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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Health Quip 07 28 2013

A Health Quip 07 28 2013

I was outside painting today and wondered why I was able to withstand it to the degree that I was.  I had taken a vitamin D pill because I was outside and working all day and thought it might help my kidney function.  Then I started to hypothesis; the lungs are an organ much like the Kidneys!!! The lungs filter air in a way whereas the kidneys filter water out of the body.  The lungs also are said to function like a third kidney.  If you ever drink alcohol you realize that it is being metabolized through your lungs too.

So I did a little research on Vitamin D deficiency and lung function, and low and behold Vitamin D appears to be just as important to the lungs as it is to the kidneys.

Here is the link to the lung research.

The research also tells how it plays a key role in connective tissue.

It was a couple of weeks ago and I was talking to a fellow that I had met who had run a marathon in Arizona in 127 degree heat.  An invitation only marathon because they don't want someone keeling over and dying in it.

What he told me about running in that heat is that he has a support crew with him and also a scale to weigh himself.  "Did you go the bathroom?" I asked him as we were talking about water intake.

"I was going all the time!"  Then he told me about the reason for the scale.

"If you are loosing weight while drinking water it means that you are becoming dehydrated.  If you are gaining weight it means that your kidneys are not functioning properly!!!"

The second sentence is by far the more telling fact for some of us.

Here is the link to the Vitamin D pill that I took today.  I don't make any money from it, but I wanted you to know the exact one anyway.

I also noticed that my back felt better as I worked today.  I have a bulging disc in the lower back that I am getting over by doing exercises for it and loosing a little of my stomach fat by applying Olive Oil with a little Hot Pepper sauce in it to my belly.

Or maybe it was that they said that your skin was your third kidney?  The reason being that when people eat junk food and their kidneys can't handle it, it shows up in the form of Acne. Grape seed is good for that.  I also find that grape seed extract gives me an excellent boost to verbal ability.

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