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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ryan Braun et al. 07 29 2013

Ryan Braun et al. 07 29 2013
The question that “professional” Journalism Newspeople want ask is, “Should Ryan Braun be allowed to continue his season?”  What kind of a father or man asks questions like that?
The question that should be asked is, “Should armed guards be placed outside of county stadium and no one ever allowed in it again.”  And maybe instead of a statue of a player out front we put a statue of the man or men who died when it was constructed?
A great betrayal of public trust has occurred all across the country and the world.  How many young men and women did not go into professional sports because they were unknowingly competing with athletes on steroids and therefore did not believe themselves to be of high enough athletic talent?
Professional sports started out because people loved to play the game.  When I was a boy I asked my dad about it and he looked down on the idea of someone becoming a professional athlete.  One should instead develop their own human mind in order to benefit society was likely the underlying rationale he had; although he did not articulate it to me.
When you have athletes on steroids making multimillions of dollars it is evidence of a Spoiled System!  A spoiled and politically networked system of favoritism.  (I could add about Republican Jim Sensenbrenner commenting as if no one would ever be caught doing this and that being motivation for his statements?)
But the question your professional media journalist should be asking is, “Should highly weaponized military police be stationed outside of Milwaukee County Stadium and no one ever let in again?”
When you look at Ryan Braun’s contractual amounts from 2008 to 2021 and add all that up it comes to $153,300,900.  (Reference Link)That reads One Hundred and Fifty Three Million, Three Hundred Thousand, Nine Hundred Dollars!  That is a lot of money!  That is well more than half the original cost estimate of what the Stadium was to cost the Milwaukee Taxpayer to build!  Ryan Braun could have paid for more than half of it with a loan on the proceeds of his future contract amount.
You can’t tell me that other players did not know what was going on.  And nor can you prove to me that they aren’t using the undetectable steroid Human Growth Hormone!  Human Growth hormone is indeed a steroid!  It was first derived from the pituitary glands of cadavers! (Rf Link)  Not only should professional sports be banned but the question becomes, “Do you want someone with a steroid first derived from the pituitary glands of human cadavers living in your community?”
Okay so the money paid to professional athletes is a betrayal of public trust!  Is a great rebate or wealth redistribution owed to the American Public?  I believe that is warranted!  There are 947,375 residents of Milwaukee County as of the 2010 Census (RF link)and again Ryan Braun’s contractual salary is $153,300,900,  that equates to $161.76 rebate per person.  With that amount of money a man can buy about 3 or 4 fifty pound bags of rice to feed his family for quite some time!
I went to a Republican Convention for Romney and Ryan and Sensenbrenner spoke.  He told how he groomed Ryan to be what he is today from an early age.  Sensenbrenner was also highly defensive of Lance Armstrong when he was accused of steroid use!  What the news media should be playing over and over again is the lies that professional sports players told to our face before they were made to admit that they were lying all along!  Now that is the kind of television that I relish and enjoy!
Oh sure you want to say that that money should go to education?  But what has happened to every dollar that has gone into education?  It has been misappropriated!  How do we know?  Inner city schools are closed and the kids can’t read!  You want to have some fun?  Ask someone who is a great talker to read aloud impromptu from a newspaper article.  It is like you are trying to hurt them!  “Why?”  “Why?”  “Why?”  Then when they do read if they can listen to the tone of their voice!! Whose voice is that?   It is not the voice that they commonly use.  (I once wrote an article about Jesus Christ and his mother that had the principle of Whoa I say to thee in it.)
Do you know how many detractors to justice there are on the issue of Ryan Braun?  There is an epidemic number of them!!!!  Anyone that disagrees that Ryan Braun should never play again has an ulterior motive.  What is that motive?  It is from the spoil system whereby any young boy believes that if they kiss the right A$$ or suck up to the right person they can always take steroids and be on a professional sports team!  Anyone that disagrees with me is not an athlete and because of this there can be no such thing as professional athletes anymore!  It is an bold infiltration of Gypsy Communist Nazi Eugenics!
I also want every Milwaukeean to get a rebate for the sales dollars of every beer that was sold at Milwaukee County Stadium since it was built.  If you had not drank that beer you would have seen this issue.  If you had not drank that beer your children would not be born to be useless Magog that participate in the spoil system to cheat every one of us out of our Constitutional Rights!  Yes these people support the political party leadership that grants them immunity.  I want that beer, of Roman Empire Germanic Origin out of this country for good, and I am part German nationality!
I believe that I am the first Journalist to expose how the steroid fraud was committed.  I stuck my neck out for the people.  Would not our country be a much better place if those that blew the whistle on the spoil system got a piece of the proceeds?  I don’t expect to get any of that money and I don’t want it.  What I do want is for people to not be afraid to tell the truth and expose corruption and crime.  To make a reward for doing so is one way to ensure that long after I am dead and gone!
Who was the first user of human based steroids that I know of?  It was the Emperor Caligula of Rome that chewed the live testicles off of a man.  Now getting to another point, because HGH hormone was first derived from a cadaver does it mean that the molecule that is synthesized (if indeed it is synthesized or they carve it out of a dead man’s head at the cemetery) from it also leads to the living dead?  Do you follow the logic?  You copied a hormone that you cut out of a dead man’s head, because he was dead the hormone had to have degraded too?  So you copied or synthesized a hormone that you carved out of a dead man’s head and took it in order to become stronger?  Am I the only one that finds that extremely disturbing! You can’t tell they took it?  Can you tell by looking at them?  Can you tell by how they talk? There should be absolutely no compensation involved in sports of any kind!
Okay so that solves the world’s problems?  No!  What happens when you educate your child and nurture them to be the best people in the world and you realize the Magog have found a way to make them hear voices in order to cannibalize their human souls from them?  What happens when a rich Magog dates your daughter and the marriage ends in divorce and life ruin for her like 50 percent of them do?  What happens when the Magog gives your child drugs to ruin their lives and you never saw it coming?  Oh yes you did!  I told you right here I did!

Those salary numbers apply to only one professional athlete.  Add up the salaries and negative impact of all of them together and you might have just solved the problem with the national debt!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Update, so you take a hormone copied from a dead mans head and use it to make yourself stronger, then of course it artificially makes you bigger and stronger and therefore more attractive to females,  then of course you opportunize that with all that you can,what is the fate of the children conceived by man taking a hormone copy that was carved out of a dead mans head?

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