapism from the Pursuit of Happiness!  You have violated this core Constitutional right in more than one way.
It has gone on for far too long that drug overdoses of addictive substance are not classified as murder with regard to the person that provided them to the dead person.  And even if they did not die it is a far worse crime that it is currently and popularly considered to be because it violates these three Core Constitutional Beliefs!!!
The concept of drug overdose as murder should apply to all addictive substances!!!  That is the only way you are going to clean up this problem.  And if you don’t clean it up so that it conforms to the principle of the Constitution it is going to spread so fast that it will be an epidemic in deaths.  And once one person dies there is often a chain reaction whereby their friends go to.  It is a “foreign” attack on America and our Constitution that has been allowed to foster itself and fester for far too long!
You should not have to prove anything with regard to a drug overdose other than this person died of the drug overdose and he/she got the drugs from this other person.  That is all there is to it!!!
Judge for yourself; am I a racist or do I love Human Beings!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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And in the case of Heroin coming into the United States it is coming in from Mexico and Columbia.  And it was aided and abetted by a British Bank.

Can you imagine how crazy the founding fathers would have gone if the British had been bringing in addictive substances, such as those of modern chemistry, in order to defeat the colonists?

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